Principles In Building Successful Business 

Starting a business on your own sounds daunting. However, it is also rewarding once you overcome the obstacles and every hurdles. Building a successful business doesn’t happen overnight. It is not something to be done in instant. It requires dedication and commitment. Not to mention that some unpredictable things can happen even after you have done everything to make your business run smoothly. Building a business regardless the size is like a learning process. You have to learn many things to understand more about your business. You also work constantly to make sure everything is in the right order.

Building successful business with the right principles

Understanding your business is essential so that you know how to manage it. Therefore, it is such a lifelong process. There will always things you learn from. Starting a small business just as challenging as building a bigger one. Here are several principles you should know to do it successfully:

Cash flow management is essential in running small business because it is one of the most common reasons for small business to fail. It is not the lack of profit like you may have thought. To manage your cash flow steadily and cleanly, make sure to track down your every expense. Also, do not mix it with your personal expenses. Make sure that your business cash flow stays balance. You have to make sure that you have enough cash to hold your business from failing. 

Record your expenses!

basic stuff running business

Tracking down your expenses as mentioned earlier is important. It is not only to know where your money goes but also to help you decide the best plan to implement according to the situation. This way, you will be able to grow your business while keeping it on track. You can use reliable tools to help you monitor your expenses. 

Emphasis on customer service

Deliver excellent customer service is necessary in building successful business. Good product is not the sole reasons of successful business. It is not the only thing that can make your customers stay loyal to you. Meanwhile, excellent customer service does that. When you deliver customer service with personalized features and excellent buying experience, your customers will trust you and your brand in the long run. 

Understand your digital channels

Your marketing plan should drive the sales. Small business is often lack of cash which makes them have to rely more on free and organic approaches to drive the marketing. You can do it involving the use of digital or online platforms such as websites, social media, etc. Not to mention that the effect word of mouth marketing strategy is also impactful to drive the sales.

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Learn from your competitors

Understand your direct and indirect competitors. Keeping an eye on your competitor is necessary but don’t make it as an obsession. Make it as a way for you to improve yourself and your business. By knowing who your competitors are and what they are capable of, you have things to figure out how to make your brand more unique and better. This is also a good way for you to know the dynamic within your industry. 

Yogyakarta Interior Furniture Choices Wood vs Metal

Timber as the main materials of interior furniture Yogyakarta is certainly the most common choice of any furniture. Aside from the familiarity and its classic, elegant quality, certain types of wood are known to be very sturdy and durable as long as you opt for the right wood species according to your furnishing needs. 

home furniture yogyakarta

While furniture made of wood is still the most favored choice by most people looking to furnish their homes, metal has certainly mad its mark and continued to have a place amongst the furniture niche. Each person certainly has their own preferences and their needs. 

Interior furniture Yogyakarta  

furniture in yogyakarta

Metal furniture is not exactly known for becoming heirloom furniture. Though this is more because of the fact that the technology and resources of moulding metal aren’t as readily available back then. And such materials certainly has its own advantages as well as its not-so desirable quality. For instance, temperature of metal changes drastically; making it very hot on a hot day an unbearably cold on a winter day. This makes it a less than ideal arrangement for those who live in places where climates can be extreme. Wood on the other hand, doesn’t have such a quality and you’ll find that there are high quality wood such as teak that can withstand pests and damaging weather for decades. 

Wood furniture: the most popular choice 

interior furniture yogyakarta

All classic furniture are made of wood as timber remains the oldest material for furniture production. It’s the most common material used in furniture production and will likely stay popular for a long time to come. Without a doubt furniture Jogja industry is the same, especially since Indonesia is one of the leading manufacturers of wooden furniture exporters in the world. When it comes to look and aesthetic appeal, compared to metal, wooden furniture is so much more familiar. 

Metal furniture for contemporary look 

Metal as a material is so much more malleable compared to wood. This is why shapes are so much more versatile when metal furniture is concerned. Manufacturers are able to mold metals into different shapes, making it highly versatile when it comes to design. In achieving a sleek look in interior furniture Yogyakarta metal is a good choice for quirky furniture 

Furniture Jogja furniture pros and cons 

When you’d like to make your decision on which one is best for you, you need to first look at the advantages and disadvantages of each option. It’s worth noting that these pros and cons can be highly dependent on the type of furniture you’re looking to purchase. 

  • Metal furniture is lightweight and they’re relatively easy to transport. They can be excellent for tables that don’t hold heavy weight. 
  • On the other hand, metals tend to creak over time. This is especially true for bed frames, so this is likely something you might want to avoid. 
  • Wooden interior furniture Yogyakarta is still of superior characteristics in overall quality. Wooden furniture is generally durable; undoubtedly the most durable one among the two options. Even for outdoor use, wood is generally stronger. However there’s a catch; you need a solid hardwood furniture in order to obtain that quality. Furniture made of particle board is usually of a lesser quality than that made of metal. 
  • Solid hardwood is heavy and therefore harder to transport. However in terms of durability, hardwood furniture can last you decades and even a century. This is why many solid furniture can become heirloom pieces.

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The Benefits Of Modernizing Your Business 

There is no doubt that technology plays huge role in the dynamic of business today. There are many kinds of technology-enabled solutions used to transform business operations into something more efficient. Modernizing business is common now with the help of technology. There are many forms of it such as video conference to online portals. It means the idea of remote working is no so uncommon anymore today. In fact, remote work open more benefits and business opportunities. 

The idea of business modernization

Modernizing your business using technology-based supports is common now regardless of the size of the business itself. However, it is not something you can just try without any plan or preparation because you should find the right balance. To conduct work in person and online is not that simple.  

modernizing business process

Modernizing your business by implementing remote work offers various benefits. Eliminating wasted hours is one of the main benefits of remote work. However, there is bigger extent than time benefited from remote work such as minimizing cost and materials you need in the office to facilitate your employee. Even providing coffee cost you some money. Through remote work, there are many expenses that can be cut down, making your financial setting better. 

Consider the potential of remote working

Another benefits of modernizing your business through remote work is providing invaluable dividends to your employees’ focus and stamina. It is logically true because remote work allows your employees to save their time and energy from the traffic. It means, they have more time for themselves and family. It leads to more increased productivity because your employees can avoid daily stress. They can still accomplish their tasks without draining themselves. 


Next benefits of business modernization is security and protection. By facilitating remote work, you will use online transfer more for tasks delegation. It means, your data is safer because you don’t have to hand out physical papers to your employees containing important data of your business. You can also save and secure information and data using cloud storage. You also don’t have to worry about the backup. It also reduces the risk of physical emergencies such as natural disaster, fire, or theft. 

Potential in productivity increase

Modernizing your business brings more efficiency which is important factor to increase your business productivity. This way, you can save more money, time and energy to complete more tasks and reach your goals faster. Distance is no longer a big issue with how advanced technology has become today. Everyone can stay in touch regardless of the locations. 

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It’s a process

When you look at the many benefits gained from modernizing your business, it must be tempting to try it quickly. However, it is not that simple because you also have to be aware of the possible pitfalls. Remote work can lead to isolation which result in lack of personal interaction. There is also possible pitfall in which your business becomes lack of accountability. Thus, make sure that you know what you are doing when you decide to modernize your business through remote work strategy. 

Diving in Banda Sea Gunung Api the Fascinating Volcano

banda sea diving gunung api

Famed for being a route for spice trade, Banda Sea is one of the most fascinating destinations you can discover in the world, especially when it comes to marine life. Experiencing Banda Sea diving is one of the most delightful things you could discover as a diver. The dive sites are generally not for beginners or first-timers but with how diverse the oceans of Banda, you’re likely going to find something to do during your travel. 

Banda Sea diving experience

Unlike its more well-known neighbors, Komodo and Raja Ampat, Banda Sea is still relatively unknown. But that doesn’t make the destination any less spectacular especially when diving is concerned. Diving in Banda Seas itself is an amazing endeavor of its own, but there’s one highlight that has been nothing short of a phenomenon; Gunung Api dive site.

diving banda sea

When it comes to Banda Sea diving the Gunung Api (lit. Fire Mountain) holds so much wonders. One of them is known to happen only in this place; an abnormally fast growth rate of coral lives following a volcanic eruption and lava flow. 

Astonishing growth of coral reefs 

In the midst of the world diminishing coral reefs and extinction of species, the phenomenon at Gunung Api is one that defies science. The most recent volcanic eruption of Gunung Api that happened in 1988 destroyed the coral life in the area; just as any volcanic eruption caused catastrophic destruction of sea lives. However, following the eruption, lava flow had caused something that has never happened before. Coral lives started to grow at a fascinatingly fast rate. In just five short years following the eruption, a highly diverse coral community has grown covering a large expanse of the sea bed. 

banda neira diving

Scientists are investigating the rate of which coral lives have grown in Gunung Api surrounding areas. Beyond a spot for Banda Sea diving the Gunung Api is also excellent for snorkeling. Rivaling Komodo and Raja Ampat, the diving site is certainly one of the best in Indonesia and even the world that won’t disappoint even the most experienced of divers. 

Meet the sea snakes 

gunung api diving sea snakes

Another thing aside from the fascinating coral lives in Gunung Api would be the gorgeous sea snakes that you’ll see in abundance. Why would you be excited to see sea snakes? These creatures in Banda Sea are known to be non-aggressive and they are not afraid to get close to divers. This makes diving with the sea snakes not only possible but highly likely. And yes, these snakes are poisonous. But the grace of these creatures make them absolutely fascinating creatures that are a part of the marine biodiversity at Banda Sea. 

Sea snakes in many dive sites have been known to hunt individually. Rarely will you find them in-pack. However the sea snakes in Banda seas seem to have formed an atypical behavior and you can witness them going in pack together. 

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Visibility diving in Gunung Api 

Diving in Banda Seas generally have good visibility all-year round. In fact, the relatively good visibility is a characteristic of diving in Banda Seas. This makes diving in Banda Sea a delight, and Gunung Api is no exception. Some recommended that it’s best to travel to Banda Sea during the month of September to December and March to April as it’s when the climate experiences dry season. But climates could change any time and there’s usually micro climates affecting the weather. So make sure that you alway check for the most up to date information. 

Boost Your Business Via Local Marketing

Advertising your business is part of strategy marketing. It is essential for your business to be known and acknowledged in the market. Lots of business owners and entrepreneurs alike are always eager to advertise their business into wide market with larger audience. They use various strategies in order to catch the attention of wide audience. However, local consumers play important role as well for the growth of your business. There is opportunity when you aim for local consumers. 

Effective local marketing strategies

Aiming local consumers means you have more chances to personalize your campaign to fit the interest of the local community. It is important thing to do because then you will be able to deliver the right message to right people with the right way. Here are tips for successful local marketing.

Boost Your Business Via Local Marketing

Target local consumers

Just because you target local consumers doesn’t mean you cannot use digital marketing strategy. In fact, you have to take advantage of it. You can target a very specific region so you know what to learn about it. It also gives you a chance to learn more about the characteristics of your prospects within the local community. Then, it is also important to accompany your marketing strategy with authentic story to deliver. 

Convey the message

Delivering message is essential when it comes to advertising your business. Aside from authentic story, you also need to make sure that the message is clear and direct. Make your message brief but sweet. This way, it is easier for your message to be heard by the local community. Keep in mind that the attention span is less then 10 seconds in average. You have to catch consumers’ attention within that period. You can also choose representatives to build trust within the local community. 

Build and maintain your engagement

Effective local marketing strategies

Make sure that you build and maintain engagement as well as involvement within the local community. Your involvement will show your genuine care and authentic gesture. This will help you establish a platform to showcase your good work. This is also important way to emphasize your intention and action. This will show the local community that your brand is more than promises. You take your message seriously and bring it into action. 

Build the trust

Building trust is not a one-time-thing when you try to establish local marketing. You have to nurture it through various actions that show your authenticity and values. There are many ways in which you can show this point such as volunteering for local causes, being involved in an event with the local’s best interest, etc. This is also a good way to show that your message resonates well with your local audience. 

Focus on local needs 

Focus more on delivering the needs and challenges of the locals. Doing research and analysis is essential to do from the beginning. This help to narrow down the specific products or services that the locals truly need. In your advertising, it is highly recommended to use local terminology such as using specific terms that the locals most familiar with. This is also a way to customize your campaign. 

Best Places for Scuba Diving in Bali by Interest

Bali is all about sun, beaches, and everything tropical. And that’s also include diving! The crystal clear waters reveal charming underwater landscape. Colourful corals, sponges, darting fishes, and sometimes fascinating manmade statues posing as artificial coral reefs adorn the ocean floor. Scuba diving in Bali is one of the must in majority of travelers’ list. Swimming with turtles or manta rays is a very popular activity among divers and casual snorkelers alike. So if you want to enjoy a glimpse of the world under the waves, these tips might help you. 

If You Want to Have a Leisure Scuba Diving Bali 

Best Places for Scuba Diving in Bali by Animal Interest

There are a lot of spots in Bali where you can just enjoy some leisure yet satisfying scuba diving. The good news is, most diving spot in Bali are characterised with low currents and very clear water. A lot of new divers loves the simplicity of diving in Amed, Tulamben, and Padang Bai. Tulamben is notorious for being a go-to place for beginners as well as having a vibrant underwater life. Amed, the neighbouring site, is just as awesome—and as accessible. The Padang Bai is probably a bit more remote,  but the underwater is just amazing. it’s sheltered, it’s brimming with colourful coral bommies, critters, reef sharks, and everything. The site has almost no currents—you almost need no special diving skills to dive at this site!

If You Want to See the Manta Ray

Diving with Manta Ray is HUGE in Bali. Seeing this gentle giant gliding gracefully past you in the blueness of the water is a highlight for many divers! Manta Ray loves to gather in Nusa Penida where the planktons are plenty and the cleaning stations are just right. May to November is the best time to see Manta Ray. Also, go early in the morning when they are the most active. 

If You Want to See the Turtles!

Best Places for Scuba Diving in Bali by Animal Interest

Turtles are very popular in Bali—especially around Gili Trawangan. They gather around the island and that site is famous as “Turtle City”! You can see turtles swimming freely just 15 meters off the shores. The water in Gili Trawangan is quite calm, but the ocean floor got deep quickly. There’s a sudden drop off points where you can no longer touch the ocean floor, and turtles usually gathers around this points. Due to the depth, you need to be a confident diver or swimmers (if you snorkel) to swim with the turtles. 

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If You Want to Have Scuba Diving with Mola Mola in Bali  

This weird-looking sunfish is another giant (quite literally) star of the ocean. It’s one of the big thing you definitely need to do if you are scuba diving in Bali. Mola Mola, that’s how it’s locally called, don’t just appear at any given time of the day. The love the deep water and usually swim around the twilight zone so you won’t meet them at the majority of the time. However, they swim to the surface at certain time of the year while the water get colder. July to August is the time when they hang around the sunlight zone and available for the divers. They are mostly seen at their favourite cleaning stations—to get the reef fishes plucking parasites off their skin. 

So, which scuba diving site in Bali you want to visit for the next vacation?

Building Long Lasting Trust With Your Customers

Trust is breakable. Thus, building trust requires time and effort. It is not a one-time thing you can complete by a single task. It requires constant nurture along the way. Even if it has become solid, you still need to maintain it. Trust is one of the most important element in business. Running a business makes you meet new people that will be involved in your life whether for short or long term. Aside from partnership, trust in business is also essential for your relationship with your customers. Getting them to trust you requires hardwork. 

How to build trust with your customers

Building trust is a long term investment you should begin from the beginning of your business. It is essential to make your customers trust you so they rely on everything you have including, products, services, etc. You should also keep in mind that your customers have their personal information in your database. Imagine how vulnerable it feels to let someone keep your personal information that can be violated.

Building Long Lasting Trust With Your Customers

Trust is a long term investment

The trust given from your customers is your long term investment you should keep. Not to mention that a lack of trust from them can be costly. There have been many scandals happening in business industry in which customers personal information being handed over. It can break customers’ confidence in your brand. Keep in mind that when you have the power of keeping your customers’ personal information, they also have the power to walk away from your brand anytime. With mutual trust, string relationships can be built which benefit both parties.

Trust is a delicate thing

Building Long Lasting Trust With Your Customers

It is true that building trust requires effort. It is essential thing but easily break. Imagine trust as delicate little thing then start treating it like that. You will understand how it can impact your business bottom line significantly. Earning trust form your customers requires hardwork. One of the most important elements of building trust is transparency. You can do it by giving your customers more power to control their personal data. It can make them feel more secured. You should make clear rules of how customer’s personal data being used. Make sure that the rules protect both your customers and your business.

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Trust is important for your credibility

Trust is also important element to build your business reputation and credibility. The more people trust you, the easier for your business to grow larger. To build trust successfully, use relevant platforms such as social media. This platform is a great tool to help you show your transparency to your audience. Not to mention that you can build trust through online platform by showing more your human side. It can make your brand more personal and relatable. However, you also should be prepared with various feedback or response when you use online platforms. Positive feedback is not the only thing you should expect. However, be more honest and transparent in handling every feedback. Immediate response from your side is essential regardless of the comments. It shows how care and attentive you are to your audience. 

3 Rewarding Spots in Komodo Diving Liveaboard

Diving is one of the most exciting activities that you can do on the ocean, especially from Komodo Diving Liveaboard. If this is your first time, do you ever wonder what is the best location to dive while on a Komodo trip? The guide might tell you in the way, but let me inform you first beforehand so you can know what to expect.

3 Advanced but Rewarding Spots in Komodo Diving Liveaboard

Dive from Komodo Diving Liveaboard

Actually, you don’t have to be able to dive first when you are signing up for Komodo diving liveaboard trip. A complete beginner can join because the liveaboard hired a professional diving instructor to accompany the guests. But for those who had experience and wanted to try something more challenging, you should check out some of these places.

Batu Bolong

3 Advanced but Rewarding Spots in Komodo Diving Liveaboard

Batu Bolong is a dive site located under what seems to be like a half submerged hollow rock between the Komodo Island and Tatawa Island. The beach is also known for its great surfing area, also known for the beautiful diving spot. Keep in mind that even if the waves on Batu Bolong are suitable for beginner surfers, the current underwater is certainly not beginner-friendly for divers. There are several spots that have a really strong current that you should avoid.

The trick of diving in Batu Bolong is to dive in the middle of the current and just go straight down to the depth. The middle of the current is a safe area, and from there you can observe sharks and turtles swimming and play around the current as well as the beautiful coral reefs.

Crystal Rock

Not to be confused with Castle Rock, Crystal Rock is another diving spot located close by. This spot is often famous for its difficulty and only an advanced diver may have a chance to dive into the area. Unlike Batu Bolong, the strong currents in Crystal Rock don’t follow a pattern and can flow randomly. Meaning there’s no true safe spot that you can dive into to completely avoid the currents.

So in order to be able to dive in, you need to carefully take shelter in the rocks. For some who are already familiar with the area, they usually just dive into the current and head down. Once you finish the ordeal, you will finally get your reward. Gorgeous and colorful corals with numerous exotic fishes swimming around it can be seen clearly like a crystal, hence the name.

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The Cauldron

3 Advanced but Rewarding Spots in Komodo Diving Liveaboard

Located in the channel between Gili Lawa Darat and Laut, The Cauldron is also sometimes called The Shotgun. The name comes from how strong the currents around the area are, and some even say that The Cauldron has the strongest current out of every spot in Komodo.

Now, the fun part is how you dive into it. You start as you jump into the northern slope, then the current will take you to the center of the channel. From there you must carefully pass the channel by riding the current to the bottom. Once you reach the bottom, your effort will be rewarded with an amazing view of coral reefs and unique fishes such as manta rays, sharks and seahorses.

 Challenge Yourself!

Komodo Diving Liveaboard is very welcoming for both beginner and expert divers. For beginners, you can start with easy diving spots and as for experts, you can try diving in the area mentioned above. Good luck!

Excellent Treatments To Your Customers to Benefit Your Business

It is true that running a business can be very rewarding and daunting at the same time. There are entrepreneurs who are so ready to conquer the world but find it hard to run business smoothly. There are always obstacles and challenges regardless of how meticulous you were with the preparations and precautions. Business industry can be unpredictable. However, it should not make you give up in giving your best. There are also things you can do to prevent your business from failure. One of the most important things is treating your customer right.

Excellent treatment to customers and business success

Excellent Treatments To Your Customers to Benefit Your Business

There are many things that can contribute into the success of your business. There are also things contributing to its failure. One of the most important aspects in business is your customers. They are key people to help you grow your business wonderfully. 

However, it is often that entrepreneurs and businesses alike put their focus more on creating high quality products. While it is true that you should create only high quality products for your customers, there is another quality you should pay attention to. The treatment or service you give to your customer can affect their loyalty. 

There has been a study showing that over 80% of customers they pay as much attention on how the brands treat them as on the products they sell. Even over 70% of the customer said they are willing to pay even more if they love the products. Therefore, price is not the main issue when it comes to gaining customer’s loyalty. Their best interest is often put into their personal experience regarding to the brand. Thus, customer experience is critical for your business future. It should be included into your top priority. 

Excellent Treatments To Your Customers to Benefit Your Business

There are many things you can do to earn customers’ interest aside from producing low-price and high quality products. Delivering excellent experience to your customer is also essential to help build your business positively. It can earn more trust from your customer that has long-term benefit for your business as well. Emotional connection is also key factor to build positive relationship with your customers. Therefore, your customers will feel deeper connection to personal level. It makes the relationship less superficial. 

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It is highly suggested for you to deliver personalized experience by giving excellent treatment to your customers. You can do it with the support of talented people in your team and advanced technologies. Make sure that the relationship you are building with your customers is fully connected. It can make your customers feel valued and appreciated. Encourage your team members to deliver great treatment to every customers through best practices. 

It is essential for you to quench your customer’s thirst fulfillment. Make sure that you see it from your customer’s perspectives. Delivering brand interaction that provides values and simply works for both you and your customers is the key. Make sure that every interaction is valuable, meaningful, and personal. It help to emphasize the availability of your brand for anytime your customers need it. 

Pro Tips to See Manta Ray Nusa Penida!

Cruising in the open ocean, manta ray always look so graceful flying beneath the water. The gigantic body doesn’t represent their soft heart. The giant manta rays are always so gentle towards the marine life around them—even to curious divers around them. The plankton-eaters could grow up to 7 meters long and 4.5 meters wide, and they continue to be the highlight of diving for many divers. The phenomenal Manta Ray is not easily seen at just any part of the world. But luckily here in Bali, they love the currents that run from Timor to Bali and are seen almost all year round. One of the best place to spot the Manta Ray is Nusa Penida where they are frequently seen in squadron! So if meeting the ocean’s gentle giants is in your bucket list, don’t stop reading and follow these tips. 

Pro Tips to See Manta Ray Nusa Penida!

Go for Nusa Penida than Lembongan for Manta Ray

When you search for Manta Ray in Bali, you will possibly see Manta trip to Nusa Lembongan instead of Nusa Penida. While there’s a chance to see Manta in Lembongan, this information might be quite misleading. The highest possibility to dive with Manta Ray is in Nusa Penida than any other places. So if seeing the Manta is your priority, you know where to go. 

Wake Up Early in the Morning!

Pro Tips to See Manta Ray Nusa Penida!

Do you know that the Manta Ray in Nusa Penida tends to get most active in the morning? Wake up early, go with your dive centre, and get your gear up. Get in the boat and go to the Manta Point. If possible, get there between 6 to 7 o’clock in the morning. Not only that the Manta Rays are plenty and active at such hours, the sun is also friendlier to the skin than if you come later in the day. Though they are frequently seen at all time of the year, it’s best to come during the dry season. May to November is when the sky is bright and the water is clear, so you have the highest chance for bright sunshine, flat seas, and highest visibility. 

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Book A Hotel Near the Manta Point

Time is everything. Especially when you want to get as early as possible to see the Manta. It’s best to stay at a little pricier hotel near the Manta Point rather than staying at budget accommodation at the other side of Nusa Penida. Remember that the island is quite hilly, so it will get some time to travel between one side to another. 

Have fun swimming with the amazing ‘flying’ flat fish!