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Liveaboard Labuan Bajo Sailing Trip: Minimise Waste Onboard

The natural landscape of Komodo National Park is stunningly beautiful and you should not take it for granted. There’s a reason why this destination is protected by UNESCO and Indonesian government. Not only for the prehistoric Komodo dragons, but also the precious marine life, wild exotic animals, and the surrounding ecosystem. When you are travelling to Komodo, it’s important to keep conscious travel in mind. Especially if you are embarking the famous liveaboard Labuan Bajo sailing trip, where it’s easy to contaminate the nature without even realising the act. Here’s how to have fun in Komodo and doing good things to nature in the same time. 

How to Minimise Waste on Liveaboard Labuan Bajo Sailing Trip

Be Careful on Sunscreen 

More often than not, we are unintentionally damaging the sea with daily products we use. You might have never know that your sunblocks, diluted and got carried away with the seawaters, is disrupting coral’s growth and reproduction. It will be a great irony to be an admirer to Komodo’s vibrant marine ecosystem and be the one who brings toxic materials that would be damaging the very ecosystem we love itself. Also, the sunscreens could also go down with the water when you take a shower in liveaboard Labuan Bajo. Thankfully, you could protect the ocean without sacrificing your skin: bring only sunscreen with zero oxybenzone on the ingredient list—or purchase one on green cosmetic line that you trust. Another good news: zero waste and green living issues has become increasingly popular in Bali and you could easily find legit green cosmetic line in this island before heading to Komodo, Flores. 

Watch on Hygiene Products on Liveaboard Labuan Bajo

Our thought about hygiene product often stops at disposing our soaps to travel-sized bottles. But green travelling takes more than that. Take a closer look to your hygiene products and dismiss anything that contain paraben, chlorine, SLS, triclosan, and other harsh, toxic chemicals. And yes, we are talking about detergents that you are about to bring, too. Opt for natural soap and shampoo bars that are mainly using natural oil and other plant-based ingredients. 

Feminine Menstrual Products

I know female travelers are mainly avoiding trips to Komodo during that time of the month. You don’t want to draw attention to blood-sensitive Komodo dragons in the land and the sharks deep in the water. But if you must travel during menstruation, consider to switch into menstrual cup. They are a great investment for the next dozens of years, they are washable, and leave almost no waste. You don’t want to be the one who flush tampons or menstrual pads right to the ocean. That’s a great amount of paper, plastics, and chemically bleached cotton going straight to the face of the fishes.

Don’t Bring Items with A Lot of Plastic Wrappers

We all want little snacks and little month during our time sailing in liveaboard Labuan Bajo. I meant, not everyone could last the time between lunch to dinner and dinner to breakfast without munching anything at all. But that candies wrappers, biscuits, and those individually wrapped teas could do more harm than good to our precious Komodo National Park. 

Go Clean Up the Shores

We have heard a lot about concerning amount of trash in some of Komodo’s most popular beaches and we would remind you the same. Whenever you have the time, take the initiative, gather those trashes, and collect it in giant bin. Bring it back to the liveaboard Labuan Bajo and dump it in the nearest local waste station. The beaches, the fishes, and future visitors would thank you a lot!

Good Real Estate Agent You Should Choose

As a property investor, there’s a lot options you can do to your own investment. One of the options is to sell it when you think the time is right or the situation fits. You can sell your property on your own, or hiring a real estate agent, especially seller’s agent who focus on helping investor to sell property. There’s a lot of agents out there but not all of them is reliable or professional enough to choose. Finding the right agent is like finding a good partner because you need to find that fits right and truly understand your goal.

Choosing good real estate agent to help you selling property

One of the reasons why hiring real estate agent will be helpful to sell your investment property is because they have experience, knowledge and skill to make the most profitable property sale. They are also able to make the process less hassle and smoother. So what kind of real estate agent you need to choose?

  • It is important to ask some question to the agent before making any deal with them. The questions need to be asked are related to their method in selling property, marketing strategy, as well as the right time to sell the property. Aside from those questions, it is also important to find out their track record. You can ask this directly at them, or look for their result yourself. Try to find their track record of selling property especially in a particular area which you are selling in. agent with local expertise is worthy.
  • A good real estate agent will have no hesitation to give you goo estimation of how much you the selling process will cost. There are various expenses when you are selling property such as selling commission, advertising, fees, and marketing. The cost may vary depending on various factors such as the location that you are selling in. However, good real estate agent will help you to plan the budget properly. Professional and more experienced agent will also include potential cost such as bank fees, as well as charges for releasing the mortgage of your property.
  • Another thing to identify a good real estate agent is to ask them why you should hire them in the first place since there are many of agents out there anyway. This can be a little bit straightforward but this is important question you should ask. Professional and good agent will tell you the reason confidently. They will give you explanation along with benefits you will gain if you choose them. You need to pinpoint their quality include their availability whenever you need them, their dedication, their work attitude even under pressure, as well as the ability to relate to clients.

Keep in mind that every agent is different in various aspects. There is no perfect human of course. Thus, what you need to do is to find out whether or not they are dedicated to their work. Do not hesitate to ask questions even if you have too many of them on the list.

Reasons Why You Should Choose Canggu Villas Long Term

Have you ever dreamt of staying longer in Bali and more than a week vacation or short trip? Well, you can stay in Bali for weeks to months. Canggu is one of the most recommended places if you are planning to enjoy exploring in Bali for longer time. There are many benefits of deciding to choose Canggu villas long term. By staying in villa, you will live more comfortably. You will also feel safer than staying in hotel especially for long term. Besides, it saves your money as well. If you think you can only venture around Canggu by choosing to stay in one of the villas there then you are wrong. You can still venture Bali especially when you decide to stay for long term.

Benefits of choosing Canggu villas long term

Bali is the island of the Gods. Living in Bali is like a dream because you get a chance to truly enjoy every corner of this magical places. However, staying in Bali for long term sounds so much hassle. Well, it could be for the first timers. However, you will forget all your troubles once you settle down. Canggu is a safe place for you to star for long term. There are many villas you can choose to rent for 6 to 12 months at affordable price.

  • Staying in one of the villas in Canggu means you will be able to enjoy all the wonders that nature offers such as beaches, rice fields, amazing Cliffside, etc. everything is beautiful n Bali, particularly Canggu, and if you are into hipster vibe, this is the right place for you. You will be able to enjoy mesmerizing sunset during your stay. Not only that, there are tons of fun activities you can do during your stay such as trying extreme sports to joining cooking classes.
  • If you have strict diet where you only eat vegan for example, this place provides what you need. In fact, many vegan and vegetarian places can be spotted here. There are also health shops to provide you everything you need for your healthy life style. You also don’t need to worry about your food. Most foods in Bali including Canggu are fresh and tasty. They are also available organic.
  • If you decide to choose Canggu villas long term deal, you get cheaper rent rates. The longer you stay, the lower the price you have to spend. Therefore, there are many international tourists who are eager to try for long term stay in Canggu, Bali. The villas in Canggu are well maintained and perfectly equipped with facilities you need for comfortable living.
  • The standard of living in Bali is considered reasonable and affordable. Your budget will be worth it. Even there are many high quality restaurant serve the best delicacies that suit your taste and budget. During your stay in Canggu villa, you will be able to interact with friendly locals. Language barrier is almost non-existent because most of the local can speak basic English.

Turning Your Garage into a Living Space

Garage conversion has been a long-time trend for many homeowners. The reason behind the conversion can be anything from generating profit to simply having an additional living space for you or your family.

Turning Your Garage into a Living Space

Turning your garage into a room to generate profit

The emergence and then the steady rise in popularity of rental properties like Airbnb also have a hand in this. Turning your garage into a rental space is something that more and more people find to be an attractive means to generate extra profit. As a homeowner, this is an excellent way to kickstart a rental property business. For those who are already in the rental biz, this can be another additional way of maximizing your income margin. Turning your garage into livable space is not the cheapest way to start a rental property. But it certainly can be affordable and well within the possibility and scale of a home business.

An additional room or two for your family’s living space

If your garage is merely a place to store your items and you’ve been thinking of expanding your home, then yes, converting the garage is a great place to start. A garage can amount the size of a living room or even two small bedrooms. How would you use your garage space?

You won’t have to sacrifice your yard space

Creating an addition to your house by building more structure on your land is going to cost you your outdoor space. If you have a garden you’re just so fond of, this may be very off-putting. This is where garage conversion comes in as a brilliant solution.

Converting a garage is considerably more affordable than a bump-out

A bump-out would cost you at least 50K, and spending around 100K is actually quite common. It is one of the priciest home renovations move you’ll have to make. Converting a garage is only going to cost you a fraction of that price. This is why a turning your garage into a living space is something very attractive to many homeowners. The most costly change in your garage conversion project would be the addition of windows if you needed any, as well as proper insulation and heating distribution.  

There are things to consider before making the decision

Garages, aside from housing your vehicles, are also a place for storage for many people. It’s where your Christmas tree goes to. A lot of people put their children old toys there. By converting your garage, you risk sacrificing a storage room in your house. If this is an issue for you, perhaps it’s time you hold that garage sale. Or put your belongings at the thrift store for sale. This way, you won’t have to worry about too much stuff, in the end.

Other things to look out for would be the rules or regulations surrounding garage conversions in your area. Legal issues can be a headache when you don’t know where to start. The first thing would be the zoning issues of a garage conversion. Your space must be suitable to live in according to the required legal standards.

Bringing Hammock to Komodo Boat Trip: Incredible!

Those who has travelled to Indonesian most beaten paths often said, “The more eastern you go, the prettier it’d be.” It’s true. Indonesian’s eastern islands are like buried gems of the country—hidden from mainstream crowds and mass tourism. One of them is the recently-famous Komodo National Park of Flores, East Nusa Tenggara, part of UNESCO’s World Heritage. It’s a land where the ancient Komodo roam the land, the ocean brims with chromatic coral reefs and million marine lives, the water too clear, and the wild animal free. Here, Komodo boat trip is the belle of tourism—where you would sail with Indonesian wooden phinisi boat across the Flores Sea, visiting each islands in the national park and have one of the wildest adventure in your lifetime. And we think adding hammock to the sailing trip would be a great idea. Here’s why and how to do it.

Bringing Hammock to Komodo Boat Trip: Incredible!

Bash Seasickness on Komodo Trip inside the Comfort of Hammock

Do you know that the navy used to have hammocks instead of read beds in their cabins? Hammocks are sailors’ best friends, and that’s not without reason. Hammock ease seasickness in multiple way: the gravity of your body will pull you straight down, and being in the air means you are not in the mercy of the boat’s movement. If you have seasickness issue, bringing hammock to your Komodo boat trip would make everything better. With hammock, you will sleep better—A LOT better. 

Take Holiday Pleasure to A Whole New Level

Imagine staring at Komodo’s wondrous landscape as the boat pass them, inside a hammock. Sounds like the perfect tropical holiday, doesn’t it? Hammock is perfect for lounging in great outdoors—and sailing boat is definitely one of them. And it’s very versatile. One minute you are sitting in the hammock, done your sunglasses and hat, and the next minute you can lie very comfortably, waiting the ship to dock into your destination. 

Hang Between Mast—or Anything Sturdy

One thing that most people think about when they bring hammock to Komodo boat trip: where to hang? 

If you are sailing with a catamaran, the space between the inboard end of the davits to the hulls aft would be perfect. You can also hung the hammock between two masts, or between a mast and railing. Just ask the crew which part of the boat that would be really safe for hanging the hammock. 

Bring Hammock Stand for Flexible Setup

You won’t believe how great a simple hammock stand can be for your Komodo boat trip. As Komodo’s landscape is quite rocky, you might found it difficult to set up your hammock (though the scenery is just perfect!). Hammock stand is your easy solution. You can hang your hammock anywhere; in the deck, rocky hills, and even in the pink sand beaches! 

Enjoy your Komodo hammock-gateway! 

Friendship and Rental Property Investment

Investing in rental property means your work doesn’t end when you buy the property. It continues to finding tenant who are interested to rent your property. Aside from being an investor, you are a landlord. Thus, building relationship with your tenants is inevitable. Some landlord even have closer relationship with their tenants for various reasons. Some landlords even befriend their tenants to the points when they can hang out just like best friends. Is it good or bad thing for landlord to befriend their tenants?

Forming friendship with tenants

To decide if it is good or bad thing to befriend tenants depends on individual perspective. For some people, it may sound like a good thing because it can help building mutual trust and understanding, it will be easier to build effective communication as well. It can also lead to tenants prolonging their lease. However, it is not good thing to befriend your tenants from business perspective.  Here’s the reason why:

  • Getting close to your tenants is actually a good idea. You don’t want to stay in awkward phase relationship with people that you will see for a long term even though not every day. However, it is highly advised to form business relationship instead of friendship. There is possibility that your tenant will get too comfortable. They may start asking some favors outside tenancy agreement. They may also become nonchalant about delaying their rental payment because they consider you as a friend.
  • Forming friendship with tenants is not always a good idea because you will become more lenient with everything your tenants ask. You will find yourself getting easier with letting them off even when they break the rules. You will let them off even when they don’t maintain the property properly.
  • With friendship comes blurry lines. It can lead to problems in the future because there will be holes for that to happen eventually. What if your tenants just so chill about holding a party in your property and your neighbor start complaining about the noise and all? This is truly a problem you don’t have to face if you can maintain business relationship with your tenants.
  • If it is getting hard for you to maintain business relationship with your tenants, just remind yourself about the possibility of problem you may face in the future. Some of problems could be harmful. However, some of them could be costly as well. If you choose to form friendship with your tenants and you make business-oriented decision, it may strain your friendship as well as put your business on the line.

Furthermore, it is advised to maintain business relationship. It is absolutely fine to form healthy relationship with your tenants to the points when you don’t have to exchange awkward greeting whenever you meet. Healthy business relationship can also form effective communication because both parties will have mutual understanding of each other’s rights and responsibilities. Thus, there will be mutual respect formed along the way without the need to crossing boundaries and risk tenancy agreement.

Learn More about Reservation Procedures and Terms at Bali Luxury Villas

Bali Luxury Villas is villa rental agency which is also fully integrated. With the best management system, facilities, guest relation, as well as staffing, you will be more assured of memorable holiday experience in Bali. There are lots of villas featured that you can choose based on your personal preference. However, they focus more on luxury, private villas which offer high-end service and facilities. If you are looking for the best rental villa management company, you have come to the right place. Aside from rental villa management, the team also gives you recommendation and advice about shops, nightlife, spas, galleries, etc. thus, you will never run out of ideas during your holiday in Bali.

Reservation procedures and terms at Bali Luxury Villas

As you have known that Bali Luxury Villas is villa rental agency which manages properties especially luxury, private villas in Bali. Therefore, every traveler can search easily the best accommodation to stay at Bali. It is not only about marketing villa but giving useful information for people who are planning to visit Bali about the right villa to rent. And here is information about reservation procedures and terms you need to know:

  • It is important to know that each villa featured at Bali Luxury Villas has its own booking terms and condition. However, there are no big differences in general principles. Almost all accommodation has basic procedures of bookings. After sending booking request, you will receive specific terms and conditions, as well as booking invoice. Thus, you need to specify your needs before sending your booking request so every issues will be addressed by the team.
  • Reservation or booking request has the same from in every villa you are going to book. You just need to fill out the reservation inquiry form and wait for the reply. It usually comes within 24 hours.  You don’t have to worry about data you fill into the form because every data is confidential.
  • Booking will be confirmed only after you send the required deposit. Of course, the payment depends on the villa you are booking. Every payment is under the villa terms and condition that you should follow. You also need to know that reservations are handled on first come basis. It means, first come first serve. If you are planning to spend a weekend in Bali, make sure to book the villa you want at least few weeks prior. Thus, you can make sure that you get the villa you really want before it is snatched by others.
  • About the rates, they are quoted in US Dollars. However, they are subject to change. You also must know that the rates change during peak season dates. If you are planning on having holiday in the peak season, you may need to prepare extra budget and time to make reservation. Therefore, you need to pay attention to peak, high, and low season rates before booking. Visit Bali Luxury Villas official website to find out more information about recommended villas, payment method, and rates changes.

How to launch your startup business faster

Do you think about launch your startup business? The things below that will help you to launch your startup faster

How to launch your startup business faster

1.    Just start your business. 

2.    Sell anything. 

3.    Ask someone to get advice.

4.    Spend time and money for marketing. Marketing is one of the best things that you need to do to your startup business. Marketing is one of the best early investment that you can make in your business. 

5.    Talk to your potential client/customer. The startup business does not exist in the business owner mind alone. A startup exists in the customer landscape and potential customer. 

Things you need to do to grow your startup business online

When your startup business run, you need to do follow-up strategies to ensure the business run for the long term and get the earning profit for you.  

1.    Careful target your online audience. 

E-Commerce success depends on reputable and accessible online presence. 

2.    Create content with high-quality content and then deliver in high speed. 

The high-quality content is something that known as relevant and engages information that will encourage your site visitors to come back to visit in next time. The content that you create should reflect the brand in style and tone and it also should include the statement of the company’s mission, policies and of course the services offered. 

3.    Personalize your content

When someone visits into a site, they need to know that the site has unique, personal and individualized web experiences that will attract them to re-visit in the future. Take advantage of the advanced technology that can generate shopping selections based on customer preferences will a great idea. Choose small CRM solutions can be a great starting point. CRM solutions software from Contact me, Zoho and Batchbook are examples of small CRM solutions software that cost less than $20. 

4.    Invest your market with mobile capabilities 

Consumers that a user mobile device is greater than the past and that become the reason why develop mobile e-commerce become a crucial thing to do. There are available solutions available to choose start from mobile sites, the site apps, click to call apps, real-time notifications and many more. 

How to make your mobile-friendly into your website. 

•    There should no flash video. There are many flaws video that not work with the mobile friendly 

•    Optimized images. 

•    Easy navigation 

•    Easy functionality.

5.    Integrate the sales channel 

Allow your consumers to experience the brand similarly across with entire interaction channel and shopping method. Make your marketing strategies include promotions, the services, the products, the information of your company and the policies should well know in offline and online.  

Starting your startup business fast does not mean you should force the scaling. Scaling is the measured cadence that can help you to plan your business. Start your business fast means that you have the leverage to all possibilities resources for focus into one-thing to get started. Once your startup business is run and up and then anything else will possible to obtain. 

Tricks on Doing Business of Online Shop

Today, many young people use more online technology to make money. One of them is social media that has spearheaded the millennial generation, which can also be used as a place for business marketing such as an online shop.

Tricks on Doing Business of Online Shop

But, as time went on and the number of rivals increased, maybe online sales stalls began to be empty of visitors. Well, how to improve it again?

You have to leave comments frequently, but don’t leave it as spam!

The way that you can find out about your booth is to leave comments on celebrity accounts, as many as followers, and the market segments according to your products. If you sell sports equipment, then program sports.

But, don’t leave spam comments, huh! Leave useful comments. After all, if you leave spam comments or sales offers, you might be blocked by the account owner, you know!

Endorse program or current influencer

You don’t have to be an artist, now there are a lot of celebrities and influencers now. They are widely used as role models for young people and hits. You can offer an endorsement to them by sending an official email to introduce your goods. Very effective!

Upload photos of product orderly and regularly

Although it still has fewer followers or likes, uploading photos consistently is also important. You tell your customers that you are still selling and really exist in the online shop field. That is, you are seriously working on your business.

Look for the angle right for the product photo

Sometimes, you also need to update product shooting techniques. Especially now that rivals have grown in number, their photos are also good. Learning about product photo techniques can also be self-taught, really. Try learning from the tutorial on Youtube.

You may slip with the video too

If you sell goods such as gadgets, you can also upload tutorial videos on how to use gadgets, whether there are secret tricks in them, and so on. So, people trust more when buying your product.

You had better use hashtags related

The way to introduce your online store to social media users is to provide a related hashtag. Often netizens search for the products they need by typing the hashtag.

Promotion of social media is highly recommended

Currently, social media such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram have provided paid promotions using their own platforms. You can set the target market accordingly, as well as the budget you want to make the promotion.

Move to social media that is busy

If now the era of selling on Instagram, then it is more active to promote on Instagram. Of course, you can’t forget about other social media. Only the focus is distinguished. If later Instagram starts to be quiet and Facebook is crowded again, then switch to Facebook.

In addition to the 8 tricks of online shop above, don’t forget to promote your online selling products to the public, especially to your friends. From them, your product can be known by word of mouth. Remember, as long as there is a willingness and effort, you can open the way. Good luck!

The Method to Update Your Small Business

As a business owner, it does not need to wait every New Year to update the business process. However when the calendar changes, it is a good reminder to evaluating the platforms and techs you use so you can update the business and more effective. 

The Method to Update Your Small Business

Keep your eye in changes on PPC 

The PPC advertising world is always evolving for obtaining better target consumer relevantly. Therefore, you need to always stay up into the entire latest trends to get the biggest impact on your advertisement each year. 

Learn to the Google analytics terms 

Google analytics probably has becomes the most popular tools to measure website activity and traffics. For those who have several times in this online field, this will be easy for them. But for a newbie in the online business world, there are some terms and jargon that used can be a bit hard to understand. Therefore, always learn to the development and handle to the term in this tool. 

Consider into the social media trends 

If you want to stay at the top of the social media landscape business, then it needs your consistency to learn about the upcoming trends. In 2019, there are some platforms that evolving and features that can bring big impact to small business. Learn how these platforms and features can help your business to grow. Keep up with the social media changes trend. There are some trends in social media that changes and it should be always in your small business radar. 

Build the credibility of your small business

Sometimes, small business does not have the same type of credibility and trust such as the big brands. However, even when you have a small business, this does not mean you cannot reassure your client with your brand. 

•    Create the professional-look invoices. However, try to keep it simple. 

•    Get your email as seriously as your big competitors. Provide support to your customer via email or use email in sales effort can help create your company look larger than the real one. 

•    Use social media to get more involved with the market you targeted.  Get daily posting and busy. Do not just share your post, but also share the industry-relevant post from non-competitors, that helpful for your followers to know more your product. 

Protect your trademarks in social media 

Such as it is essential for protecting business intellectual property in marketing and other areas, then it is also important to do the same thing in your social media platform. There are many accounts that may be trying to copy or emulate the trademarks you have. 

Check out to the latest landing page design 

The landing pages are very helpful and work effectively for targeting new customer and get them into your sales funnel. The design that you choose for the landing pages can bring a major impact on your sales rate.  There are some trends that you can choose depending on your requirements such as grayscale color, sheriffs, micro interactions, glitch art, and many more. 

Get the new business idea off the ground

When you first start involved in the business world, you need to make a plan for developing and get the scheme about the new venture.  The first few steps perhaps daunting for you, but if you have good plan and strategies, it can turn your dream come true.