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Boost Your Business Via Local Marketing

Advertising your business is part of strategy marketing. It is essential for your business to be known and acknowledged in the market. Lots of business owners and entrepreneurs alike are always eager to advertise their business into wide market with larger audience. They use various strategies in order to catch the attention of wide audience. However, local consumers play important role as well for the growth of your business. There is opportunity when you aim for local consumers. 

Effective local marketing strategies

Aiming local consumers means you have more chances to personalize your campaign to fit the interest of the local community. It is important thing to do because then you will be able to deliver the right message to right people with the right way. Here are tips for successful local marketing.

Boost Your Business Via Local Marketing

Target local consumers

Just because you target local consumers doesn’t mean you cannot use digital marketing strategy. In fact, you have to take advantage of it. You can target a very specific region so you know what to learn about it. It also gives you a chance to learn more about the characteristics of your prospects within the local community. Then, it is also important to accompany your marketing strategy with authentic story to deliver. 

Convey the message

Delivering message is essential when it comes to advertising your business. Aside from authentic story, you also need to make sure that the message is clear and direct. Make your message brief but sweet. This way, it is easier for your message to be heard by the local community. Keep in mind that the attention span is less then 10 seconds in average. You have to catch consumers’ attention within that period. You can also choose representatives to build trust within the local community. 

Build and maintain your engagement

Effective local marketing strategies

Make sure that you build and maintain engagement as well as involvement within the local community. Your involvement will show your genuine care and authentic gesture. This will help you establish a platform to showcase your good work. This is also important way to emphasize your intention and action. This will show the local community that your brand is more than promises. You take your message seriously and bring it into action. 

Build the trust

Building trust is not a one-time-thing when you try to establish local marketing. You have to nurture it through various actions that show your authenticity and values. There are many ways in which you can show this point such as volunteering for local causes, being involved in an event with the local’s best interest, etc. This is also a good way to show that your message resonates well with your local audience. 

Focus on local needs 

Focus more on delivering the needs and challenges of the locals. Doing research and analysis is essential to do from the beginning. This help to narrow down the specific products or services that the locals truly need. In your advertising, it is highly recommended to use local terminology such as using specific terms that the locals most familiar with. This is also a way to customize your campaign. 

Best Places for Scuba Diving in Bali by Interest

Bali is all about sun, beaches, and everything tropical. And that’s also include diving! The crystal clear waters reveal charming underwater landscape. Colourful corals, sponges, darting fishes, and sometimes fascinating manmade statues posing as artificial coral reefs adorn the ocean floor. Scuba diving in Bali is one of the must in majority of travelers’ list. Swimming with turtles or manta rays is a very popular activity among divers and casual snorkelers alike. So if you want to enjoy a glimpse of the world under the waves, these tips might help you. 

If You Want to Have a Leisure Scuba Diving Bali 

Best Places for Scuba Diving in Bali by Animal Interest

There are a lot of spots in Bali where you can just enjoy some leisure yet satisfying scuba diving. The good news is, most diving spot in Bali are characterised with low currents and very clear water. A lot of new divers loves the simplicity of diving in Amed, Tulamben, and Padang Bai. Tulamben is notorious for being a go-to place for beginners as well as having a vibrant underwater life. Amed, the neighbouring site, is just as awesome—and as accessible. The Padang Bai is probably a bit more remote,  but the underwater is just amazing. it’s sheltered, it’s brimming with colourful coral bommies, critters, reef sharks, and everything. The site has almost no currents—you almost need no special diving skills to dive at this site!

If You Want to See the Manta Ray

Diving with Manta Ray is HUGE in Bali. Seeing this gentle giant gliding gracefully past you in the blueness of the water is a highlight for many divers! Manta Ray loves to gather in Nusa Penida where the planktons are plenty and the cleaning stations are just right. May to November is the best time to see Manta Ray. Also, go early in the morning when they are the most active. 

If You Want to See the Turtles!

Best Places for Scuba Diving in Bali by Animal Interest

Turtles are very popular in Bali—especially around Gili Trawangan. They gather around the island and that site is famous as “Turtle City”! You can see turtles swimming freely just 15 meters off the shores. The water in Gili Trawangan is quite calm, but the ocean floor got deep quickly. There’s a sudden drop off points where you can no longer touch the ocean floor, and turtles usually gathers around this points. Due to the depth, you need to be a confident diver or swimmers (if you snorkel) to swim with the turtles. 

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If You Want to Have Scuba Diving with Mola Mola in Bali  

This weird-looking sunfish is another giant (quite literally) star of the ocean. It’s one of the big thing you definitely need to do if you are scuba diving in Bali. Mola Mola, that’s how it’s locally called, don’t just appear at any given time of the day. The love the deep water and usually swim around the twilight zone so you won’t meet them at the majority of the time. However, they swim to the surface at certain time of the year while the water get colder. July to August is the time when they hang around the sunlight zone and available for the divers. They are mostly seen at their favourite cleaning stations—to get the reef fishes plucking parasites off their skin. 

So, which scuba diving site in Bali you want to visit for the next vacation?

Building Long Lasting Trust With Your Customers

Trust is breakable. Thus, building trust requires time and effort. It is not a one-time thing you can complete by a single task. It requires constant nurture along the way. Even if it has become solid, you still need to maintain it. Trust is one of the most important element in business. Running a business makes you meet new people that will be involved in your life whether for short or long term. Aside from partnership, trust in business is also essential for your relationship with your customers. Getting them to trust you requires hardwork. 

How to build trust with your customers

Building trust is a long term investment you should begin from the beginning of your business. It is essential to make your customers trust you so they rely on everything you have including, products, services, etc. You should also keep in mind that your customers have their personal information in your database. Imagine how vulnerable it feels to let someone keep your personal information that can be violated.

Building Long Lasting Trust With Your Customers

Trust is a long term investment

The trust given from your customers is your long term investment you should keep. Not to mention that a lack of trust from them can be costly. There have been many scandals happening in business industry in which customers personal information being handed over. It can break customers’ confidence in your brand. Keep in mind that when you have the power of keeping your customers’ personal information, they also have the power to walk away from your brand anytime. With mutual trust, string relationships can be built which benefit both parties.

Trust is a delicate thing

Building Long Lasting Trust With Your Customers

It is true that building trust requires effort. It is essential thing but easily break. Imagine trust as delicate little thing then start treating it like that. You will understand how it can impact your business bottom line significantly. Earning trust form your customers requires hardwork. One of the most important elements of building trust is transparency. You can do it by giving your customers more power to control their personal data. It can make them feel more secured. You should make clear rules of how customer’s personal data being used. Make sure that the rules protect both your customers and your business.

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Trust is important for your credibility

Trust is also important element to build your business reputation and credibility. The more people trust you, the easier for your business to grow larger. To build trust successfully, use relevant platforms such as social media. This platform is a great tool to help you show your transparency to your audience. Not to mention that you can build trust through online platform by showing more your human side. It can make your brand more personal and relatable. However, you also should be prepared with various feedback or response when you use online platforms. Positive feedback is not the only thing you should expect. However, be more honest and transparent in handling every feedback. Immediate response from your side is essential regardless of the comments. It shows how care and attentive you are to your audience. 

3 Rewarding Spots in Komodo Diving Liveaboard

Diving is one of the most exciting activities that you can do on the ocean, especially from Komodo Diving Liveaboard. If this is your first time, do you ever wonder what is the best location to dive while on a Komodo trip? The guide might tell you in the way, but let me inform you first beforehand so you can know what to expect.

3 Advanced but Rewarding Spots in Komodo Diving Liveaboard

Dive from Komodo Diving Liveaboard

Actually, you don’t have to be able to dive first when you are signing up for Komodo diving liveaboard trip. A complete beginner can join because the liveaboard hired a professional diving instructor to accompany the guests. But for those who had experience and wanted to try something more challenging, you should check out some of these places.

Batu Bolong

3 Advanced but Rewarding Spots in Komodo Diving Liveaboard

Batu Bolong is a dive site located under what seems to be like a half submerged hollow rock between the Komodo Island and Tatawa Island. The beach is also known for its great surfing area, also known for the beautiful diving spot. Keep in mind that even if the waves on Batu Bolong are suitable for beginner surfers, the current underwater is certainly not beginner-friendly for divers. There are several spots that have a really strong current that you should avoid.

The trick of diving in Batu Bolong is to dive in the middle of the current and just go straight down to the depth. The middle of the current is a safe area, and from there you can observe sharks and turtles swimming and play around the current as well as the beautiful coral reefs.

Crystal Rock

Not to be confused with Castle Rock, Crystal Rock is another diving spot located close by. This spot is often famous for its difficulty and only an advanced diver may have a chance to dive into the area. Unlike Batu Bolong, the strong currents in Crystal Rock don’t follow a pattern and can flow randomly. Meaning there’s no true safe spot that you can dive into to completely avoid the currents.

So in order to be able to dive in, you need to carefully take shelter in the rocks. For some who are already familiar with the area, they usually just dive into the current and head down. Once you finish the ordeal, you will finally get your reward. Gorgeous and colorful corals with numerous exotic fishes swimming around it can be seen clearly like a crystal, hence the name.

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The Cauldron

3 Advanced but Rewarding Spots in Komodo Diving Liveaboard

Located in the channel between Gili Lawa Darat and Laut, The Cauldron is also sometimes called The Shotgun. The name comes from how strong the currents around the area are, and some even say that The Cauldron has the strongest current out of every spot in Komodo.

Now, the fun part is how you dive into it. You start as you jump into the northern slope, then the current will take you to the center of the channel. From there you must carefully pass the channel by riding the current to the bottom. Once you reach the bottom, your effort will be rewarded with an amazing view of coral reefs and unique fishes such as manta rays, sharks and seahorses.

 Challenge Yourself!

Komodo Diving Liveaboard is very welcoming for both beginner and expert divers. For beginners, you can start with easy diving spots and as for experts, you can try diving in the area mentioned above. Good luck!

Snatch Opportunity To Become An Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship is seen as an open gate to a successful career. By running your own business, there are more opportunities you can snatch to be as successful as you want to be. However, there are also people who tend to hesitate to start. Some of them keep waiting for the right time for them to start a business and become an entrepreneur. What they didn’t know is that there is no such thing as perfect timing. Every decision leads to consequences but it doesn’t always some out bad. Instead of waiting for the opportunity, you’d better find and snatch it. 

Snatch Opportunity To Become An Entrepreneur

Find opportunity to become an entrepreneur

Timing is often seen as crucial part in our life. However, waiting won’t get you anywhere. Of course, you should take many things into consideration since entrepreneurship is a life-changing career that may affect your whole life. However, do not wait for thing like perfect timing. 

There are always opportunities everywhere you go

The problem is, sometimes you are too distracted to notice them. Therefore, you may have to find the right ways in finding opportunities to start a career in entrepreneurship. There are essential things you can take into consideration to find the opportunity to become an entrepreneur.


Snatch Opportunity To Become An Entrepreneur

Try to find your own passion that you want to make it part of your life in the long term. Even if you hate your job now, there must be something int he past you were so passionate about. It can be related to your hobbies, interest, and anything in general. Try to dig in into yourself and find the passion inside. If you think of it and it sparks your spirit and motivation, then it can be the right time for you to become an entrepreneur. When you love something, it is easier to learn and develop yourself to become an expert. 

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Opportunity comes from what you have learned so far

Throughout your life in personal and professional perspectives, there must be something constant that you keep learning. Those might have been engraved in you that they have become your habits. If those habits and lessons are related to your passion, you have more opportunity to make them into a package that will help you more ready to start a business. Things you have learned can help you understand many things smoothly. Thus, do not underestimate your life lesson even if it seems to be insignificant at the moment. 

Financial stability

It is great opportunity if you had already owned financial stability. This way, you can start a business with more preparation. Financial setting is one of the key factors for a successful business even if it is not the only one. Even if you don’t have it yet, you can still start your career in entrepreneurship if you have developed control and manage

Komodo Boat Charter Service to the Kelimutu Lake!

For everyone who was born before the 2000s, you must be familiar with Indonesian old IDR 5000 bills that featured a picture of the three-colored lake on one of the sides. As a kid, we always wondered if that’s really possible and curious to witness it with our own eyes. Although it was hard and expensive to reach the island back then, nowadays there’s a lot of simple ways to visit the lake and one of them is through the Komodo boat charter service.

Komodo Boat Charter Service to the Kelimutu Lake!

Wonders of Indonesia are within reach of the Komodo Boat Charter!

Kelimutu is mountains with a huge lake on the crater, this mountain is located 1639 above the sea surface. There are 3 large lakes that each have a name: Tiwu Nuwa Muri Kofai, Tiwu Ata Polo, and Tiwu Ata Mbupu. These lakes are indeed famous for its color-changing nature, the cause of this phenomenon is actually the gas and the microbes surrounding it.

Even though there’s already a logical explanation, the color-changing phenomenon still becomes a mystery among both the locals and scientists alike. Locals still believe in the myth, that there were once two wizards and a prince who can conjure water and change it to different colors for a sign. We don’t really know the details of the story, but basically locals ended up believing that each color of the lake representing something that’s going to happen.

Wonders of Indonesia are within reach of the Komodo Boat Charter!

As for the scientist, they haven’t exactly figured out how the gas can affect the change of colors. Not only that, but the pattern of the colors is also quite random making it even more mysterious. Some of them even ended up believing the locals as well that it is indeed some kind of sign to the people around the lake.

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Keli: Mountain and Mutu: Boiling, makes it called The Boiling Mountain

Even though the gas around the lake is not exactly lethal to humans, tourists are not allowed to stay for a long time because the gas can give a dangerous effect if we inhale it on heavy dose. For the entry fee, Indonesian native citizen only has to pay IDR 5000 while international tourists are charged IDR 150.000. This huge gap causes some controversy back then, that’s why most foreigners choose to join the Komodo boat charter instead to get a cheaper cost.

Last words, Kelimutu lake is one of the wondrous places in Indonesia that you must come for yourself to truly experience the beauty of it. The visit to Kelimutu lake is included in tour packages organized by Komodo Boat charter along with many other beautiful places. Book the trip and start your adventure in Indonesia!

Questions That Make You Think Whether Or Not To Become Entrepreneur

It is true that being an entrepreneur opens more opportunity to reach success that has no limit. There is no boundary of who can become an entrepreneur and how far you can reach the success. However, it is also important to remember that it is not an easy path. It may seems so when you look at already successful entrepreneurs. It looks easy enough for you to try to do the same. However, every entrepreneur may have their own story to tell of how they struggle building their business from scratch. Therefore, before jumping blindly into entrepreneurship, it is important to think and consider your career path.

Questions That Make You Think Whether Or Not To Become Entrepreneur

Ask yourself the right questions before becoming an entrepreneur

To become entrepreneur is such a life-changing decision. Some people may do it out of impulse, while others do it after long-internal battle. However, it is important to do your own analysis before starting your career in entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship is for everyone but the weak. Here are questions you should ask yourself whether or not you want to become an entrepreneur:

‘’Is entrepreneurship really for me?’’

‘’If so, why do I need it?’’ ‘’What kind of goal I want to achieve from entrepreneurship?’’

Those are the most basic questions you should ask yourself. Those are important to understand your purpose in jumping into entrepreneurship. You have to understand that it is a survival selection bias. It is also important to understand the essence of entrepreneurship and whether or not it’s something that will make you happy in the long run. Also, it is important to choose this career path with purpose and not out of impulse. Goals, motivation, and purpose are what make you stay driven in the long run. You have to know what kind of mission you want to accomplished by choosing to be an entrepreneur. 

“When will be the right time to start?” 

Ask yourself the right questions before becoming an entrepreneur

As mentioned earlier that entrepreneurship is such a life-changing decision. Therefore, you should consider the impact of it to your personal and professional life. It is not only about financial view but also your personal relationship may get affected at some points in the future. Changes are inevitable when you choose this path. You need to know the right time to start that won’t affect your personal and professional journey negatively. 

“Do I have potential to be a successful entrepreneur?”

Successful entrepreneurs have positive traits, develop good habits, as well as possess excellent qualities that help them reach their place. You should know the potential you can use to help you run a business successfully. You have to make sure whether or not you are ready to face any kind of challenges in the future as well as the uncertainties. You have to improve your self-motivation and resilience if you decide to choose to be an entrepreneur. Even if you feel like you don’t have the important qualities or skills, you have to know if you are willing to improve yourself. 

Diving the Amazing Banda Sea!

As part of world’s coral triangle, Indonesia, an archipelagic country between the Pacific and Indian Ocean, is blessed with crazy marine life under its waters. The Banda Sea of Maluku is one of Indonesia’s exceptional dive sites that has been awed thousands divers with stunning coral formations, walls, fish curtains, and school of hammerhead sharks which is the signature of Banda diving. The Banda Islands enjoys quiet isolations from modern mass development and are sparsely populated. This result on splendid serenity and well preserved marine life undisturbed by human. Due to the remoteness, however, the Banda Sea diving is only accessible by liveaboard. Trip to here is by no means easy—but it will give you lasting experience for life!

Diving the Amazing Banda Sea!

For the adventurous souls who’ve been longing to explore Banda Sea’s spectacular underwater, here are some essentials you should know. 

How to Have Banda Sea Diving

The easiest and most popular choice to dive the Banda Island is by liveaboard. That means you will embark on sailing phinisi yacht, sleep on the boat, and practically do everything in the boat while it transports you to one dive site to another. Liveaboard trip seems a little bit pricey in the beginning, but you get all you need just in one payment. It includes full board meals for the whole period of the trip, accommodation, dive gears, and Divemaster guide. You actually save a lot of time, money, and energy this way. Liveaboard also allows multiple dives per day in different sites, which is impossible if you stay at one particular island. 

Second option is doing the trip separately. That means you might need to stay at separate islands, which also means catching ferry to go to each island. You also need to hire a local dive centre to rent equipments and guide the dive. Due to the high demand yet few number of the dive centre, prices could surge up beyond normal. 

When to Dive in Banda

The best time to have Banda Sea diving is between March to April and September to December. March to April is the beginning of dry season. The skies are clear and sunny while the sea is relatively smooth. It’s comfortable for diving. However, the visibility went up during September to December. You can enjoy clarity up to 20 – 50 meters! This is also the time when hammerhead sharks most possibly make appearance, as the temperature gets colder and they often swim to shallower depth accessible by divers. 

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What to See on Banda Sea Diving

Diving the Amazing Banda Sea!

The underwater world of Banda Islands is bursting with life and there are just so much thing to see! Ring of Fire region is famous for spotting the big fishes. Expect to see barracuda, giant trevallies, batfish, snappers, tuna humpback parrot, eagle rays, to napoleon and groupers. The Banda Sea is great to see hammerhead sharks, but it’s not guaranteed. Meanwhile, you could enjoy sighting of other sharks! Grey sharks, white tip and black tip sharks, or the rare oceanic shark often pop up just from nowhere! Also, the Mount Api in Banda is famous for their venomous yet gentle sea snakes, which presents as a thrilling adventures for many divers!

How Gratitude Boost Your Power In Running Business 

Lots of people say that business or entrepreneurship is not for the weak. It is for those who have strong ambition and determination to reach success. Some even say that business is for those who are ‘greedy’ for financial freedom. It is not entirely wrong. In business, there are many things can happen. Even if you are prepared for possible obstacles, the unexpected ones might appear out of nowhere. Running business can be planned but sometimes you encounter unpredictable path. There are many things to help you survive running your business. One of them is gratitude. 

How Gratitude Boost Your Power In Running Business

Gratitude and successful business

It might be a little bit hard to link gratitude with the success of a business. More often than not, people link business success with determination, passion, confidence, and persistence. Those are important elements you need to build within yourself. However, gratitude is not less important. It is what you need to keep moving forward reaching your success in running your own business.

Gratitude is important

Gratitude is important element in business principle. Resources are essentials but when you exclude gratitude, they can be meaningless. For example, you need to hire talents to work with you building your business. You seek for not only the best but the right people. When those people decide to work with you, it is when the gratitude comes. You should be grateful for it. It is not easy to put your trust on people and vice versa. It is something to be grateful with. This way, you will do your best to cherish every moments you have with them while climbing up the wall that block your business to success together. 

Gratitude root of mutual respect

How Gratitude Boost Your Power In Running Business

Gratitude is included into business principle because it can be the root of mutual respect. It is not only about respect or trust you build with your business partners but also with your customers. Gratitude also causes appreciation. Knowing that your customers genuinely appreciate what you are doing can strengthen the bond between you. In return, you will keep doing your best to appreciate your customers for their trusts in you and your brand.

Gratitude to grow your business

Gratitude can help you grow your business wonderfully because you can make authentic business decision because of it. It is a healthy appreciation which leads you to more authentic actions that can help connect everyone within the circles of the industry. When people use gratitude in their business principle, it is easier to connect with each other and have a better life. It is also easier for you to reach the desired impacts. 

Gratitude within professional circumstances

Showing your gratitude is important even within professional circumstances. Remember that gratitude is the cause of healthy appreciation and genuine bond. In order to reach the goals, you should show your gratitude genuinely and authentically. Intentional actions are needed when it comes to showing gratitude to customers, clients, or partners. Your action should show how much you appreciate them even if it doesn’t include materialistic actions. Even a small ‘thank you’ will feel different when you do it sincerely. 

Things Teen Would Absolutely Love in Surf Camp!

There are two types of teens when it comes to summer holiday. Those who want to relax to the fullest between their room and the couch, and those who just filled with energies and have to satiate their thirst for adventure. If you feel like the latter, you will definitely love to try teen surf camp this summer. It’s a combination of living in the beach infused with daily adrenaline rush and sunny adventure. Surf camp will be the time to find the new you, find new skills and confidence—and constantly challenging yourself in the process. Here are six reason why you’d love a surf camp. 

Things Teen Would Absolutely Love in Surf Camp!

Beaches Everyday

What’s better than the beach to spend summer? Surf camp lets you have fun in the beach every day! Every. Single. Day. That means solid excuses to wear your favourite bikini collection or just relaxing by the beach after the surf course is done. And you got to see amazing sunset every evening! 

Cool Peers to Friend With

Everybody comes to surfing camp to relax, hang out, and learn how to surf. You will find lots of kids with same interest already—surfing! Sometimes you will even find awesome peers from overseas, especially If you go to internationally popular teen surf camp in countries like Spain, Portugal, or Bali. This will be a humbling and expanding experience for you. 

A Break from House Rules

Want to have a break form your parents and everyday house rules? Go to teen surf camp. Sure, they have few important rules there (no drugs, no breaking the law, etc), but it probably won’t be as strict as it is back home. Such a refreshing way to get free and be yourself!

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Surf Camp Let You Be Teens

With all R-rated video games, TV shows, sexually suggestive music, and social media, you may not aware that you are growing up faster than kids your age back in the day. Life is just coming way too fast. In the teen surf camp, everybody is relaxed and in holiday mood. Days pass slowly, yet filled with simple fun in life. Hanging out in the beach, having fun riding the waves, gossiping with the girls, boys night every night, and plenty other things will keep you happy.

Yoga Every Morning and Other Cool Sport to Choose

Remember how the surf camp will keep you busy and happy? Well, you will almost forget to use your phone as they have so many exciting side sports to try! Lots of surf camp has yoga—the ‘it’ thing in this decade which also happen to be very beneficial to train flexibility and balance in surf boards. Some of them has skate boarding, horse riding, soccer on the beach, pingpong, archery, and many other things! Some even have kite surfing and other water sport—but you might need to pay more for it. 

Teen Surf Camp Gives You Something to Look Forward to 

We all deals with boring school life all the year long. Having teen surf camp in your upcoming holiday simply gives something to look on in anticipation for something fun in the horizon. It could be one of your best highlight of the year!