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Five Fun Things to Do on a Raja Ampat Liveaboard Trip

Raja Ampat Liveaboard

Raja Ampat is an ideal base for island hopping in Indonesia.This stunning island offers so many things to see and do from beautiful beaches, diving, and learn historical culture. In addition to the extraordinary scenery, Raja Ampat has some outstanding areas of beauty that make for the perfect sailing heaven. Raja Ampat liveaboard trip will introduce you to a world of exotic beauty and idyllic islands. A holiday with a liveaboard is one of the most exciting and relaxing activities to engage in. There are countless fun things you can do while on the liveaboard to spice up your trip.

Play music on Raja Ampat Liveaboard

If you are planning a holiday with Raja Ampat Liveaboard, one thing you want to have is great music. Listen music is famous for its relaxing power. Music brings people together and transports you to another destination, so whether you’re soaking up the Raja Ampat Sea or watching sunset from your balcony, your holiday isn’t complete without the perfect playlist.

Diving and snorkeling in Raja Ampat

Diving and snorkeling are perfect boating activity, especially on the remote island of Raja Ampat. Raja Ampat welcomes divers all year round with its warm water. Diving on this stunning island with Raja Ampat Liveaboard will introduce you to some of the best dive sites in Indonesia. In Raja Ampat, you can find almost 550 species of coral, over 700 different types of mollusks, around 17 different species of whale and dolphin, and 1711 types of fish. Most divers come to the island for the sheer diversity of marine biodiversity. Some come for the big stuff. For instance, turtles, manta rays, and sharks. They also come for macro biodiversity. Such as pygmy seashores, blue ring octopus, and the ghost pipefish. Some are here to spot the unbelievable colorful coral reefs. Do a little research to find perfect dive spots and head out for a nautical staycation!

Day tripping

Besides spending time on a boat or above the water, there are also onshore activities you can enjoy during a liveaboard holiday. This island is the perfect place to catch the most picturesque sunsets ever. Enjoy a cocktail on the white sandy beach as you watch these magical sunsets. Look around, and go sightseeing on the stunning island.

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Fun and games

A liveaboard trip isn’t fun without some exciting games. Make sure to take board games. For instance, Jaws, Dixit, or Cat Crimes. All these games are suitable for all ages and for players of up to four.

Read your favorite books

What is better than relaxing on a liveaboard reading a book? When there is calm in the water and you can’t hear a sound for miles away, so it’s a good time to get out your favorite book.

Fixing Current Marketing Strategy That Is Not Working

Fixing Current Marketing Strategy That Is Not Working

Marketing strategy is important for your business to grow successfully. However, there are no definite right or wrong when it comes to marketing strategy because every business have different needs which require different approach to reach its goals. Therefore, there is no guarantee that you will be just as successful as other business who apply the same marketing strategy as you do. However, it is important to know if your current strategy is working or not so you can pivot immediately and effectively.

How to fix marketing strategy that is not working

Sometimes, the marketing strategy you have planned thoroughly and carefully are no longer working. There are many factors that can cause the situation to happen. What matters the most is how you can fix it so you can pivot and reconnect with your audience better. 

Your current strategy is not working when it doesn’t meet your objectives. It is such a big and clear warning sign you should be able to notice right away. You can try conducting a research to know the root of the problems. If it is not ideal or possible, you can try a test-and-learn approach instead. It helps a lot in uncover the most effective solutions. 

Fixing Current Marketing Strategy That Is Not Working

You are not seeing the success of your current marketing strategy. However, it might be caused you didn’t even measure your success in the first place. Hence, measuring is important part of marketing strategy implementation. You know if its performance is good or not. Make sure to determine the goal first then plan how to measure the results to truly see the accuracy of its performance. 

Your current marketing strategy might not working because you aim wrong audience and this is when the saying you need the right bait to catch the right goes. It is important to know who your audience is and what they are interested in. It is essential to target the right audience so you can also implement the right strategy. When it is not working, adjust your strategy and don’t forget to measure and track to know when to correct it. 

Your marketing strategy might be planned well and thoroughly. However, people still ask what you mean. It means there is still something wrong or missing with your approach. Maybe your current marketing strategy is not delivering clear messaging that can be understood by your audience. Therefore, it is also important to not only implement excellent marketing strategy but also to simplify your messaging to better communicate with your intended audience.

It is also possible that your current marketing strategy is not working because it doesn’t resonate with your audience. To fix this, reach out your customers and enter conversation. Build a good relationship with your customers so you will always receive honest feedback. By talking with customers, you will be able to find out the root problems so you know better how to communicate with them better. You also know how to deliver message that resonate with them more so your strategy is more relevant.

5 of The Most Beautiful Island to Explore in Flores With Jakare Liveaboard

Jakare Liveaboard

Flores is the most enchanting island in the East Nusa Tenggara. This beautiful island in Indonesia means “Flowers”, although there are no roses or sunflowers to be seen here. Some people come to this island, for its stunning underwater. In Flores, you can swim in pristine beaches, lakes, or waterfalls. This island is a diver’s paradise, you have the chance to dive at one of the top spectacular dive sites on the planet. Here, you also can find beautiful sunset, white sandy beaches, friendly local people, and lakes. Make your Flores holiday an unforgettable experience by renting a Jakare liveaboard. Take a liveaboard holiday to discover idyllic beaches and near-deserted islands, explore Flores’s island, visit the local people, or dive and snorkel the crystal-clear waters.

Jakare Liveaboard to the island in Maumere

Maumere is located at the eastern end of Flores Island. The area is the largest town on the island. In Maumere, you can spot the beautiful underwater scenery to the excitement of shopping at the traditional market. There are several dive sites around the Maumere that allow for year-round diving. With plenty to see along the beautiful white sandy beaches, Maumere makes an unforgettable destination when you are traveling to Flores. One of the best ways to explore Maumere is by Jakare Liveaboard.

Lembata Island

Lembata is the largest of Indonesia’s Lesser Sunda Islands. The island has a length of 80 km southwest-northeast, the highest elevation point of 1533m, and a width of 30 km. This beautiful island is well known throughout the world as the home of traditional whaling. One of the unique villages that must be visited on Lembata Island is Lamalera. Lamalera is a unique village on the shores of the Savu coast in Lembata district. Furthermore, there is a unique characteristic about this small village, the male is hunting whales.

Pura Island

Pura is a small island located in the middle of the Alor Strait. This island is surrounded by an exotic reef offering some of the best underwater life. Here, there are thousands of anemone carpets and Clark’s anemonefish. You can find various types of landscapes and exciting attractions once arriving at Pura Island. Make sure to take a lot of pictures while visiting Pura Island later.

Jakare Liveaboard take you to Alor

Alor Island is one of the stunning small islands north of West Timor, Indonesia. It is a home to many endemic species of fish and offers world class diving. The island has an area of about 2800 km². Therefore, making Alor the largest island of the archipelago.

Komba Island

Komba is a small and uninhabited island located in the Band Sea North-East of Flores. Here, you can also find colorful coral that thrives beneath the surface and starkly contrasts against the dark sand.

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Creating Successful Personal Brand

Personal branding is important step for you in building your business. Its purpose is to portray your value, skills and strength characters as well as passion of work to the world. It is important so people view you as how you want to be portrayed. Personal branding is not a one-time thing. It is something you need to keep building and maintain. By building personal brand, your brand will have more visibility online. Remember that many people are spending their time online now, especially during many restrictions due to the global pandemic. 

Personal Brand

Personal brand building 

Both you and your business are associated with each other. And personal brand is what you need to make the two of them work perfectly well. It can help you to deliver the best product or service. The reason is because you provide free value upfront before sales. 

Of course, other elements are important for business such as ads, referrals, or optimized website when it comes to building visibility online. However, personal branding is not less important than those aspects. In fact, strong personal brand is now truly significant to the growth of business. Strong personal brand can help build deep customer loyalty as well as boost invaluable reputation. As the result, your sale will increase. 

Personal branding can be built through various online platforms you can choose. It is important to choose the platform where your target customers spend their times the most. Some of the most common platforms include YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkeIn, Pinterest, and Podcasts. 

When building personal brand, make sure to pay attention on important details such as authenticity. It is essential to be yourself when personal branding. It will be more valuable for you to choose the industry where you passion lies. Choose the right field that help you harness your passion and spirit. Use your unique point to build your personal brand instead of copying others. 

Building personal brand with value and avoid monetizing everything or too early. You can do it by providing informative and educational contents in your platforms. This way, your audiences will be educated on everything around the industries that your products affect. For example, if you sell skincare products, educate your audience how to take better care of their skin and inform them the benefits of having healthy skin. 

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The type of content can be picked based on the platform you are using. For example, you can create tutorial videos if you use YouTube. You can also deliver a step by step procedures in a form of easy-to-read articles in your website. People will appreciate free content that is full of informative and educational value especially when it is made with sincerity and care. 

When building personal brand, it is strongly advised to not show any negative traits. Do not provide content with the intent to vent, complain, or brood. Exude positive energy through your content so you can spread more positivity in your audience’s life because surely they have enough negativity already without you adding into it.

Beachfront Villa Bali – How To Navigate the Market

Most analysts would indicate that currently, people are mostly in real estate market seeking for Beachfront Villa Bali. As this 2020 has been a roller-coaster ride in property industry, now is the time where it turns upwards. Within the coronavirus case have been calm off with the vaccine issue, major industry including real estate has been surging.

Beachfront Villa Bali

This case likely happen because of the low interest rates, hovering in 3%. There are several ones that affect, including pent up demand in align with lockdown rule during the 2020. Furthermore, for most people prefer to enter Beachfront villa bali market in order to get an ideal price for investment.

Whenever you have study the market enough and ready to purchase, you may still these aspect to keep in hands. These aspect could favor you while seeking for the bali real estate, but beware of the challenges you might encounter during the process.So here are the aspect for buyer to navigate the market:

Be Decisive in Beachfront Villa Bali

If you’re going to enter the bali real estate market directly, you need to be decisive in all time. Time is critical during these type of situation, and sometimes wanting the dream real estate is as simple as being first in market.If you want find a proper beachfront villa bali in the market, dont wait too long until the weekend. In addition, try find the listing in numerous property platform and visit their unit showing to better get insight about the unit.

Submit an Ideal Offer

During a negotiation, it’s unwise to give an offer based on a contingencies. This case might pose the difference between offers for the real estate’s seller. Mostly seller prefer in finishing the deal up quickly rather than negotiating for a higher price index for their unit.If you could offer some of traditional contingencies, the seller are more than happy with the offer. They think the offer is more appealing since its provide you with chances to broke the deal.

Beachfront Villa Bali

In addition, you as the buyer could still guarded with protection, even with no contingencies. For instance, theres a situation where you get your loan underwritten. Which makes you go through all loan process before you submit the offer.

Discipline on Your Budget

Whenever there are bidding wars of the beachfront villa bali, and things getting more competitive. You should be aware of it since its easy to get buyers carry away with that. In addition, you may feel emotionally on the bali real estate that you’re willing to offer all above the budget.

Beachfront Villa Bali

Its better to set a budget earlier before the bidding take place. Also don’t let your ego sink yourself no matter what other offer is there for you. It will do more harm to yourself for the long run. Sure, offering above your budget will instantly guarantee you the beachfront villa bali, but dont get too much in it. Dont let it give you a financial crisis in years to come.

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Running Profitable Small Business With Passion

Choosing a career path that can make money while doing what you are most passionate in life can be challenging. It sounds ideal to do what you love while making money. However, it is not something out of fantasy either because you can make it true. Being passionate when running a small business is necessary so you stay motivated to make it profitable without losing yourself. Many entrepreneurs have found their way to make it true. They are able to do what they passion lies to and make money at the same time through a small business. 

Running Profitable Small Business With Passion

Love and profit to build small business successfully

When we were kids, finding intersection between love and profit seems unreachable. However, it can be built from the planning stage. Before running a business, make sure that you plan everything from the beginning. You can start listing the things you love the most. Then, take a look at the list and choose the ones that has more opportunities you can use to earn money. 

Use creativity to link your skills

You don’t have to think too deep when listing. Instead, use your creativity to link your skills, interests, passions, and business opportunities. If you don’t seem to find any idea, you can try Google search instead. You may find some ideas and inspirations. Who knows maybe your so-called normal hobby can turn into a profitable activity for long-term workable business model. 

Choose one specific skill

Choose one specific skill

For those who have tendency to be ‘a jack of all trades’, choosing one specific skill or interest to be applied into workable business model might be more challenging. Most of people end up trying to funnel everything and it won’t work. It is best to hone in one idea you are most passionate about. If you try to fit everything, your path will be less focused. You will end up wander around different approaches that may result in nothing. 

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Have a clear focus

When you choose one idea to hone in, you have clear focus. It will lead you to another important thing to think such as what kind of goal you want to accomplish through your business. It will also lead you to find the right person to talk to. Hence, you can discuss everything to the right people. Surrounding yourself with the right people will help you stay on track. 

Do something you are passionate about

It is important to focus on doing something you are most passionate about. However, when you start making it into profitable business, make sure that your focus are also on your customers. Make sure that your idea not only give you profit but also your customers. Remember that your customers are important part of your business that cannot be neglected. 

Balancing passion and profitability is a challenging path. However, it can help you build a business that won’t drain your soul. It will be a business where you can still do whatever you love while building your own career and future. Putting necessary work early on will help you a lot to shape your future. 

Komodo Liveaboard: Eastern Indonesia Seafaring with Kids

Eastern Indonesia Seafaring with Kids; Top Things to Do

Cruising the eastern Indonesia is a wonderful experience by itself. Remote, unspoilt, and rich with nature life, the destination offers more adventures than you can imagine in just one single boat trip. With kids, the experience is amplified—thanks to their pure heart and wild imagination. Many parents cannot wait to go on sailing trip with their little travelers. It’s a unique chance to immerse themselves in incredibly rich nature and share your passion for explorations, and this can be an amazing gift for them. With the presence of Komodo liveaboard cruise, sailing with little kids is made feasible. So, if you’ve been thinking to take the young adventurers to an awe-inspiring trip to Komodo, Raja Ampat, Melacca, or other hidden eastern Indonesia destinations, here are our best tips for a smooth sailing journey. 

Seek Komodo Liveaboard Trip with Family Room

Seek Komodo Boat with Family Room

The Labuan Bajo doesn’t just have one, not two, but almost a hundred phinisi from various boat/ tour companies. That means you have ample of choices when it comes to Komodo liveaboard choice. Take time to surf the spiderweb and try to find a liveaboard that comes with a family cabin. This type of cabin is usually the biggest and features a king bed with one single bed plus an en-suite bathroom. If your you have more than one kid who request their own cabin, however, you can consider to book cabins with twin or bunkbed for them. 

Go Diving? Make Sure Enough Guides are Onboard

Komodo and Raja Ampat offers extraordinarily rich underwater life and missing them is a great loss. If you dive and want to take the kiddos for a light dive, make sure that there are enough dive instructor that meet the needs of your family. They will also recommends kid-friendly dive sites where the little bubble-maker can dive safely. However, keep in mind that choosing a kid-friendly dive site may affect destination plan for yourself and the rest of the group.

Enrol Kids to Junior Dive Class On Cruise!

Enrol Kids to Junior Dive Class On Cruise!

If this going to be your kid’s first experience in blowing bubbles underwater, you might want to consider enrolling the kiddos to dive class onboard. There are several classes your kids can take, like “Discover Scuba Dives”, “Junior Open Water Course”, or “Fun Dives for the Kids”. That is to said, you should consider a family-friendly Komodo boat trip with legit dive facilities onboard. Not something too hard to be find in Labuan Bajo, especially if you aim for luxury boats and above. 

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Consider Charter the Whole Komodo liveaboard

There’s nothing quite predictable when you are travelling with kid. One time their energies were charged beyond limit, and just two hours later they were exhausted from playtime and explorations. Private charters would easily give superior experience for you and the family. With Komodo liveaboard charter, you have the flexibility to adjusts destinations and timing according to the needs of your family. It gives you the freedom to pick islands, dive sites, and other destination to visit in suit to your child’s learning curves. 

Book Komodo Liveaboard in Advance!

Taking a trip with kids means fitting in family holidays in couple weeks of school holidays. And that means you are looking for a date where everyone else is booking airplanes, hotel, and of course, boats. In this popular time for family vacation it’s best to secure your spot early before losing your ideal Komodo liveaboardto someone else!

How Business Leaders Should Act When Facing Challenging Conversation

How Business Leaders Should Act When Facing Challenging Conversation

Business leaders are often faced with difficult situation. Be it making decision, handling difficult clients, or holding challenging conversation. Engaging in difficult conversation is a thing that every business leader might have experienced in their career. During this pandemic, business leaders are required to stay on guard and handle it well. It is not an easy situation to handle. Intense emotion and responsibility can cause intense crisis within themselves. 

Challenging conversation to be faced by business leaders

During a difficult conversation business leaders may feel overwhelmed because they still have to bring their strength as a leader while maintaining effective communication. Not to mention that every conversation is valuable because it must have learning opportunities. Here are tips for business leaders to handle difficult conversation well.

Clear purposes on every statements

For every conversation, make sure that there is clear purpose and you state it clearly from the beginning. Thus, even if you are wandering through clash and disagreements, you will still have purpose to get back to. It will be a reminder of why you hold the conversation to begin with. It can help you to forget all unnecessary fights and focus on the goals or purposes. 

Address any understandings before it goes wild

How Business Leaders Should Act When Facing Challenging Conversation

During a difficult conversation, there must be a moment when you feel something off or uncomfortable. Before it goes too far and cause misunderstanding, it is wise to acknowledge what makes you concern or uneasy. The root of it can be either you or the other make mistakes. It can be probably because of misunderstanding. If you make mistakes, address the issue and apologize. Do not get offended if the others call you out when you have gotten it wrong. Be open-minded and receptive.

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Know where to stand

It is also critical to position yourself. It will remind you and others to understand the vantage point. For example, you need to let the others know that the topic you are going to discuss is something new for you. Or, you can also let them know that you have your expertise in the matter if that’s the case. Thus, the others will also understand if you speak from your experience or from other perspectives. This can prevent unnecessary clash and instead lead to mutual understanding.

Put emotions away

In business or professional conversation, many suggest that you should do it with emotional detachment and focus only on the goals. However, it doesn’t always come with good result. In fact, it is great to embrace emotion during difficult conversation. Use it as a powerful drive to result in the best outcome from the conversation. It also means you can acknowledge emotion that may radiates from each other during conversation and it is okay to do so.

Listen attentively

Be attentive during the conversation and listen more. Do not give immediate react to what others talk about. When you need clarity or understanding, you can ask question without interrupting others. Instead of react to the others, you can respond. Also, it is essential to avoid judging others. Instead, engage the conversation with curiosity and appreciation. 

Scuba Diving Komodo National Park: Why It’s Wonderful

Why Scuba Diving In Komodo National Park Is Beautiful

Komodo National Park is a diver’s paradise, with adrenaline pumping to encourage currents and dives as far as the eye can see. From incredible dive sites revered for their raging currents and spectacular views to incredible diving conditions, scuba diving in Komodo National Park can be world class. The best fish life and coral cover can be had by jumping into the waters of Komodo National Park, the largest and most biodiverse coral reef in the world. 

You Gonna Love Scuba Diving in Komodo

Whether you are an experienced diver or not, scuba diving in Komodo National Park is something you must experience, as it is one of the most beautiful places in the world to be able to dive. Whether you love the breathtaking dive sites or just exploring the coral reefs, Komodo National Park has a dive site for everyone. There are amazing dive sites that make it a great destination for all types of divers, from beginners to experienced divers.

If you are actually on this path, you should definitely do diving in Komodo National Park. Be sure to go to Manta Point and dive into the deepest part of the park, just a few hundred meters below the surface, and you will have a lot of fun every time. If you are travelling to Indonesia, you should definitely be at the top of your to-do list to travel, visit and dive the most beautiful and biodiverse coral reef in the world. 

Magical Seascape Under Komodo’s Waters

Magical Seascape Under Komodo’s Waters

The Komodo National Park is such a beautiful place to explore and dive. We really appreciate how animal protection also helps to preserve so much more, with the surrounding ocean and underwater photographers being the biggest beneficiaries. With more than 1.5 million square kilometers of coral reef, it is a great example of how protected animals also help to preserve so much more. 

Komodo National Park has a huge selection of stunning dive sites, but you don’t have to be a diver to admire the entire underwater world you would experience while diving. There are some selected dive sites suitable for beginners, but the best advanced divers are those who are familiar with deep water techniques such as diving and snorkeling. The best scuba diving option in Komodo National Park is diving safari, as the top spots are scattered over a large area. There are many different types of dive sites in the park, from shallow water to deep water, and although there is a wide variety of different types of dives, some are best suited for advanced divers. 

The current in the area attracts some of the most incredible marine life, including sharks, manta rays, octopuses and turtles. Manta Point in Komodo National Park is covered in water that gets the best of these magnificent creatures, but none of them can compare to the incredible coral reefs and amazing dive sites on the coral reefs. Komodo National Park is home to many amazing dive sites, such as the Great Barrier Reef, the Borneo Sea or the Indian Ocean, among many others. 

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A Marvellous Scuba Diving Journey in Komodo

A Marvellous Scuba Diving Journey in Komodo

Komodo National Park has many different dive sites, so it is best to plan a few days here, but you can easily spend 4-5 days doing nothing but diving. If you want to dive in Komodo National Park, choose a day to go here and your crew will take you to one of the best dive sites in the park, Komodo Island. This dive site is easily one of the best dives we have ever had, and much more, as it is home to over a dozen different dive sites.

A scuba diving safari to Komodo National Park starts and ends with diving from Lombok on the northern coast of Sumbawa down to Sumatra Island in the south and then starts and ends in Bali, the capital of Borneo and the second largest city of Indonesia. If you enjoy diving and snorkeling to the fullest at one of the most beautiful places in the world, a 4-5-day trip would suffice. 

If you have the budget, we strongly recommend you consider a diving safari to experience what diving in Komodo National Park has to offer. To put this into perspective, you would pay more for a 4-day trip to Bali or even a 3-day trip to Raja Ampat, but diving in Komodo is much better. 

Building Profitable Relationships For Your Business Success

Building Profitable Relationships For Your Business Success

There are many factors that can lead you to successful business and it is not only about money. Connection is what can help you in many different situation when handling your own business. Even if you think you are capable of handling your business on your own, there must be something the others have you don’t that you need. Therefore, building profitable mutual relationships with others is an important element. 

Successful business with profitable relationships

Building healthy and profitable relationship is not always easy for everyone. You should know the others first before deciding to build long-lasting, profitable relationship even if it is for professional only. Assessing the strengths and weaknesses the others have is necessary so you can decide whether or not the relationship worth to build. However, building the right relationship is just as essential. Here are some essentials to take into considerations.

Think about what we can give as a business

It is often that we see things what we can get from others. However, this kind of mentality is no longer profitable today. Instead, we should think about what we can give to others. When approaching a new professional relationship, you should ask ‘what can I do to help you?’. with this questions comes mutual understanding. This mentality leads the others to engage more in the conversation. Thus, you have more opportunities to make best impression and find out more about the others. 

Think about what we can give as a business

Show kindness

Put aside your hyper-competitiveness and show your kindness instead. In professional world, most people are driven by desire to compete and win. However, building relationship that is mutually profitable and beneficial means you should put aside your own ego a little bit. Remember to build relationship and consider it as collaboration instead of taking advantage of each other. Collaborative approach will result in more meaningful impact for the both of you.

Find goods in others

Focus first and most on what the others are good at instead of criticizing their weaknesses. Compliment is a simple thing yet many people refuse to give it. Compliment is encouragement if you put it the right way. This can encourage people to do better and feel appreciated. However, make sure that you don’t constantly or randomly  just compliment the others because it can sound less genuine instead. 

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Put your ego aside, be a humble leader

As mentioned earlier that you should put your ego aside if you want to build healthy, profitable business relationship. No one likes ego-driven leaders. However, it is easier said than done apparently especially in business world where everything seems very intense and full of competitiveness. However, it makes you more likeable if you take humble approach instead. It will make you feel more reachable and reliable. 

Avoid bluff

Do not bluff carelessly because it can create distrust in relationship. Building relationship means you should trust each other because it is the foundation. Make sure that you are trustworthy and never lie especially to gain selfish benefit. Humble approaches, kindness and honesty are important pillars to build healthy, long lasting, profitable business relationships. Always stick to something genuine and avoid any attempt of manipulation.