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Challenges Of Implementing Artificial Intelligence Into Your Business

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is valuable tool that has been used recently to save time, money, and energy in variety of industry including business. Using artificial intelligence can be a valuable investment to improve your business. You can improve product management, customer service, and marketing. However, it is not as easy as it sounds because the benefits also come with many hurdles to deal with. 

Challenges Of Implementing Artificial Intelligence Into Your Business

Big challenges on implementing AI into business

There are variety of challenges that can come with AI implementation to business such as choosing the right AI-powered tools, setting up the right data, managing workflows, and more. If you are not familiar with AI-powered tools from the beginning, it needs time to familiarize yourself and business with it. It can affect your business negatively if you just hurriedly use AI without thinking of the consequences and problems that can be stressful to deal with. 

The lack of human empathy 

Delivering genuine customer service is still a challenge when AI is implemented in this field. AI-powered tool may be able to help customer finding solution for their problems or giving immediate response. However, it is still lack of empathy and connection that can only happen between human interaction. AI-powered tool for now is more suitable for repeatable, non-customer-facing work. 

AI analyse and solve problems

Artificial intelligent can help boosting productivity in business industry. Companies who are unwilling are losing out on profit and productivity boost. However, there is a big challenge that comes with AI implementation to business, which is feeding the right data to be able to function properly, AI-powered tools need to be fed with the right data that can help them to analyze and solve various problems. If you fail to fee it the right data, it won’t give much benefit to your business.

You can rent AI technology

Big challenges on implementing AI into business

Implementing AI tools can cost you a lot. Hence, not many companies are willing to spend their money on them. However, implementing AI-powered tools doesn’t always mean you have to build or buy it yourself. You can start with renting them. You can rent AI-powered tools that works with your business. Eventually, you will be able to build your own tools once you have the right time and resources. 

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The risk of data breach in AI

One of the biggest issues you must ready to face from implementing AI into your business is data issue. Data protection is essential to ensure that no hackers or malware can breach your data. Every business has confidential confirmation that is not meant to be shared. It is part of business operation and so it needs to be protected. Using AI has higher risk of data breach since it can be accessed through online connection. 

AI need constant monitoring

Constant monitoring is also a big hurdle in implementing AI because it cannot be left unmonitored. When you use it to create or share content, you cannot just leave it to your AI-powered tools because there is risk of it to fail. Testing and monitoring how AI works and interacts with audiences will be in your top priority if you decide to use it to benefit your business. 

Optimizing Your Time And Become Successful Entrepreneur

To be successful entrepreneur you don’t have time to laze around. If you do, you won’t catch up to other successful entrepreneurs. Remember that when you see a successful entrepreneur, you don’t really know the behind the scene. They might have gone through difficult times before reaching success they are enjoying now. One of the most important ingredients to become success in business and life in general is time management. 

How to optimize your time daily

It is essential to build positive and productive entrepreneurial energy to reach success. It is something you have to do daily because success itself cannot be reach overnight. Hence, it is best to practice time management. Here are tips you can consider to optimize your time and become more productive:

Put your phone on silent especially when you are doing your task. You can turn off notifications so you won’t be easily distracted during work. You can turn off social media or email notification for a while. Avoid checking your phone too frequent in a day. You can schedule email-checking for a few times a day. 

It is best to plan your own day-to day schedule. Hence, you know what to do on daily basis. You won’t spend your time thinking of what to do next after finishing one task. You can make the plan based on the level of priority. Prioritized from the most important to the least so you know what to do first. Make sure to include meeting in your list so you won’t have a meeting without agenda that can rob your time.

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When you conduct a meeting with your team, you can set a given time for each to speak. For example, you limit speaking time to two minutes long. Hence, you and your team members will speak efficiently and avoid ranting. This time-setting can also help optimize the meeting so everything can run smoothly.

Remember to take break between tasks. Optimizing your time doesn’t mean you keep working without rest. Some breaks here and there are necessary to keep you focused. It is recommended to take a break after working for 90 minutes. It helps keep your brain fresh/ you can also take a day break in a week so you won’t get easily burnout. 

If you don’t understand a thing, you can ask for help from your team instead of wasting time figuring things out all day long. Asking question will be more productive because even if you don’t get the answer right away, you or your team members can find it later. It also means that you don’t have to do everything on your own. Delegate the tasks your team members can handle. 

Avoid procrastination by getting inspiration instead of waiting for it to come. Also, it is highly recommended to practice healthy habits built with positive energy. Living healthily and positively will help keep negative influences at bay.

Villa Ubud Bali – Traditional Joglo Influence

In recent years, Villa Ubud Bali which shift to traditional joglo have become a huge influence in home décor trends. The main reason for this is that the joglo style and living adding new vibes and beauty ambience into the unit. Besides, texture and concept are extraordinary, since most of the material are build in handmade sculpture. Given the unit’s versatile ambience, its perfect to express our own taste and style your. Furthermore, the traditional wooden material in joglo adds the durability and life-time value of the villa ubud bali.

Villa Ubud Bali

Meanwhile, we must study and review the concept of traditional joglo before we install these influence in our own unit. As its offer strong concept and value in each of the style, its necessary to dig deep to understand it. So you could implement those value while implementing joglo influence in Villa ubud bali near the future.

So here are several ideas and concept of antique joglo style in most of the reference:

Villa Ubud Bali Joglo Bedroom

Mostly villa joglo pose in natural colour as the natural light are give way to enlighten the room. These colours are belief to provide a sense of serenity and calmness to its owner’s final hours in each day. Astounding colors can instantly make the bedroom feel natural and lively.

Moreover, most of bedroom space are filled with the natural wooden material which installed in every corner. Its brings the value of traditional living to the table and more minimalist approach. If you willing on more serious and aesthetic, copy and match the colors to the rest the unit’s pallete.

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Living Room Aestethic Value

Unlike other modern living unit, Villa ubud bali joglo inherit the style of open living space. With the focus of its furniture layout, most of the unit offer the installment of outside living room which go straight to exterior space. This concept was implemented during the early traditional living, which adds the sense of natural oxygen into the living.

Villa Ubud Bali - Living Room

Also using wooden texture and design in a contemporary traditional living is a perfect way to add vibrant colors. The owner can be bold on the design and colour arrangements, as most of the option could fit room ambience.

Bathroom Concept

Differ from the previous two, bathroom design and style adapt more to the natural environment. The instalment of natural stone, flowers, soft color ceramic, etc provide the perception of vibrant ecology.

Alternatively, you may pick more thoughtful depictions that picture a different design. While it depicts in subtle color and materials, the bathroom will blend in with the rest of the villa’s space.

Brand New Villa Ubud Bali Joglo Style

Likewise, this villa unit in Ubud area also have a perfect style of joglo. Joglo style with the features of 2 elegant bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. Fully furnished and décorated every aspect in detail which brings unique concept with artistic living. Moreover, the property present comfortable open living room, natural dining room, full set kitchen and huge swimming pool.

Villa Ubud Bali

This villa with the influence of modern-joglo will add opulence and offered in reasonably price. Enquire this villa now with just a simple step, only 5 minutes to take you away to a dream living.

Practicing Empathy When Running Your Business

Empathy can be translated into the ability to see thing from another perspective. Hence, we don’t always see things from our own angle to truly understand what is going on or what makes other people do or speak in certain way. Some people might be born with more empathetic tendency while others are lack in that area. However, empathy is something we can learn and develop to as we grow. It is not only important to build personal relationship but also professional one. 

Practicing Empathy When Running Your Business

Empathy in business today

Not many people are able to stay grounded after being hit with the pandemic situation. Business industry is also taken a big hit and unemployment is one of the impact. It also has forced us to work from home and being separated from our team, co-workers, and employees. Therefore, practicing empathy at work is necessary now to make he situation a little more bearable. 

Empathy helps strengthen relationship 

By practicing empathy within your work environment even if it is currently remote, is beneficial for everyone. In this situation building healthy and positive relationship can help strengthen our mental health. Thus, we have more chance to survive this bad situation. Empathy is one of the keys for strong relationship including in professional setting. It has been an underused element and now is the time to take full of benefit of it. 

Practice your self-empathy

Practice your self-empathy

Before showing your empathy to other people within work environment such as your teams or employees, it is necessary to practice self-empathy. It means you have to evaluate your thoughts, feelings, as well as experience in more objective way. Self-judgement is needed to make us more driven and motivated. However, it can also lead to self-doubt and low self-esteem. Hence, empathy will allow you to practice mindfulness to combat those negative feelings. 

Think of your thoughts and feeling

You can take some time in a day to observe your own thoughts and feelings. Try to understand where they come from. However, do not try to fight them. To not let yourself succumb in self-judgment, try to avoid excessive social media because it may lead you to comparing yourself to others. When you understand your thoughts and feelings, you will have more control and make conscious change when necessary. 

Try to show more compassion to your team

If one of the members fail to complete given task or late in meeting deadline, try to hold yourself from spitting insult or rude comments. Negative response will only result in negative situation. Try to give them a chance when they mistakes so long as they show you their willingness and efforts to be better. 

Empathy to customers

Also, it is important to practice empathy to your dear customers. During this global pandemic, the number of complaints may arise due to the rise of panic and stress. Dealing with stress customers is not easy either. If you have customers who are struggling to pay on time, try to compromise by offering a solution such as extended deadlines or pay in installments. It shows them that you care about them and are willing to help even yourself is dealing with tough times. 

Running Profitable Small Business With Passion

Choosing a career path that can make money while doing what you are most passionate in life can be challenging. It sounds ideal to do what you love while making money. However, it is not something out of fantasy either because you can make it true. Being passionate when running a small business is necessary so you stay motivated to make it profitable without losing yourself. Many entrepreneurs have found their way to make it true. They are able to do what they passion lies to and make money at the same time through a small business. 

Running Profitable Small Business With Passion

Love and profit to build small business successfully

When we were kids, finding intersection between love and profit seems unreachable. However, it can be built from the planning stage. Before running a business, make sure that you plan everything from the beginning. You can start listing the things you love the most. Then, take a look at the list and choose the ones that has more opportunities you can use to earn money. 

Use creativity to link your skills

You don’t have to think too deep when listing. Instead, use your creativity to link your skills, interests, passions, and business opportunities. If you don’t seem to find any idea, you can try Google search instead. You may find some ideas and inspirations. Who knows maybe your so-called normal hobby can turn into a profitable activity for long-term workable business model. 

Choose one specific skill

Choose one specific skill

For those who have tendency to be ‘a jack of all trades’, choosing one specific skill or interest to be applied into workable business model might be more challenging. Most of people end up trying to funnel everything and it won’t work. It is best to hone in one idea you are most passionate about. If you try to fit everything, your path will be less focused. You will end up wander around different approaches that may result in nothing. 

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Have a clear focus

When you choose one idea to hone in, you have clear focus. It will lead you to another important thing to think such as what kind of goal you want to accomplish through your business. It will also lead you to find the right person to talk to. Hence, you can discuss everything to the right people. Surrounding yourself with the right people will help you stay on track. 

Do something you are passionate about

It is important to focus on doing something you are most passionate about. However, when you start making it into profitable business, make sure that your focus are also on your customers. Make sure that your idea not only give you profit but also your customers. Remember that your customers are important part of your business that cannot be neglected. 

Balancing passion and profitability is a challenging path. However, it can help you build a business that won’t drain your soul. It will be a business where you can still do whatever you love while building your own career and future. Putting necessary work early on will help you a lot to shape your future. 

How To Make Your Business More Adaptable

There has been major shift to the economy and it is not only in one place but allover the world. People around the world are suffered from the pandemic. However, being adaptable to the current situation is required to survive. It is also applied to how business works. Only those who can adapt and innovate survive. However, it may be easier said than done because the reality of the crisis is not something to take so lightly. Not all business are adaptable or flexible.

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Making your business more adaptable

As business leader, you must aware of the urgency of the situation. It affects the market and the operational matter for business. Adaptability is one important quality a business should have. This way, it is easier to find possible solutions. Here are some tips to make your business more adaptable in facing any kind of situations:

Adaptable Business
  • Start building and developing your own adaptability and agility. You can start by demonstrating the culture of adaptability to others. Do not fear to show your vulnerability because it is not a weakness. However, you also should show how you are willing to improve yourself and make better decisions. 
  • Effective communication is critical for business to run smoothly. Everyone involved in the business should be able to build healthy, effective communication. During the crisis, adaptability also relies heavily on communication. As the leader, it is important to emphasize the importance of it. Be more transparent in communicating the issues and open a dialogue with everyone so they know what crucial changes are made. 
  • Share a sense of purpose and freedom to experiment. During the crisis, it is not easy to find the right solution. What we can do is to do our best. It includes making experiments. It is easy advised for business leaders to not be afraid of experimenting. Also, encouraging others to experiment is not bad either. Let the others share their ideas and opinions about the experimental solutions without being feared of the retribution. 
  • It can be too hard to make decision especially when you have many things to consider. However, it will help you to make decision if you tie everything to your values, vision, and mission. As long as new approach or method can still tie the core truth about your business, then it is okay to rally it around for everyone.
  • Listening to your team members will help your business to be more adaptable. Diversity in ideas and opinions shared between leader and team members can make differences. Leaders are not the only one who have to respond to the change. Team members also have to share their opinions and ideas to address the issue. 
  • Always encourage constant learning and make it as a culture to gain learning opportunity. This way, everyone in your team are easier to adapt to any kind of situation which leads to stable business as well. By constant learning, you and your team members are more visionary and have more understanding to gain clarity and resiliency to adapt.

Why Bali Family Villas are First Choice for Family Migration?

Moving abroad with family can be a very complex and rather long planning ahead. A commitment must be made to make sure this vital decision is good for family. Its not just a vacation, most people also interest in a family migration. They can pick anywhere in the world to continue and start a new life. 

Family migration happen to be an option if a family would start a new career opportunity or new environment. During these days we could see many examples of the phenomenon. Family usually start a new life and blend their culture to a new one.

To support, currently theres a lot program to support family permit to stay. Bilateral relation of each countries make this accessible to their people. Thus, with the help of legal document, Visa permit and existence of their embassy. So the least homework to do for a family is to find their suitable accomodation like bali family villas

Bali Family Villas
Source: Kibarer Property

Bali Family Villas for Migration

Bali with its strong influence and rich heritage have listed them as favourite destination for tourism and foreigners to live. Migration hasn’t been so easy until today, people could very easily find accomodation to live with any purpose. Ranging from apartement, hotel and bali family villas are all available to match. 

Family Villas could be a first choice of family migration for a reason. Meanwhile the data shows that Bali development on the hospitality and property sector has a huge impact. This makes a good opportunity for a family around the world.

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Wide range of accommodation

Theres unlimited of option on accomodation to lease for family. To name a few, Bali family villas have a wide concept to offer which is to match any family taste. Most villa located in various kind of areas, as each of the area have their own benefit to suit the family plan. Furthermore family could always move from one to another once they feel unsuitable with the first one. 

Easy and fast leasing system in Bali have made it clear that family villa is exceptional plan for migration. With this wide range of option, family would have no doubt and worry for their plan. In addition, any kind period of stay are available, so every family could suit their plan.

Bali Family Villas
Source: Kibarer Property

Great locality and tolerance for migration

Bali are known for its high appreciation and tolerance for immigrants. Even some stated as the ideal places to live with whole family. Bali Family Villas offers a calm and serenity living with its strong culture and great connectivity to its belief.

Bali villas are mostly located in middle of crowd. Family could socialize with local people and get to know better about Bali. Its align with several purpose on migrating, which is to sense new environment.

All in One

No need to waste energy on home furniture and such, as Bali Family Villas have provided a full furnished furniture and facility. Its exclusively provided to support any kind family needs and demand.

If any family willing to seek the same intention change in living, bali villas have provided everything to complement the demand. With the mix of western balinese approach we would encounter very similar vibes to our home.

Building Profitable Relationships For Your Business Success

Building Profitable Relationships For Your Business Success

There are many factors that can lead you to successful business and it is not only about money. Connection is what can help you in many different situation when handling your own business. Even if you think you are capable of handling your business on your own, there must be something the others have you don’t that you need. Therefore, building profitable mutual relationships with others is an important element. 

Successful business with profitable relationships

Building healthy and profitable relationship is not always easy for everyone. You should know the others first before deciding to build long-lasting, profitable relationship even if it is for professional only. Assessing the strengths and weaknesses the others have is necessary so you can decide whether or not the relationship worth to build. However, building the right relationship is just as essential. Here are some essentials to take into considerations.

Think about what we can give as a business

It is often that we see things what we can get from others. However, this kind of mentality is no longer profitable today. Instead, we should think about what we can give to others. When approaching a new professional relationship, you should ask ‘what can I do to help you?’. with this questions comes mutual understanding. This mentality leads the others to engage more in the conversation. Thus, you have more opportunities to make best impression and find out more about the others. 

Think about what we can give as a business

Show kindness

Put aside your hyper-competitiveness and show your kindness instead. In professional world, most people are driven by desire to compete and win. However, building relationship that is mutually profitable and beneficial means you should put aside your own ego a little bit. Remember to build relationship and consider it as collaboration instead of taking advantage of each other. Collaborative approach will result in more meaningful impact for the both of you.

Find goods in others

Focus first and most on what the others are good at instead of criticizing their weaknesses. Compliment is a simple thing yet many people refuse to give it. Compliment is encouragement if you put it the right way. This can encourage people to do better and feel appreciated. However, make sure that you don’t constantly or randomly  just compliment the others because it can sound less genuine instead. 

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Put your ego aside, be a humble leader

As mentioned earlier that you should put your ego aside if you want to build healthy, profitable business relationship. No one likes ego-driven leaders. However, it is easier said than done apparently especially in business world where everything seems very intense and full of competitiveness. However, it makes you more likeable if you take humble approach instead. It will make you feel more reachable and reliable. 

Avoid bluff

Do not bluff carelessly because it can create distrust in relationship. Building relationship means you should trust each other because it is the foundation. Make sure that you are trustworthy and never lie especially to gain selfish benefit. Humble approaches, kindness and honesty are important pillars to build healthy, long lasting, profitable business relationships. Always stick to something genuine and avoid any attempt of manipulation. 

Tips and Advice To Be Successful From Young Entrepreneurs

Being an entrepreneur has its own challenges. Many said that you should start young if you want to involve in entrepreneurship. It is true that if you jump into entrepreneurship since young age, you have more opportunities to success because you have time to fix your mistakes. Not to mention that young entrepreneurs tend to be more passionate to reach goals. There have been many young and even teen entrepreneurs who proved that they can be successful despite their young age.

Tips for success from young entrepreneurs

Tips And Advice To Be Successful From Young Entrepreneurs

Many think that taking advice is only valid from the elders since they have more experience and all. However, it is not always true. You can take advice from everyone who you think have more knowledge and resourceful. Taking advice from young entrepreneurs won’t make you look bad. In fact, there might be things you can learn from them. Here are some tips from young entrepreneurs to take into consideration:     

Observe the problems on the society

Find the problem that you can solve as your business potential. it is not easy to come up with the best product or service that will have positive response from customers. Thus, it is brilliant to find problems that you can solve well offered to your customers. Being purposeful is also important to start a business because with purpose, you know what your goal is and how to achieve it. At least, you know where to go.

Build a remarkable personal branding

Interesting and unique personal branding is necessary for a business. It is represented by the message you deliver. You may have the right message to deliver but don’t know how to provide it in appealing manner. It can be a problem. Therefore, having strong message and deliver it appealingly is critical for business. Today, online presence is considered as key factor in building personal brand.

Build a solid and reliable team

Tips And Advice To Be Successful From Young Entrepreneurs

Working on your own is not an option if success is what you try to achieve. You have to admit that your sole potential is not enough to build successful business. You need people who you can work with harmoniously with common interest and goals. Finding the right people is what you can do to build your own avenger.

Execute your strategies

Take action after planning your strategies instead of spending months trying to make everything perfect. You can learn as you go. Planning is important but it won’t work if you don’t elaborate it into actions. Thus, less words more actions is more advised to start a business. Start building connections and build your platform so you can implement your strategies to life. Don’t be afraid to fail but make it motivation for you to thrive.

Start business with passions

Starting a business with the sole purpose to make money from the beginning is not advised. You can start doing business for something you are passionate about. You may end up disappointed if you cannot achieve unrealistic goals. You need to set challenging goals which are still accomplishable. You can expand the bar once you have reached the goals.

Villa Ubud, A Perfect Choice For Your Holiday

What are you looking for when you are bored with working conditions? Holiday! Every tourist has a different holiday destination. Some want to enjoy all the fun while on vacation, some want to feel a quiet vacation and others. A small piece of paradise in the mountains of Bali has captivated many domestic and international travelers. Ubud, not only offers coolness but also rich cultural heritage and history. It is not difficult to find an villa Ubud considering this area is very popular for those who want to relax, unwind, and have an unforgettable adventure.

a comfort villa Ubud with a natural view | villa bali sale

Villa Ubud and what to do around

The view of the Ubud area is extraordinary and makes tourists wonder at sunrise. When the sun goes down, you can enjoy dance performances by local residents. For travelers with the aim of relaxation, this is a haven of tranquility to enrich their mind, body, and soul. Villa Ubud and its surroundings offer endless pleasures with arts, crafts, and nutritious food that is part of the culture of Ubud.

Ubud has many temples, rice fields, historical museums that you can explore using bicycle rental. This experience can not be found in metropolitan cities filled with tall buildings. Travelers can easily find fresh vegetation and local smiles as a sign of how valuable Ubud is.

What to do before choose villa Ubud?

Determining vacation destinations is important. Later you will determine the location of the villa Ubud that you will occupy. There are several Ubud villas that are located right in the city of Ubud, and some are in remote areas between rice fields that are soothing to the eyes. If the accommodations are right in the city of Ubud, then you don’t need to worry about looking for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Rows of cafes, restaurants offer their special food for travelers. If you are looking for accommodation in an area far from the city center, make sure Ubud villas provide breakfast, lunch, or dinner services.

If possible, you can research the Ubud villa that you will occupy in detail. Check the types of services they offer, payment options, distance to tourist destinations, distance to the city center, transportation, and more. To make it easier, you can search for reviews through travel forums and websites. Reviews from previous travelers will really help you find the perfect villa Ubud for your vacation.

There are many things and experiences that can be taken during a vacation in Ubud. Ubud is truly unique and busy all year long. Make sure you know the high season so you can rent a villa in Ubud early enough. Note that the rainy season in Ubud is a bit long from October to May. The high season occurs from April to September. Be sure to prepare all your needs whether you visit during the rainy season or high season.