4 Ways On How to Protect the Business Reputation Online`

Most entrepreneurs or businessmen adopt the philosophy of move rapidly and break things. Generally, the idea of not waiting until your product is perfect and launch it as soon as possible will actually work for some aspects of the business. The “launch now and fix later” move is recognized as a tested process to run a business.

However, the “fix it later” approach won’t work for your business reputation. Even, it likely becomes a disaster if you apply the method for the online reputation. You need to pay enough attention and be proactive about managing the online reputation or the irreversible damage will occur.

4 Ways On How to Protect the Business Reputation Online`

Get a firm grasp on the anatomy of your business reputation

You need to understand that your online image is every single digital footprint that talks about your business. Every video, news article, review, Facebook posts, Instagram photos or other kinds of information that appears on the internet are the online brand.

Every data about your business will absolutely affect the overall presentation, but the first and second pages showed by the search engine give the most significant impression. In order to help you determine which content you would like to showcase and which ones you want to suppress, you need to google search your own name often.

If you want to suppress specific information about your business, you can try to build positive content which is in line with the brand of the subject. This will optimize the press and media to be at the top rank on the google search. Eventually, the unwanted data is pushed out of the attention and a new online reputation is developed.

Know yourself before building your brand online

Building an online reputation is not just about suppressing and pushing away any harmful content, but you should be able to align the overall image on the internet with your authentic business brand. First, determine what your goals are.

After being able to visualize the ideal business reputation on the internet, you should now learn about your target audience.  Following the goals and your target audience, you will be able to make contents that will successfully support your voice.

It’s always easier to develop a good reputation than fixing a bad one

When everything is going smoothly, many people tend to ignore their business reputation on the internet. But, when a crisis strikes, you suddenly realize how important it is to control any information about your business on the internet. The clients, media and even your friends will react accordingly to what they read online about you.

You should be proactive and take control of your digital footprint before something happens. If you have built a positive, authentic and firm reputation on the internet, you can handle the crisis smoothly. But, if you lack online presence or negative reputation, the same crisis can hurt your business badly.

Be familiar with your tools

If you want to establish the right strategy to monitor, build, and repair your online reputation, it’s vital to be familiar with various tools and management systems. Public relations generally will focus on your publicity. You can use the press as a powerful tool to sculpt your online reputation. If you know the tools, you can make a proper optimization, so that the press you receive will show up at the top search results.

Making the Most of Your Luxury Time in Komodo Yacht Charter

The far-flung Komodo National Park in Labuan Bajo, Flores, has slowly evolved from once a totally rugged and savage region to a spell-binding remote destination to traveler of all class. Today, luxurious and private boat operators have make their sailing alongside basics and budget liveaboard within the Komodo water. Here are some of the best way to maximise your vacation experience if you decide to explore the region in a private Komodo yacht charter.

Be Specific with Your Request

Sailing with Komodo yacht charter is totally different with general liveaboard sailing trip. Here, you have the privilege to get everything tailored to your needs. Have a special gluten-free diet or  seashell fish allergic? Tell the crews and they will make their best to fulfil your special request. Filling in your favourites before the trip take place helps the crew a head start to make sure they have it on board.

Likewise, telling your captain/ travel head your destination preference would be very beneficial. As you are practically renting the yacht, you have the freedom to ditch the standard, cookie-cutter itinerary trip and determine which destination to visit in Komodo by your own. Give detailed insight to the captain whether you want to go somewhere quiet, filled up your time with diving, or totally having beach galore. The captain and their crews know Komodo just like the palm of their hands, and they could pick up the best places to suit your preferences. 

Use Every Bit of the Boat

One way to make the most of your charter is, definitely, by really make use of every bit of the boat itself. Does your boat has jacuzzi? Spent an evening getting soaked and all pampered there! Does it come all inclusive with stand up paddle board and kayak? Then don’t waste the chance to get peaceful moments with these water sport activities—or if you can’t, take an opportunity to learn. Don’t waste your time by waking up late and missing a lot of thing. Wake up early, enjoy freshly brewed coffee or tea made by the crews, do yoga in the yacht’s deck, or simply sink in the loungers and watch the surrounding landscape wake up. 

Making the Most of Your Luxury Time in Komodo Yacht Charter

Bring A Nanny for Your Kids

As much as the crew of Komodo yacht charter welcome your kids, they are not your personal nanny. They might be excellent at entertaining children with simple magic tricks, jokes, or teaching water sports, but they are not responsible to feed the kiddos or put them to sleep. If you really want to use this Komodo trip to unwind, then bring a professional nanny. 

Turn Off Mobile Devices

It’s holiday time! Here in the middle of the sea, you won’t get strong signals during the sailing trip (even when your yacht offers wifi facilities) anyway and on some times, no signal at all. So why bother checking your phone for every 5 minutes? There’s so much things to do and enjoy on your Komodo yacht charter, so maximise the time to use every bit of the boat as highlighted in the second point. Beside, you will be surrounded by family and friends that you bring to the private yacht, and surely this is a good time to create lasting memories together. 

When It’s Time to Explore, Go Explore

As much as the comfort and luxury of Komodo boat charter makes you want to stay, there’s no point to be reluctant when it’s time for diving/ island exploration. Go see the Komodo dragons, chill on the rosy-tinted Pink Beach, hike the undulating hills, pose for superb photograph, and get immersed on the marine life. The point of chartering a boat is to have more privacy and flexibility on touring the Komodo, so don’t waste the privilege!

What Should Property Manager Do For You?

Managing investment property is challenging no matter how skillful you are. Every individual has their own limit of what they are capable of. There are some fields where you have no idea what you are going to do or what you should do.

Therefore, as smart investor you should be willing to realize that you can’t work everything yourself.

Sometimes you need the other’s skills to do a better job.

As for handling property business, you can rely on property manager. However, you can’t just hire a property manager you encounter first. Being selective is what you need to do to find capable and skillful people to help you.

Tasks of property manager

More experienced investors know the importance of working with property manager when it comes to handling rental property investment.

You see, managing rental property requires time and energy to do lots of works including finance, maintenance, tenancy, property market, and many more. To find the best property manager you should know what their tasks first are.

The property manager tasks

Property manager has task to find tenants for you.

Thus, they will have to arrange then advertise and supervise prospective tenants to occupy your property.

They can attend the arrangement on your behalf to select prospective tenants through enquiries to thorough inspections. Those are necessary because you don’t want to deal with dangerous tenants.

Thus, they will do some background checks so that they can present you the best candidates of tenants you are willing to occupy your property.

Maintenance and repairs are also part of tasks for your property manager should handle. Owning property means you need to be prepared dealing with leaked pipes, broken knob, etc.

Hiring property manager means you have a clause for urgent repairs. Therefore, your tenants don’t have to seek you out if there is urgent repairs because it is your property manager task to attend to it immediately.

Next thing property manager should do for you is regular inspection.

Even though your property have scored good tenants doesn’t means you don’t need further inspection. Instead, regular inspection is important to make sure that your property is in good condition and your tenants take good care of it like it is theirs.

Every property manager may have different policy about the period of regular inspection. However, most of them come up with one or twice routine inspection in a year.

Through this regular inspection, costly problems can be prevented.

Property manage should also develops good rapport with your tenants as well, as a part of their task. If your property is vacant for too long, your property manager didn’t make good job then.

And, your property manager should also make sure that the tenants are happy and content with living condition in your property.

They also need to placate tenant’s request to keep them stay. When tenants are happy and satisfied, they are unlikely to move out anytime soon. Thus, make sure that your property manager know what you and your tenants want.

Thus, you and your property manager can come up with win-win solution.

What Travelers Do To Stay In Luxury Villas At Seminyak?

Have you been known that Seminyak is one of top destination and place to stay in Bali for any travelers? It welcomes you in an extravagant lifestyle and really great way by its beautiful white sandy beach and various place to ensure that you will experience the better holidays more than what you have been expected.

Many travelers have been falling in love to the area and choosing to stay in luxury villas Seminyak. The first reason for that is because the area itself is somehow dominated by that kind of accommodation. Hotel rooms are left behind when you will be there. Yet, you can still some of the popular ones.

So, if you are requiring the luxury in your trip at Bali, you can put the villas into your bucket list and having to go to Seminyak. Imagine a great place to stay and a great accommodation for your travel! Sounds tempting to you? Wait until you see how the other travelers are doing it right.

Traveler’s things to do to get luxury retreat in villas at Seminyak

To get something, surely you will need to do some things. Finding the best luxury villas Seminyak can be a challenge for some travelers among too many available options. Many of the accommodations are interesting and tempting and I am afraid that it will leads you to confusion.

And I’m here because of that. I’ll give you my hands so you won’t bragging about things you should not. No more wasting your times and chance to turn your moods into the sorrow. You are in Bali because you are deserving to experience the best of it, not the otherwise.

First thing first–as a traveler, your priority surely will be where to stay after deciding the location for it. You want to know where to indulge at. So that, please kindly check and rent this luxury villas Seminyak as on my very top recommendation for you to stay while having a great time unwinding.

what travelers need to do to stay in luxury villas at Seminyak?

If there will be a quiet private pool for your luxury retreat, that’s what I have been showing you on above mentioned option. I don’t even had an intention to tell you a stay without that facility in which will a great one to have for a luxury staycation.

That’s the luxury accommodation means to me among the other meaningful facilities, services and friendly English speaking staff.

The next important thing to do is to know how you will get the special luxury villas offer. It has to be affordable which is actually means that it is another way for you to say “could you tell me how to get the cheap one?”

You must have been waiting for this and I won’t even ask you a single question why is that.

The main way you will do it is that, you will go to TriVago or such similar sites. Surely you can find the accommodation offers in there along with the possible discount you can get. So does by visiting the luxury villas Seminyak’s sites where sometimes there are special offers you can’t get in TriVago or else.

There is also an extra thing you can do which is to find the online discount promo code in many sites. You can finds one easily by simply typing on Google about the coupon code and add the luxury villas name you want to rent.

There are actually only 2 things you have to do that I have been shown you on above to find your luxury villas Seminyak and those what the other travelers have been doing until now. Is there any other ways? Let me know about them.

How to Be a Perfect Investor?

It has been known that investing industry is quite challenging in some ways other business isn’t. Investors come from various disciplines and background.

Some investors received a private education and others just learn from experience. Some investors have benefits of a good upbringing and others are gifted with high intelligent.

However, there were those with high IQ failed in investing. Meanwhile, those who didn’t come from business education could strive into investing perfectly and achieved success.

So what makes a perfect investor then? How high your IQ is supposed to be to be undefeated investor?

What to make perfect investor?

Basically, there is no such thing as perfect in life. Everything has its flaws. Even though an investor has reached their success in property business for example, it doesn’t mean they have reached the peak. There must be something they are lack of in some areas.

However, they are good in covering their weakness with their strength or they focus more on their strength instead of weakness.

Therefore, it will be such a waste of time if you keep thinking of how to be a perfect person, perfect parent, or perfect investor. Even though people have their own unique points and their own strategies in achieving their goal to be successful.

tips to be a perfect investor

There are some similarities between great people you may want to analyse or follow.

The very important point to be a successful investor is how your mind works. Great people focus more on positive thinking instead of negative one. Positive thinking leads you to brighter paths and negative thinking only lead you to hesitance, doubt, and fear.

Thus, the first thing you should fix is your mind. Of course, investing business has risks and weighs you should consider. However, looking only from negative side won’t give you any benefit.

There is no relation between your past professions to your current work in investing. Remember that investor comes from different background.

Not everyone comes from business degree turn out to be a successful investors. Investing is a field where you can learn by doing. It is challenging but it is worthy especially if you have long-term goal.

You also need to remember that IQ does have nothing to do with your success in the future.

Sure it helps you in some points such as in understanding how things work. However, it doesn’t guarantee your success 100%. There are other factors affect your success in the future such as strategies, financial setting, and most importantly, attitude.

It must be more convenient to have brilliant brain but it doesn’t mean you will fail in investing if you don’t have high level of intelligence.

Instead of being a textbook smart type of investor, you can become a clever and savvy investor instead.

This way, you don’t necessarily rely on your IQ but on more practical things such as making strategic plans, improving negotiation skills, and do not hesitate to take advice from the experts.

With work hard and work smart, you can become a perfect investor of your own version.

Ways of Digital Marketing Strategy Develops Your Business

In general, the concept and goal of marketing is simple; you need to know how to get more with less resources. So does you can apply the digital marketing strategy to develops your own business with only some of the popular online platforms.

When you are running a business, no matter how small your budget is, at least you have it. Not to mention about how many hours you have put your works in it and the other resources you may have not realised before such as social media accounts, official site and more.

And there is actually one another thing you need to do which is how you can optimise all of the assets you have had on your hands as well as your own works. That’s all. Is there anything else?

Ways of digital marketing strategy developing a business

Let me ask you questions:

  • Have you been put an online ads before for your business that you have put online?
  • Do you know how you can get more social shares and engagements for the contents on your business social media accounts?
  • Wait! So you have not been built your business official site yet?
  • Does your business Instagram account has only dozens of followers and so does the Facebook page?

And more of questions that will really make you think that what you have done so far is nothing but focusing your energy on the other useless things your business doesn’t need.

In term of digital marketing strategy to develops your business, there are many of things you should have deal with. But the other businessmen are actually don’t getting used to them so they will find an agency for that. You can also do the same thing to ensure that your business has been developing to the right way.

And to know more about how lack your digital marketing strategy is, let me show you how the other businessmen are doing it the right ways.

Digital marketing platforms are targeting the right customers

Let me ask you another question to make you understand about this point: “To whom the baby diapers will be sell?”

I am serious in asking you that. See, if you have the same business who do you think will need the baby diapers, then the main answers for that could be;

  • Women who will give birth soon, and;
  • Parents who have just got their babies weeks or months ago.

When its come to talk about the digital marketing strategy for that baby product, you may won’t put an ads on Facebook and included the baby’s grandparents but it is more likely to add the parents friends who will buy gifts to celebrate the birth.

Grandparents are close to the babies especially they are as family, but it won’t make them as the targeted customers since there is a small chance for them to buy such product. But it will be different when your baby products are the clothes and shoes for the babies, both the parent friends as well as the grand parents will be the great targeted customers for that.

It is different with the ads on tv or radio that can be seen and heard by those who doesn’t even had a baby or even not getting married yet. Digital marketing ads truly will help you not to shouting at crowds.

Each online platforms have their own uniqueness

To be honest, you won’t find your grand father uploading his activity with his grand child on Instagram even though it will be possible, right? But it won’t be a new thing when you are logging into Facebook and find that there are actually grand parents doing the same thing that you rarely seen on Instagram.

Each platforms have their own user dominations where Instagram will mostly used by those who love to share the images and videos while Facebook is getting a bit greedy where you are almost can share everything.

So do the their ads platforms when you are going to use them to target the customers through online ads.

Social media contents are vital for business accounts

Does your business has been got an editorial calendar? If not, you may have not been planning about the contents for your business social media accounts. It is important even though you have been built a great official site simply because social signal is great for every business in the world.

You can get more visibility and even to support your site traffics so your online business will be performing better in the future.

Through social media, you can also share the meaningful messages to the customers in various way. Do you know why the emotional of Thailand ads are popular in the world? I am truly believe that it is caused by the power of social media ever since I have not been knowing any of Thailand’s TV channel until today.

There’s nothing can stop you to make your business the same way as that through the digital marketing strategy.

How well your business official site performing on Google?

Google has becoming the popular search engine in the world for years. many of us have known that as the undeniable fact which is mean that many users in the world have been using it to find information and buying stuffs without ever leaving their home or office.

If your site is mainly focusing on selling the baby diapers, can your site appeared on the first page of Google when the parents are typing the “buy the best baby diapers” word? If not, one of the digital marketing strategy you have to make its plan will be how you can deal with the Search Engine Optimisations (SEO) for the targeted keywords related to your business.

SEO is vital to increase your business site visibility through search engines and later it will a great asset if your site have more traffics, better Domain and Page Authority, and many more. The good thing you need to know is that a site itself can be valued for even up to millions of Dollar when it can perform well on search engines while it can generating more money.

Those are only some of the ways how digital marketing strategy can helps and develops your business in the future. If you can’t do them all or have less knowledge and experiences in it, you can call the digital marketing Bali to finish all the hard works for you.

In the meantime, you can start thinking about the other online assets your business should have such as preparing its popular social media accounts, makes the site even looks professional, preparing the contents, etc. But if you are confusing about all of those, simply get in touch with the digital marketing agency I just told you on above.

Low-Investment Business Ideas in 2019

Are you looking for low-investment business ideas? If you do, then you have come to the right place!

As we all know, opening businesses can cost you so much both in money and time. No matter how promising the business is, you will be required to have enough money to make sure your business is running.

Low-investment business ideas you can try in 2019

You also need the money to pay for the employee for the first month of the opening. Do not worry though. There are some businesses which you can do without having to worry about your money.

Keep on reading this article to know lists of low-investment business ideas in 2019. Let’s get started!

Become a dropshipper

Online shopping is so much popular these days. No wonder then if there are some online shops who welcome many dropshippers.

Although the profit is not as big as other businesses, this kind of business can be your first step in the business world. You only need your social media a good customer service so that there are many people who love to buy the product.

As a start, you can sell what is popular these days. Pets’ accessories, women accessories, clothes or other common yet popular things.

Print-on-Demand T-Shirts Business

The next low-investment business idea is to have this t-shirt business. Customize t-shirts are becoming popular nowadays.

There are many men and women who love to order custom designed t-shirts for couples or for families. Even though the price is a little bit higher than other t-shirts, there are many people who love to buy these clothes.

You do not even have to pay if there is a t-shirt which is not selling. You will not lose your money so it is kind of a win-win solution, right?

Handcrafted Gifts and Greeting Cards

Do you know that making your own gifts such as soaps, accessories, greeting cards and other things on your own can be really economical? If you are great in handcrafting, then you can start this business as your first.

This kind of business is considered a low-investment business is because you can start this business in your own house. You do not need to open a shop. You can rely on your social media to do branding.

Photograph Business

You are good at taking photos? Or are you good at editing photos? Try to open this photographing business. You can use your camera to come to locals event and offer to take some photos and then sell them.

Although you will get as many profits as other businesses, this can be your first step in the photography business. Rely on your camera and you will get to earn some pocket money.

You can also sell other photos like sceneries photo when there are events related to the scenery or nature. Do keep in mind that you can start this business using any camera which you have.

Those are the list of businesses which require low budget or investment. These businesses can give a good start as a beginner in the business world. Try one of these low-investment businesses and earn some good profits!

Things That Can Make Your Traveling Unforgettable

There are many things that can be used or experienced in your story of traveling where all of them can be part of how you can maximise your own trip or makes it as the worst one.

As we are always requiring and trying to get the best in everything including in a travel, then I will show you the various things (items and things to do) so you can really enjoy your valuable vacation and even adventure and then make them all as the unforgettable one that you have been imagining for so long.

How you can experience the unforgettable things in your traveling

“A dream travel” that I hope I could share for this time in this post. Interesting to know more about that? Read along some of my recommended experiences that I have been through out before.

Tips that can make your traveling unforgettable, would you get some?

Just for you to know, all of the things that I can share may not recommended by the others or they will even think that it won’t make any sense.

Those won’t hurt yourself and will still keep you in a safety state, so that, I don’t care what the people are thinking about me, I am going to share things that I have been experienced, used, or even thought of before so you can also do the same or at least considering it to give one or two of them to give them a shot for once.

1. Living on the anchored boat while fishing

For the last recent week, I was sleeping on the boat where my friend is working there until today. The boat is not actually finished for its interior but where the workers are working on it, there’s not even a single slightest interruption at all that can break the silence.

Even, the voices of the workers are adding a value where there are more people on the boat and it’s good to know that it makes me happier than getting onboard alone.

People may are thinking that the anchored boat is nothing special at all than the sailing one from one point to the others. But I have never thought before that it will be a great match of my own hobby which is fishing on it.

I know that fishing is not for everyone. Not all of us makes it as their own favourite thing to do. But if you have never done it before, you may need to gives it a shot since you have never know what it can gives you.

Even though you won’t get fishing at all, sleeping and playing around on the boat at the sea is something special for me and it can be for you as well.

The interesting thing about that is no matter how bore the view is, your stresses are lifted up and away and i think this is good for my unforgettable traveling since that one of the function of getting a trip even if you have nothing to do.

2. Think about to bring the travel hammocks when you are traveling with friends or even by yourself!

What I do really love when you will buy the travel hammocks and using them with friends in a travel is not just about that you will get the shelters for everyone either you can sleep with your best friend or two or as simple as laying above the ground by yourself, but you can also make your group traveling maximised as a whole.

Here’s the things. Traveling in a group is usually the dream trip we are dreaming of, right? But planning for that can be challenging since everyone may have their own schedule.

So that, when you can really experience a group traveling with friends, that will be something rare and will make your trip even valuable.

But do not just stop there. You can still makes the traveling unforgettable by using an item such as the travel hammocks and hanging on somewhere beautiful while enjoying the view.

3. Sometimes, the unforgettable traveling is around you or when you are doing the silly things. Simply open to everything!

This can be the useless thing you have heard in your life for experiencing the unforgettable travel.

But the fast is that, we are usually doing the silly and un-planned things before and we are amazed by them ever since we are realised that those things are actually contributing to our memorable travel experiences.

Just open to every possible things especially when you are thinking that those won’t hurt yourself or your friends at all.

4. Make friend with a stranger

Not only for the unforgettable traveling, but your life as the whole can be more beautiful when you have more friends. I am talking about the good ones.

We are traveling to somewhere faraway that sometimes we are crossing the countries. But I am curious that why many of us can’t even make a single friend through the travel?

Seriously, I am asking you why is that happening almost all the time?

I am realising that not all the strangers are the best ones. But you will never know that one or two of those who you have been met in a travel before are also have the same chance as everybody else to become your best friend.

So that, do not just think about the destinations and attractions you can experience, think about the beauty that the human can give you as well.

Do you think that it can’t even a possible thing to do for your unforgettable traveling? I bet that I am usually trying to do that and I am kind of like that. Hope we can be met someday.

5. Think that you are lucky for experiencing the travel itself

I sometime jealous to those who can be anywhere and anytime as they wanted. I can’t do that for now but I hope someday I will be possible for that.

So does the travel you may are experiencing right now at the beautiful sandy beach or tomorrow when you have got the schedule for diving in a beautiful spot.

Thankful is something you should tell yourself everyday for all the beautiful things happening in your life. So does when you want to get the unforgettable traveling that the others may not afford as what you have got.

How to launch your startup business faster

Do you think about launch your startup business? The things below that will help you to launch your startup faster

How to launch your startup business faster

1.    Just start your business. 

2.    Sell anything. 

3.    Ask someone to get advice.

4.    Spend time and money for marketing. Marketing is one of the best things that you need to do to your startup business. Marketing is one of the best early investment that you can make in your business. 

5.    Talk to your potential client/customer. The startup business does not exist in the business owner mind alone. A startup exists in the customer landscape and potential customer. 

Things you need to do to grow your startup business online

When your startup business run, you need to do follow-up strategies to ensure the business run for the long term and get the earning profit for you.  

1.    Careful target your online audience. 

E-Commerce success depends on reputable and accessible online presence. 

2.    Create content with high-quality content and then deliver in high speed. 

The high-quality content is something that known as relevant and engages information that will encourage your site visitors to come back to visit in next time. The content that you create should reflect the brand in style and tone and it also should include the statement of the company’s mission, policies and of course the services offered. 

3.    Personalize your content

When someone visits into a site, they need to know that the site has unique, personal and individualized web experiences that will attract them to re-visit in the future. Take advantage of the advanced technology that can generate shopping selections based on customer preferences will a great idea. Choose small CRM solutions can be a great starting point. CRM solutions software from Contact me, Zoho and Batchbook are examples of small CRM solutions software that cost less than $20. 

4.    Invest your market with mobile capabilities 

Consumers that a user mobile device is greater than the past and that become the reason why develop mobile e-commerce become a crucial thing to do. There are available solutions available to choose start from mobile sites, the site apps, click to call apps, real-time notifications and many more. 

How to make your mobile-friendly into your website. 

•    There should no flash video. There are many flaws video that not work with the mobile friendly 

•    Optimized images. 

•    Easy navigation 

•    Easy functionality.

5.    Integrate the sales channel 

Allow your consumers to experience the brand similarly across with entire interaction channel and shopping method. Make your marketing strategies include promotions, the services, the products, the information of your company and the policies should well know in offline and online.  

Starting your startup business fast does not mean you should force the scaling. Scaling is the measured cadence that can help you to plan your business. Start your business fast means that you have the leverage to all possibilities resources for focus into one-thing to get started. Once your startup business is run and up and then anything else will possible to obtain. 

Tricks on Doing Business of Online Shop

Today, many young people use more online technology to make money. One of them is social media that has spearheaded the millennial generation, which can also be used as a place for business marketing such as an online shop.

Tricks on Doing Business of Online Shop

But, as time went on and the number of rivals increased, maybe online sales stalls began to be empty of visitors. Well, how to improve it again?

You have to leave comments frequently, but don’t leave it as spam!

The way that you can find out about your booth is to leave comments on celebrity accounts, as many as followers, and the market segments according to your products. If you sell sports equipment, then program sports.

But, don’t leave spam comments, huh! Leave useful comments. After all, if you leave spam comments or sales offers, you might be blocked by the account owner, you know!

Endorse program or current influencer

You don’t have to be an artist, now there are a lot of celebrities and influencers now. They are widely used as role models for young people and hits. You can offer an endorsement to them by sending an official email to introduce your goods. Very effective!

Upload photos of product orderly and regularly

Although it still has fewer followers or likes, uploading photos consistently is also important. You tell your customers that you are still selling and really exist in the online shop field. That is, you are seriously working on your business.

Look for the angle right for the product photo

Sometimes, you also need to update product shooting techniques. Especially now that rivals have grown in number, their photos are also good. Learning about product photo techniques can also be self-taught, really. Try learning from the tutorial on Youtube.

You may slip with the video too

If you sell goods such as gadgets, you can also upload tutorial videos on how to use gadgets, whether there are secret tricks in them, and so on. So, people trust more when buying your product.

You had better use hashtags related

The way to introduce your online store to social media users is to provide a related hashtag. Often netizens search for the products they need by typing the hashtag.

Promotion of social media is highly recommended

Currently, social media such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram have provided paid promotions using their own platforms. You can set the target market accordingly, as well as the budget you want to make the promotion.

Move to social media that is busy

If now the era of selling on Instagram, then it is more active to promote on Instagram. Of course, you can’t forget about other social media. Only the focus is distinguished. If later Instagram starts to be quiet and Facebook is crowded again, then switch to Facebook.

In addition to the 8 tricks of online shop above, don’t forget to promote your online selling products to the public, especially to your friends. From them, your product can be known by word of mouth. Remember, as long as there is a willingness and effort, you can open the way. Good luck!