Holiday at Best Family Resort Nusa Dua; What to Know

Thinking about spending some down time unwinding worldly worries at the comfort of best family resort Nusa Dua? Here are some useful insights to make your stay feel even more fulfilling.

A Holiday at Bali Family Resort Nusa Dua; What to Know

Best length to stay at Best family resort Nusa Dua

How long is too long? When you are going overseas to an exotic tropical island like Bali, how much time you want to spend at the resort? Do you want to spend all of your holidays in one resort or do you want to move places?

Most people will think that seven days is enough. However, you will quickly notice that seven days pass too fast before you are even ready to pack back. Some people feel that nearly 2 weeks of resort vacation is just right. If you are from near Bali or planning to move location after few days, we suggest you to spend a minimum 4 days at the best family resort Nusa Dua. That way you won’t feel rushed or missing something from the resort.

Your package doesn’t always include everything

Your package doesn’t always include everything

One package might include airport transfer, while other package give you a free kids club entry for the kiddos. Also, you will have to pay for treats like spa or cooking class. Just so you know, not all resort is all-inclusive and not all inclusive include everything.

You might want to go out the Best family resort Nusa Dua sometimes

You are in Bali! Get out and see the true charm of this island. The resort might have a private beach and irresistible pools, but that’s not everything. You need to see more. Rent a car and go around. See other beaches, visit temples, and eat out to taste the local cuisine.

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Tipping is not always expected

Tipping is generally not customary in Indonesia. Some staffs happily take tips, while others won’t accept this. If you are not sure whether to tips or not on the resort, you should ask first.

Bring your basic needs to the resort

Bring your basic needs to Bali Family Resort Nusa Dua

Just because you are staying at the luxurious and convenient best family resort Nusa Dua, doesn’t mean you can forget everything and just go. You want to bring all the basic necessities. Basic health supplies, skin care and make up, sunscreen, and snacks are necessaries. Remember; prices for simple bottle of sunblock or a bag of chips can sky rocketed in the resort. If you don’t want to overpay, prepare your basic needs accordingly.

Buy your souvenirs somewhere else

Not only that souvenirs in the resort is a bit overpriced, the choice is also limited. Besides, you don’t want to miss shopping opportunity in Bali! This island has great deal of selection when it comes to souvenir shops. The one-stop big souvenir mall, the traditional souvenir markets, the street shops, and everything in between. Your choice is endless and you shouldn’t limit it on the resort.