Komodo Boat Travel Could be the Most Memorable Things

Komodo Boat Travel Could be the Most Memorable Things

Beyond the overcrowded Bali lays the province of NTT where Flores and its famed Komodo National Park are located. It used to be a headache reaching the place. There are no direct international flights to the airport in Flores too, even now. But the remoteness of the destination protects it from destruction. Certainly the Komodo boat trip is one of the best ways to explore this amazing part of Indonesia. Let’s get to know some of the most popular things why this site is so loved.

Unforgettable Komodo boat trip

Exploring the Komodo National Park of the famed Flores is a one of the most memorable trips you could experience in the archipelagic country of Indonesia. There are certainly highlights of your travel; and each individual is different. Here are some of the most memorable highlights of this destination but of course, we encourage you to go there and curate some of your very own favourites.

Dining at the Pink Beach or Padar Island

The Pink Beach is one of the most popular destinations of Komodo National Park. It’s one of the rare places on earth that you can experience an entire beach filled with soft-colored sand and it’s certainly one of the little things that you can enjoy during your Komodo boat trip in Indonesia.

Komodo Boat Travel Could be the Most Memorable Things

The Pink Beach is located in the biggest island in the Komodo National Park; Padar Island. The island is also a poster child of Komodo; chances are, if you’re planing to go to Komodo, you must have seen the island somewhere on a photograph or your social media feed. The island doesn’t only boast the Pink beach; Padar is actually known for having three different colored beaches; pink sand, black sand, and white sand.

Witness the magical lakes of Kelimutu

Magical lakes aren’t just something you’ll encounter in fairytales or movies—they’re real and you can certainly visit them on a Komodo boat trip and it’s certainly one of the highlights of your trip. The changing colors of these lakes is affected by the volcanic activities of the volcano of the same name, located in Central Flores. During the high season you certainly will encounter crowds and both domestic tourists and foreigners are eager to witness the magical Kelimutu lakes. Some advises to go early in the morning, some said mid-morning is the best time to go here as you’ll avoid crowds. Make sure that you consult your tour operators or liveaboard if you’d like to find out the exact time you’re going to this wonderful destination.

Meeting the prehistoric Komodo dragons at Rinca island

Komodo Boat Travel Could be the Most Memorable Things

What’s a trip to Komodo without meeting the Komodo dragons themselves? While Flores certainly has so much more to present you beyond just the species their National Park is named for, meeting the prehistoric dragons is certainly something that can’t be missed. Rinca island is known to have the most dense population of Komodo compared to the island that’s named Komodo itself. Thus, sightings of Komodo in Rinca Komodo boat trip is almost guaranteed.

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Hordes of bats flying above you from the Komodo Boat

One of the most exciting experiences that we at first didn’t think much on is bat-watching at Kalong island. After all, what do you expect from just watching and staying put? The stay in our boat felt like just another sunset-watching, initially. Until gradually, we see a group of bats making their way in the sky, followed by another, then before you know it, they’ve covered the sky; littering the red hues with sprinkle of black—it was such a sight. The bats are presumably coming out of the Kalong island during this time to hunt on other island. Looking at them from the sea in our boat felt nothing short of magical. You’ll have to experience it yourself in order to fully appreciate this little phenomenon.