Moving to Bali: 8 Tips to Find Perfect Villas for Long Term Stay!

Moving to Bali- 8 Tips to Find Perfect Villas for Long Term Stay

So you’ve visited this Island of Gods and got your heart stolen by its beauty. You have visited Bali’s beautiful beaches, lush jungles, and a get your lovely tropical getaway. Maybe you enjoyed Bali’s year-round pleasant climate, a mild and refreshing ocean breeze, without having to deal with stormy snows. You find yourself dreading the day you have to come back where you life—you’re not ready to welcome the reality back into your life. Maybe you’ve played with ideas of moving for long term in Bali and be a full-time digital nomad. So here are eight things you need to know to find nice villas for rent in Bali, Indonesia, for your long term stay!

Decide Where You Want to Stay

Bali is huge. So you need to know where you want to base before finalising your move to this island. Canggu, Seminyak, and Ubud are three of Bali’s most popular digital nomad destinations. Foreigners from all over the world like these three places since they have all of the infrastructure necessary for a good stay. There are several stores, marketplaces, restaurants, a vibrant nightlife, and other attractions. Here are some of the reasons why individuals prefer to look for long-term housing in this city.

Reach Out to People Who Might Know About Villas for Rent in Bali Indonesia

Please contact anyone you know who might be able to assist. This could be a travel blogger, a friend, or someone else entirely. It’s never a bad idea to seek advice from those who have previously rented a house in Bali. Don’t be shy; people are surprisingly nice and helpful. Try to post in your Facebook or Instagram to see if people have any recommendation!

Join Facebook Groups to Find Insights on Renting Villas in Bali

The easiest approach to find a villa in Bali may be through Facebook groups. In the days and weeks leading up to your trip, you should not only explore through community and rental-oriented Facebook groups, but you should also make a little announcement indicating what you’re looking for. Social networking provides an open means of looking for houses for rent in Bali and Indonesia in general

Facebook communities are full with like-minded people, property owners, and tenants who can assist you. The community are quite active and open to discussions which can give you some insider insights!

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Make A List of What You Want in A Villa

Make A List of What You Want in the villas for rent in bali indonesia

Make a list of all of the amenities that are non-negotiable for you. If you absolutely must have a pool, that will be your deciding factor. This will have a significant impact on how comfortable you are during your stay. Apply the filter of every facilities you want when browsing for the perfect villas for rent in Bali Indonesia. 

A digital nomad usually needs strong internet,a private villa with at least one bedroom and separate from the living area, and a space to work. You might also want a location that was peaceful. This means no construction, no roosters, and minimal street noise, centrally located, and near the beach. Also know that popular areas like Canggu, Seminyak, and Kuta are relatively close together. So it doesn’t really matter if you stay in Umalas residential area and still want to be close to the beach towns. 

Look Up to Honest Reviews

When you’ve located some villas in Bali that piques your curiosity, browse for reviews. Do a short test and contact the villa owner if you haven’t discovered any reviews. You should pay attention to how the owner acts and whether or not he or she has your best interests at heart and is willing to assist you. They shouldn’t make you feel uncomfortable, and you shouldn’t feel terrible if you say no to their offers. Even if you enjoy your potential villa, keep a positive connection with the owner to avoid unexpected surcharges or worse, legal action taken against you for no apparent reason. Unless you are skilled enough to decide for yourself, a villa with reviews is always a safer bet.

Look at Different Places to Find the Perfect Bali Villa and Don’t Settle Early!

Because the quality of villas for rent in Bali Indonesia varies, don’t feel pressured to book the first place you see. You might not be able to buy all you want unless you have endless finances. However, you should be able to discover something that checks the majority of your boxes. Don’t be satisfied with second best. To be honest, there are so many locations to see in Bali!

Always Look the Villas in Person

Always Look the Villas in Person

You never know what you’ll get unless you visit the place in person. The photos of those houses for rent in Bali could be stunning, but reality can be different. The kitchen might smell. Rice paddies in the side of the villa might have turned to construction site. The water might leaks from its wooden roof. Checking the Bali villa rental in person is important especially when you plan to stay there for long term. 

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Talk to Agents—They Know What to Do

There’s nothing wrong with contacting a real estate agent in Bali to assist you in finding long-term rentals. Agents are available to assist you connect with a villa owner. There will be no dodgy landlords to deal with. Simply choose a location and a budget, and then schedule a villa inspection to see whether you like your potential living space. You can contact folks who have rented before to gain feedback and ensure you’re receiving good value for your money.