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Best Principles of Sustainable Construction

Sustainable construction means gaining economic benefits that can assist increase the living standards of the current generation without risking the needs of future generations. It refers to the conservation of resources without degrading their quantity or quality. The basic goal of sustainable construction is to strike a balance between the population, various resources, various environmental aspects, and development. Sustainable construction materials and resources must be recyclable and renewable.

Sustainable Construction

This Best Principles of Sustainable Construction

Sustainable Design.

Reduced energy use and pollution are significantly impacted by early planning and design of a structure. The more sustainably you can create anything, the earlier you can include sustainable architecture into your design.

Conservation of Ecosystem

Earth conservation is the ultimate goal of sustainable development. Its purpose is to strengthen the natural system. The conservation of the terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems is essential to achieving the goal.


The impressive age of structures gives proof of the strength of the materials utilized in building. These structures are excellent models for builders on how to construct modern, sustainable buildings.

Energy Efficiency.

Every aspect of the building development, from the tools used up until the actual appliances inside the building, must be done in an energy-efficient way. There are a few key areas that may be taken into consideration to make sure your build is as energy efficient as possible. To be successful, you must put your plan to develop an energy-efficient structure into action during the concept or design stage. There are three important factors to think about:

  • Insulation
  • Air Quality
  • Temperature (heating and cooling)

Waste reduction.

Use low impact products that are sustainably produced, recycled from previous projects, and sustainable recycling at every step of the building process to help reduce waste at your construction site. Finally, it is our responsibility to reduce the amounts of building and demolition waste that ends up in landfills.

Indoor Air Quality.

Bad air, quality which is frequently brought on by indoor pollution that produces dangerous particles can damage both indoor environments and people’s health. 

Utilize heating methods that minimize particle exposure and ensure continuous, efficient ventilation, such as passive stack ventilation, to get started improving your indoor air quality. Other excellent methods for cleansing interior air contaminants include exhaust fans and windows that can be opened.

Water Conservation.

Water is becoming an increasingly valuable resource, with pollution and global warming having a significant impact on freshwater supplies. The construction industry has recognized the need to manage water, and much of it has begun to implement sustainable water design throughout the building development process.

Two systems can be used to implement a water-saving option:

  • System for collecting rainwater: Rainwater will be collected and filtered. You can use the water to wash your dishes, water your garden, or even use the bathroom every day.
  • Grey water system: Collected and filtered used water from the sink, shower, or washing machine. Then use the filtered water to watering garden or flush toilet.

And that’s the best principles of Sustainable Construction in a nutshell, which could be used to implement sustainable structures

Building A Community To Promote More Meaningful Engagement

Building A Community To Promote More Meaningful Engagement

Engagement is one of the most vital aspects when it comes to business. Without engagement, you will not be able to reach out your target audience effectively. An engagement also needs to be meaningful to result in great outcomes. To promote more meaningful engagement, you need to build a community first. Online community is the place you can target for the starter. It brings many benefits for your business engagement in the long run if you can manage it well. 

Benefits of online community for your business

Online community refers to a group of people or internet users who form a community around a shared interest. An online community is the one who brings conversation onto various online platforms, making the topic of conversation more widely known. When your brand is surrounded by an online community they may turn to become advocates for your brand. Their social media presence can help drive customer engagement with your products or services. Here are several beenfits of online community for business:

  • Online community makes it easier for business to build connections with customers, making it easier as well to deliver excellent customer service.
  • Online community can  boost your brand’s online reputation especially on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. 
  • Online community is your identification of top-level customers to advocate your brand even more.
  • Online community can give you honest feedback so you know what to do to improve your product, service, and customer service. 
  • Online community can be the gates for you to draw in new customers since what they say have great impact.  

Building online community

Building online community

Building an online community that can also benefit your brand is essential to build your brand’s online presence. To do so, here are important things to consider:

  • Be aware that each member of your online community may have different level of commitment. Some members may be more active than others but that doesn’t mean they are less committed. Embrace all your online community members and fuel conversation to get as many members involved as possible.
  • Give encouragement for users to create more contents to share their unique perspectives. It allows them to connect with others as well. Don’t hesitate to feature their ideas on your own website and social media pages.
  • Encourage everyone to help out each other. Let users educate one another more about your products or services. Encourage them to be more willing in helping each other out. 
  • Keep the authenticity within the community alive. Try not to interfere with their discussion as a community because if you do, you are going to ruin the authenticity instead. Make the community all about them.

Where to find online community

The most common place to find online community is social media platforms. Even though they are not limited to that space only, it is the most common place to use for internet users to form a community. However, there are various sources to find online communities such as emails, forums, comment sections of websites, as well as blog posts. 

Why Outdoor Garden Can Increase the Appeal of Private Rental in Bali

Why Outdoor Garden Can Increase the Appeal of Private Rental in Bali

Having a pretty little garden can make a real difference to a private villa in Bali. While clean, spotless home with good design and complete amenities are absolute priority, a nice green garden tucked in one corner of your private villa Bali can steal the heart of guests. Your garden should be displayed in the photos that prospective guests see while perusing listings as part of the enticing package that keeps them satisfied. Before they even arrive, your landscape should make them feel at ease. Here are the reasons why having a garden is essential for your Bali vacation rental. 

A Pretty Garden Boost Your Curb Appeal

First impressions matter in real estate – sometimes more than you know. A nice garden can be used as selling elements to make your vacation rental listing more appealing to potential customers when they view it on the internet.

When they come to your villa, a nice garden can be the deciding factor whether they’ll love your property or not. Your guests will view the front of your house and the front yard the instant they arrive at your rental. This split-second initial impression will help set the tone for the rest of their stay, and they will already be deciding whether they will enjoy or despise their stay. A private vacation house in Bali with good curb appeal entice them to go inside and look around.

Add A Splash of Colour to Your Private Villa Bali

Adding a floral garden to your landscape is a terrific way to bring some color into the overall appearance of your home. It also adds to the overall appeal and beauty of your home. Even a small modest gardens can be a terrific way to increase the appeal and value of your holiday home. You can create any garden in a variety of places around the property to bring a splash of color to areas that are otherwise dreary or lifeless. It’s also pleasant in the eyes to have a tropical garden surrounding the private pool in your villa Bali. 

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Give An Added Value to “Garden-View” Rooms

Give An Added Value to “Garden-View” Rooms

Vacation rentals are supposed to be get-aways for people who just want to get away from it all and enjoy some new scenery in a beautiful place. The more you invest in your landscape, the easier it will be to attract visitors from all walks of life. Imagine being the guests in your private villa Bali. It would be nice to wake up with a lush garden view, full of nicely-arranged plants, bushes, trees, and blooming flowers. Also, rooms with garden view have the potential to sell better with higher price as well. 

A Nice Outdoor Place for Hangout

Guests come to Bali and rent your private villa for one thing in mind; a full relaxation. A peaceful break from the hustles and bustles of their life. Even if their daily travel plan is jam-packed with activities, they’ll most likely require some rest at the end of the day. A relaxing outdoor space in your villa provides a place they may relax and enjoy one other’s company in a relaxed setting. They can also use the space for intimate gathering or a fun barbecue night with the family.

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Your Garden Says the Personality of Your Home

Many villa owners spend hours arranging their stuff and creating layouts. Some even hire an interior designer to help them. They want their home to reflect their way of life and serve as a haven for them and their visitors. Your landscaping decisions reveal a lot about your personality and style. If you intend to use your property as a short-term rental, make your landscaping and outside spaces stand out.

Customer Tracking Techniques For More Efficient Marketing

Tracking customer is one of the most common methods used for businesses to know who their customers are, their location, shopping habits, and more. It is not to invade customers’ personal space but to make more targeted offerings based on customers’ best interests. By gaining more data through customer tracking, businesses can craft the best products that services that are right what customers need. 

Customer Tracking Methods For More Efficient Marketing

Tracking your customers the right way

When you track your customers, you find out how your customers interact with your brand and eventually know what they really want and need you will also find out more about what payment method they prefer, what style of communication they like, and what products or services they like the most. To put it simply, customer tracking allows you to understand your customers; experience with your brand. 

Methods used to track your customers

It is vital to know how to track your customers properly using the right methods, such as:


It is still the classic yet effective way to track your customers. Using an automated email tool, you can track opens, deletes, click throughs, and other things with your email marketing campaigns. You can use the information to craft better marketing campaign.

Social media

You can use social media to track your customers since it is one of the largest platforms many customers use to look for what they want to purchase. 

Website metrics

With website metrics, you are going to see what part of your websites that gets the most traffic and how customers behave. For example, track what web pages your customers visit the most, their journey from viewer/visitor to customer, and their pain points.

What to track from your customers

To gain more accurate information during tracking customers, you also need to know what to track in the first place. And here are several most important things to track from your customers:

Purchase history

Track your customers’ purchase history to find out their sopping habits as well as preferences. This way, you know what your customers spend money on. Hence, you will be able to provide the right products and services similar to what attract them.


Track what your customers download from your pages to see what interest them the most. Track downloads and opt ins such as freebies downloads from your websites to determine your customers’ demographics and psychographics. This way, you will be able to deliver the right content and products your customers actually want. 

Contact information of customers

You also need to find out your customers’ contact information such as email. It will help a lot for you to automate message for customers. You can send various information about your products and services that attract your customers via email. 

Traffic channels

When handling a business using online platform, you must use multiple channels to boost it. Then, track down your traffic channels to find out where you are getting your customers from. You can track this by delivering survey to ask customers how they found you.

Yacht Rental Bali, Exploring Gili & Nusa Penida Island

Bali has always been a premium destination and a favorite of domestic and foreign travelers. Rows of super luxury villas, hotels, and resorts with eco-green concepts add to the attraction for repeat tourists. Bali does offer magical charm and unique vacations, but you can add a memorable holiday experience to nearby Bali spots such as Gili and Nuda Penida Island. If you are solo traveling, you can reach Gili and Nusa Penida you can use a boat or ferry. For a more private trip, a yacht rental Bali is the best option to reach many amazing spots, including snorkeling and diving spots.

Nusa penida famous broken beach aerial view

Yacht Rental Bali, Exploring Lombok

The islands of Lombok and Bali are separated by the Lombok Strait in the west, while in the east the islands of Lombok and Sumbawa are separated by the Alas Strait.

The Sasak tribe is a tribe that dominates the island of Lombok. They live in five areas, including North Lombok, Central Lombok, East Lombok, West Lombok, and Mataram City which is the capital of West Nusa Tenggara.

Lombok is known to have many dyke or small islands. Among the more than 20 dyke there, there are three of the most famous dyke, namely Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno, and Gili Air.

Gili Trawangan

Gili Trawangan or Gili T is a favorite place for tourists to spend time during the day, and relax there while sunbathing. When night falls, you can enjoy a beautiful beach atmosphere with moonlight. Private boat charter Bali offering you to try scuba diving or you can also go around the island by bicycle.

Gili Meno

Gili Meno has a long stretch of white sand beach. This spot is perfect for those who want a quiet and somewhat secluded atmosphere. This destination is usually a favorite destination for couples who are on their honeymoon. There are many accommodations that you can find here, from unique bungalows to luxury resorts with beautiful natural views.

Gili Air

Gili Air presents a different feel from the previous two dyke. This is a place for parties, relaxing, or alone on the beach. You can explore the beauty of this place by riding a horse carriage or by swimming.

5 spot diving in Lombok

Pecinta menyelam pastinya tidak akan melewatkan spot penyelaman dimanapun mereka pergi. 

Gili Kondo

On Gili Kondo, you can enjoy the beauty of colorful coral reefs and ornamental fish that roam freely. For snorkeling & diving lovers, Gili Kondo must be included in your list.

Gili Bidara

Gili Bidara in East Lombok is rarely visited by many people, with most visitors being crazed anglers. It has been discovered that this dyke can be used for diving. In Gili Bidara, you can enjoy clear seawater with Mount Rinjani as a backdrop.

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Gili Meno

Gili Indah Village is located in Pemenang District, North Lombok Regency. Around it, you can see coral reefs that are still alive, reef sharks, and turtles.

Exploring Nusa Island

It takes 45 minutes to reach Nusa island from Bali. Nusa Penida & Lembongan are popular destinations for tourists, especially foreigners. Nusa Penida is one part of Bali that still survives with its natural conditions preserved.

Popular Destination in Nusa Penida

Kelingking beach

This is the most popular tourist spot in Nusa Penida – which you must have seen photos of on Instagram! With fantastic views from a height to the beach and cliffs shaped like hands, this place is very popular with tourists who like to hunt for Instagrammable photos.

Angel’s Billabong & Broken Beach

Both Angel’s Billabong and Broken Beach are located close together. You can visit them all at once. Angel’s Billabong is the name for a natural “pool”. The color of the water is very clear and blue when it reflects the sunlight.

Cyrstal Bay

Crystal Bay is a relatively easy-to-visit tourist spot in Nusa Penida: apart from the well-paved roads, it is also the closest to the Nusa Penida pier in Bali. This beach is also enjoyable to visit because it is relatively clean and has soft sand.

Manta Point

Manta Point is a location near Nusa Penida Island where Manta Rays or Manta Rays swim. Here, you can swim with the world’s largest stingray!

If you’re lucky, you might even come across a rare and mysterious Mola Mola fish! This fish is quite unique to Bali and Nusa Penida and it’s often in the sea around Nusa Penida and Nusa Lembongan, including at Manta Point.

Improve Your Marketing By Developing Better Brand Storytelling

For small business, storytelling is such a crucial marketing element. A good story surely can capture audience’s attention by making them emotional, having an urge to change their mind, or teaching them something you. In business, storytelling is used for the same purpose, which is to grab consumers’ attention. Selling a product and service is more than just telling the benefits of it. You need to craft a good story and telling it in a very interesting and engaging way to attract more customers. 

Storytelling Concept. Chart with keywords and icons. The meeting at the white office table

Brand storytelling needs to be improved

Your brand should have its own story that makes it different from others. You need to create an entire universe of your brand’s story that is relatable with everyone or at least people you are targeted into your potential customers. A story of your brand should resonate your audience in order for it to be more engaging and attention-grabbing. And here are some useful tips of delivering brand’s storytelling better:

Be authentic

Being authentic means you are not afraid of showing your brand’s struggles as well as triumphs. For example, you can talk about your brand’s failure or mistake and how your brand overcame it. This kind of storytelling allows more transparency between your brand and its customers. And as the result, it builds unbreakable trust and bonds. Customers today appreciate authentic marketing more than just gimmick. 

Use testimonials to your advantage

You cannot just simply tell people that your products or services are good. You need to show them instead. Making claim by yourself will not convince people to use your products or services. Hence, it is a great strategy to tell your brand’s story through your customer’s testimonials. Therefore, you can brag your brand with concrete backup instead of simple bluff. Use real-life instances of how people benefited from your products or services. Give the examples of how people experience the benefits through in details. 

Your story must solve a customer need

Your story will be valued if it resolves something. People connect more with this kind of story because they know the brand will be able to fulfill their needs. Telling a good story that solve your customer’s needs is more beneficial for your business. Therefore, do your best in identifying the needs of your audience so you know what kind of story that needs to be crafted. Those findings of customer’s needs will help navigate your way in better storytelling. 

Avoid needless details 

Telling story that is overly detailed will put your audience into boredom. It is much better to get to the points to not lose your audience’s attention. For example, you want to tell a story about the history of your brand. You don’t need to tell your audience how many times you changed the name of your brand. Put only relevant things in the story and remove all unnecessary details. Try starting your story in the middle and put exciting stuff there. Make sure to tell your story with meaningful language that spark emotions.

Bali Family Vacation Nusa Dua, Enjoy Your Holiday Without Quarantine

In the midst of a pandemic, there’s good news from Bali! Beginning March 7, 2022, Bali will perform quarantine-free trials for foreign visitors. Tourism areas including Nusa Dua are starting to get ready to welcome domestic and foreign tourists. Nusa Dua is not as well-known as Kuta or Seminyak. This area is well-known for its rows of high-end Bali family vacation resorts with well-kept white sand beaches.

Bali Family Vacation Resort Nusa Dua, Enjoy Your Holiday Without Quarantine

The government intends to use the Nusa Dua area as a testbed for the new tourist normalization initiative. This takes into account the surrounding infrastructure, which includes anything from lodging to tourist attractions to international-scale hospitals. This region will automatically be one of the first to welcome tourists back.

Bali Family Vacation Resort Requirements during pandemic

Negative Covid PCR swab Test result highlighted on laboratory sheet

The following below are the prerequisites for visiting Nusa Dua Beach Resort:

  • Showing hotel reservations for at least 4 days that have been fully paid (foreigners)
  • Show proof of domicile in Bali for Indonesian citizens (Domestic)
  • Complete vaccination/booster (foreigner & domestic)
  • Doing PCR-test entry and waiting in the hotel room until the negative test results come out (foreigners)
  • Doing PCR-test on day 3 (foreigners)
  • Must have health insurance that guarantees COVID-19 according to regulations (foreigners)
  • Tightening of health protocols and the use of Peduli Lindungi in various places (Domestic)

ASEAN countries, Australia, the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands, France, Qatar, Japan, South Korea, Canada, Italy, New Zealand, Turkey, and the United Arab Emirates will all be eligible for Visa on Arrival.

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Nusa Dua Family Resort Facilities During Pandemic

There are numerous family-friendly resorts in Nusa Dua where you may spend a luxurious vacation. With the new limits imposed by the Indonesian government, it is now feasible to obtain special prices. The Holiday Inn Bali Benoa is one of the beachfront resorts that closely adhere to government rules and health measures for all visitors. On April 1, 2022, one of Nusa Dua’s greatest family resorts will welcome the new normal for guests seeking a vacation with stunning beach views.

Little boy dressed up as chef tasting soup. The boy aged 4 is smiling and looking away. The soup is tasting great!

Bali family vacation resort is the best option for family holidays during pandemics. Spa, reflexology, manicure, pedicure, kids recreation, health & fitness, and beachside facilities are all available at Nusa Dua resorts to pamper visitors. Cooking lessons for kids with instruction from a professional chef are an interesting activity at Bali tropic resort & spa.

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Even if there’s a pandemic, don’t let your experience come to an end. With strict health measures, Bali is ready to welcome back domestic and international travelers. For your information, all staff at the Nusa Dua beach resort has been vaccinated to ensure that visitors are protected.

How To Develop Communication Skills As A Leader And Entrepreneur

In business setting, leadership skills are essentials to have. Your role as a leader and entrepreneur requires you to have excellent communication skills because you get involved and interact with so many people. You also make decision and voice out your opinions in front of others a lot. Many people say that your communications will improve eventually as you walk in entrepreneurship path. It is true at some points, but it won’t improve your communication skills significantly especially if you are not being proactive in pursue it. 

Improving your communication skills in business setting

Cultivating great communication skills are important for business leaders. Poor communication will only lead to poor results because there are so many problems rooted from poor communication. It can cost a lot to yourself and your business in general. So here are some important tips to improve your communication skills as a leader in business setting:

Convey your mission concisely

It is a must that you convey your mission concisely by including the why, what, and how. You need your team to receive the message clearly. Hence, do not give a space for misunderstanding. By delivering the aspects of clarity in how you communicate with others, they will be ale to grasp the mission and vision behind your message as well. 

Create a routine and system

To help you improve your communication skills especially in business setting, create a routine and system where you interact and communicate more with others. For example, host regular meeting so you get to encourage, equip, and track progress. The more you interact with your team, the better you are with your communication skills because there is clear system being built throughout the process. 

Focus on creating safe space and environment

To improve your communication skills, you need to feel safe to voice out your thoughts freely without any judgement. It is also what your team expect. Hence, create a safe space and environment by focusing on transparency and empathy when establishing good communication with the people around you. Make sure to put trust in each other to create more engagement as well. 

Be willing to listen

Communication is not solely about being able to speak up and convey your message to others. It is also about your ability to listen to what the others are conveying. A good communication is a two-way road. hence, be willing to listen to the others you are speaking to. Make sure to listen to them with empathy so you get better understanding of what they are trying to deliver. 

Ask for an pinion from third-party

You might not be able to know how good or effective you are in communicating. and a great way to know it is by involving third party for more objective opinion. You can do it by practicing a presentation in front of someone not involved. Then, ask for their honest opinion or ask them to repeat the points of your presentation. You can use this method to review our communication skills.

Diving & Snorkeling Nusa Penida, Meet The Ocean Sunfish

Mola mola (oceanic sunfish) and manta rays, two of the most stunning large species to swim within the ocean. They can be found on the island of Nusa Penida in Bali. We’ll talk about diving & snorkeling diving Nusa Penida, the best mola mola, and the manta season for Nusa Penida.

Snorkeling & Diving Nusa Penida, Meet The Ocean Sunfish

Diving & Snorkeling Nusa Penida

The magnificent cleaning station at Manta Point and swimming with mola mola at Crystal Bay are two of the highlights of diving in Nusa Penida. Sunfish and manta rays aren’t the only things to see in this small neighbor to Bali’s diving. 

The water that flows around the island is an upwelling from the depths, and it is frequently frigid, with temperatures in the low twenties Celsius, and even as low as 16C! June to October sees the lowest water temperatures, while November to February sees the highest.

The visibility in the area is excellent, extending from 10 to 40 meters!

The majority of the diving takes place between the depths of 10 and 20 meters, with some deep-dive locations reaching 40 meters.

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When is the best time to dive Nusa Penida?

The rainy season is at its peak in January and February, and it is not the most pleasant time to visit the island. When the sea is calm, diving is best from November to May. Manta Rays can be spotted all year on Nusa Penida. The best time to dive with Mola Mola from Nusa Penida is from August to October.

Manta Point & Mola Mola Nusa Penida 

When it comes to diving with manta rays in Indonesia, the first destinations that come to mind are Komodo and Raja Ampat. I knew there were manta rays someplace in Bali, but I never envisioned a cleaning station with so many of them as Manta Point on Nusa Penida. The cleaning station attracts a large number of manta rays all year. It’s a fantastic spot for diving or snorkeling Nusa Penida with Manta rays. They are in plenty here; standing on the adjacent cliffs, you may see several mantas close to the rocks.

Due to a deep upwelling south of Bali, the water near Nusa Penida is very chilly, and the nutrient-rich deep-water trench is recognized as one of the best sites in the world to spot mola mola, the enormous oceanic sunfish. The mola mola has the appearance of a large head floating around without a body. It is the world’s heaviest known bony fish. These fish generally live deep in the ocean, but they come to the surface to be cleaned of parasites on their skin.

In Bali, Nusa Penida, the best circumstances for observing Mola Mola exist.

One of the best spots in the world to watch Mola Mola, also known as Oceanic Sunfish, is Nusa Penida. The best time to see them is between August and October. The presence of mola will be determined by the tides and currents. The optimum time is between the new and full moons when there is a long slack tide.

Mola Mola dive spots in Nusa Penida

Crystal Bay, Gamat Bay, Toyapakeh, and the Ceningan wall in the Ceningan channel, as well as Blue Corner in Nusa Lembongan, are the greatest dive spots to see them. If you only have time to visit one place, make it Crystal Bay. Mola molas emerge from the depths in cold water, therefore temperatures should be below 25°C. These large “swimming heads” dislike current, so look for a bay where they may hide.

Best Foods In Asia Your Must Definitely Try

Asia is not only famous for its beautiful landscape but also rich cuisines from different cultures. Hence, Asian cuisines always give you the best experience. Not to mention that the authentic dishes come with historical stories to learn more about. For foodies, living in one of Asian countries could feel like heaven because there is such a wide selections of dish to choose. And here are some of the best dishes from Asia you must try:

Bún bò Huế

Nasi Goreng 

Nasi Goreng is from Indonesia and there are many variations of it. This is actually a simple dish that many people can make at home. It is basically fried rice made with variety of spices. It tastes even better if is uses yesterday’s rice. The toppings are varied from sliced sausages, eggs, and fried onions. Also, it is best served with prawn crackers to complete the flavor. In Indonesia, there are so many delicious foods worth a try such as Babi Guling, Rendang, Bakso, Soto, and more. 

Butter Garlic Crab 

This dish is originated in Mumbai, India. Mumbai itself is surrounded by Arabian sea, making it rich with variety of seafood. This particular seafood dish tastes heavenly especially because the crab itself is taken fresh from the sea. To prepare butter garlic crab, the mud crabs are cooked in a mixture of sauteed onions, garlic, black pepper powder, and load of butter of course. The crab shell is prepared by cracking it and cooking it for about 10 minutes to let the meat imbued with buttery garlic-ish flavor. 

Yum Cha

This is more like eating tradition of the people in Hong Kong where they eat variety of dim sum dishes with Chinese tea. Yum Cha is communal meal where bamboo steamers are filled with a wide selection of fan-fried, steamed, and deep-fried dim sum dishes. The carts are used to pile up those dishes and take them from table to table. You can choose whatever dim sum you like once the cart reaches your table. The waiter will take note of the items you choose on a piece of paper.

Bun Bo 

This dish is from Vietnam and a sort of noodle dish soup. It is originally from Hue, in central Vietnam. Hence, the name is Bun Bo Hue. This particular dish is made with rice vermicelli, slices of beef, and lots of beef shanks.  The process of making this dish can take hours especially during the process of simmering the pork and beef bones. The seasonings include sugar, annato, fermented shrimp paste, and chili oil. The dish is garnished with raw onion, chopped green onion, and cilantro before served. 

Tom Yum Goong

Almost everyone around the world knows Tom Yum, an authentic dish from Thailand. This is a hot and sour soup made with variety of ingredients such as galangal, lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, fish sauce, and crushed chili peppers. The proteins that often used to make the dish include chickens, fish, or prawns. This rich flavor comes from a stock of boiled shrimp heads.