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Starting The Transition From Being Employee To A Business Owner

Starting The Transition From Being Employee To A Business Owner

The pandemic has led people to reevaluate their job and career choice. With the high number of unemployment due to the pandemic, many people start to consider being the boss of their own business. According to survey, millions of people quit their job following the situation of the pandemic. Being a business owner is not a crazy idea. In fact, it is possible to achieve as long as you know what to do.  

How to transition yourself from being employee to business owner

There are many challenges when it comes to running your own business. Aside from that, you will also face with another challenge regarding to the transition of being an employee to business owner. One of the most challenging parts is changing the mindset. A mindset of employee is different from business owner’s and it affects how you work. 

The motivation to be a business owner

The motivation to be a business owner

You might want to find the right motivation to be a business owner. If you think it is the only way for you to get rich faster then you need to rethink your motivation. Also, keep in mind that with all new path of career you are going to go through, you could feel overwhelmed. There might be times when you feel like it’s better to stay as employee due to the challenges you are facing. With the right motivation, you will be more driven to reach your success and won’t get easily swayed by the winds. Only you who can decide what motivates you to transition into entrepreneurial world. 

Think about the purpose of your business

You might have come with some realization that being an employee  for a corporation is no longer satisfying for you. There might be several reasons for that. It’s probably because you feel like you are walking with no real purpose in life. This is a valid reason because with your own business, you might get more opportunity to reach the purpose you aim. 

However, it means that you need to think about your business’s purpose deeper. Make sure that it is beyond making quick money or setting your own schedule. Those are considered superficial purpose. And you need purpose that sustains your business in long term. Find more profound purpose and reflect it in the actions of your business and how you navigate it.

Find the right business for you

There are so many business ideas out there but you don’t need to incorporate all of them and pick just one that is right for you. Franchise and startup are two options you can consider. With franchise, you have full control of running your own business with franchisor to guide you. With startup, it can be challenging because you are on your own with a business that is probably not proven yet to have promising success. Regardless of your choice, you need to go through the process including how to budget, how much time you need to invest in the business, recruitment, and more. 

7 Amenities Any Oceanfront Villa in Bali Must Have to Win Guests!

Have you ever wondered what factors tourists consider when booking a beachfront villa in Bali and how you can improve yours? Are you perplexed as to why other properties appear to be booked ahead of yours? The harsh reality is that if your resort lacks a key amenity that guests desire, they will most likely book somewhere else. When it comes to lake and coastal residences, these are the features that guests frequently want.

Unrestricted View to the Sea

7 Amenities Any Oceanfront Villa in Bali Must Have to Win Guests!

The number one reason guest book a beachfront villa in Bali? They want to enjoy exclusive, unblocked view of the ocean that spreads to the horizon. Something that they don’t have back at home or at their city. Showcasing a great vista does wonders for promoting your house. However, the beauty can be obscured by the growing trees and plants around your house, as well as cluttered decor and dirty windows. So make sure to install large windows and declutter the surrounding to perfectly frame the ocean!

An Inviting Outdoor Spaces to Relax

Having a beach home with a deck, patio, yard, or other outside space with facilities like a grill, fire pit, outdoor shower, comfy sitting, and outdoor dining options is one of the most desired beach house amenities. A welcoming outdoor space with a smooth transition from inside to outdoors (and vice versa) is a top beach house amenity that is sure to pique potential visitors’ interest and place your beach house at the top of many potential guests’ wish lists. Make sure your guests know what they can expect to enjoy throughout their time at your beach property, whatever it has to offer in terms of outdoor life.

A Rooftop Deck

A Rooftop Deck

A rooftop deck provides a quiet place to rest or organize an intimate social event with your company. Relaxing by the pool or on the beach is a part of the Bali experience, but a rooftop deck gives a quiet place to relax or host an intimate social event with your group. There’s nothing like a rooftop balcony for a spectacular view of Canggu’s beach.

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Private Pool in Your Bali Beachfront Villa

Private Pool in Your Bali Beachfront Villa

No one can deny an beachfront villa with private pool while they are staying in Bali. Especially when it’s an infinity pool overlooking the ocean. Talk about the perfect holiday!

Spacious decks and lounge seats are ideal for soaking up the summer sun at outdoor pools. If you want to make your pol extra-luxurious, consider to add waterfalls, a swim-in grotto, islands, spa areas, color-changing lighting, and/or a kiddy pool. Add a seating area and a big screen TV for entertainment if you have the space.

Floaties, Surf Boards, and Other Beach Fun

When travelers realize that your resort has everything they need for a beach vacation, they are far more inclined to book it! Guests would love to book a beachfront vacation rentals in Bali d that has several of these beach necessities. It eliminates the stress of looking for those items and trying to fit everything into a car, or buying them when they arrive, which would be an additional hefty price to the trip.

These are beach supplies to provide at your villa:

  • Umbrellas
  • Towels
  • Beach chairs
  • Games and recreational activities
  • Beach carts and coolers
  • Pool floats
  • Pool toys
  • Surfboards

Make sure your visitors are aware of everything they will have access to during their beach holiday, particularly those that may not be available in another property.

Access to the Water

Guest who book your seaside vacation rental are frequently also water enthusiasts. So, if your Bali beach property has access to the water, whether it’s fresh or salt, make sure to let your guests know what they may expect. Swimming pools, boat docks, fishing docks, as well as kayak, canoe, and paddleboard access, are all major attractions for potential visitors. Is your Bali villa just a few steps from the water or the sound? Then make a point of mentioning it. Make sure to highlight any amenities your beach house has to offer in terms of closeness to on-the-water fun in your property description. They are significant!

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Bath Tub with Hot Water or Jacuzzi

All guest want on a holiday is to relax and forget all the daily hustles. To rest from works, house cleaning, rounding up the kids, or coping with everyday stressors. It’s no surprise that a relaxing hot tub is one of the most sought-after facilities. A hot tub is a great way to draw attention to your house. It’s steamy, bubbly, and relaxing.

The Idea of Supporting Your Fellow Entrepreneurs

The Idea of Supporting Your Fellow Entrepreneurs

In running a business, you will face various challenges to test your ability to drive forward. As entrepreneur, you know that you are not the only one who experience it. There are other entrepreneurs who have been through similar experiences. And this is why supporting fellow entrepreneurs can be a game-changing for the growth of your business. They can help you navigate better because they have the knowledge and experience.

Two-ways support

It is important that while you think being supported by fellow entrepreneurs will help you navigate your business to success, you need to give back to them. Supporting each other is a beautiful way you can reach success together. Keep in mind that business is not always about competition. It can be collaboration that help you achieve your goals. And here are ways you can support your fellow entrepreneurs while also building your success:

Find mutual desire to build up your community

Supporting other leaders can be started by finding similar passion or interest. It helps build more personal connection which make you able to build up your community. Your relationship is built organically this way. You can start within your local community then form camaraderie based on mutual passion. 

Join entrepreneurial groups

join entrepreneurial groups

You can build your community for fellow entrepreneurs through entrepreneurial groups and networking events. There are many things you can gain while joining the group such as the chance to learn new things, keep up with the trends, relate to others in your industry, etc. And of course, it is a great place for you to form lasting relationships with other entrepreneurs. 

Use social media to support

Social media is one of the most promising platforms for business today. It is a great place to also form relationship with other business leaders. It is easy to access and can reach wide range. You can join groups related to your industry and follow other business leaders who deliver interesting and high-quality contents with their platform. Engage more with their social media activity to show your support. 

Consider partnership

As mentioned earlier that business is not always about competition. Collaboration and cooperation is sometimes the right recipe for you to gain success. Hence, do not shut down the idea of collaborating with other business leaders. Through collaboration, you give each other chance to gain success because everyone benefits from the process. Find the best ways to partner up with fellow entrepreneurs especially with those who share similar values to yours. 

Share your knowledge

By keeping your knowledge with you won’t make it more valuable. Sometimes, you need to share your knowledge with others to make it more helpful and impactful. Sharing your knowledge with other entrepreneurs is a great way to form a bond. And who knows maybe they will also share what they know with you. Becoming a mentor for fellow entrepreneurs is such a great idea because it can be powerful. It might be just simple knowledge for you to share with but can be the world for others.

5 Signs That It’s Time to Put Your Bali Property for Sale

The Market for Bali Property for Sale is in Seller’s Advantage

Owning and maintaining a vacation rental in Bali can be a lucrative and pleasurable endeavor. However, the situation can turn sour when you no longer enjoy the experience of having property in this island. Maybe it gets too overwhelming or it’s no longer profitable. Some short-term vacation rental property owners consider giving up after a certain amount of time, and that’s totally okay. If any of these circumstances apply to you, it might be time to call an agent and put your Bali property for sale. 

You Can No Longer Manage the Bali Property

It might be time to start looking for a buyer if you’ve been managing the property yourself but are no longer able or willing to do so. Meanwhile, you don’t want to hire a third-party property management business to take over the responsibilities. This happens occasionally when owners move to a distant area and don’t want to deal with the inconvenience of renting and maintaining the home from afar.

The Market for Bali Property for Sale is in Seller’s Advantage

5 Signs That It’s Time to Put Your Bali Property for Sale

Sometimes, the property market is booming and you think it’s time to make profit of your assets. For example, real estate agents are seeing that holiday rental market prices are presently on the rise following the COVID situation. You must be aware of market fluctuations in order to obtain a reasonable price for your vacation property. This is a crucial sign you shouldn’t overlook if you want to increase your profit margins significantly.

If you’ve been waiting for a better price on your short-term rental to pay off a mortgage or liquidate built-up equity, this market could be a hint that it’s time to sell. A few indicators of this are: 

  • the price per square foot for real estate in your area is rising
  • the length of time houses stay on the market is dropping
  • the brokerage activity in your neighborhood is increasing.

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The Property’s Life Cycle has Come to An End

Usually, people who buy a property in Bali for personal use will eventually come to the end of property’s life cycle. Maybe your family used to get together frequently to Bali, and you bought a villa for family’s private use. However, now the kids are grown and the elders are living separately with the children or sadly has peacefully leave the world, so the family-get-together are becoming less and less frequent. You either not using the property as often as they used to or you no longer traveling more. In other words, the reason they bought the house is no longer as compelling. Most people have reached the stage in their lives where selling makes sense. If you think the house still make a good value property for sale in Bali, it maybe the best decision to put in in the market.

You Need A Big Repairs for the Property

It’s critical to assess the state of your property in Bali when opting to put it for sale. You might expect to spend a lot of money if your holiday rental requires major repairs, such as roof replacement or kitchen upgrades. Instead, disclosing and transferring the renovation costs to the future buyer may be a preferable option.

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Your Rental Revenue Isn’t Enough to Cover the Cost

It’s a negative income property if the income doesn’t meet your expenses. That you are feeding it instead of it nourishing you. This is linked to the capitalization rate (cap rate). The cap rate is calculated using the formula: income less expenses divided by the purchase price. “If your cap rate is weak or failing, you may want to focus on other investment opportunities that will generate a higher return.

The Important Role Of Resiliency For Small Business

The Important Role Of Resiliency For Small Business

The global pandemic has turned our world upside down and it continues to affect many people including those in business industry. Small businesses have suffered a lot and predicted to continue to struggle until everything is fully under control. And it is not a good news at all for them. Small businesses experience more struggles due to many factors such as lack of adequate resources to help them survive during crisis. They are forced to lay off their employees while still struggling with steadying their business. Resiliency is what matters the most for small businesses to survive any hardship including crisis caused by this worldwide pandemic. 

Building resilience

It is not so easy to take care of a business which involves lots of people because you have to take care of them too. During this pandemic, many employees have been laid off and the number of unemployement has increased shown by many different statistics and data since the pandemic hit. No one could predict such situation happen because it was so sudden and caught everyone off guard. That’s why not many of them could survive. And in this case, data showed that only resilient small businesses were able to survive until now. But how can you make yourself and business resilient?

Be open-minded

When starting your own business, always have a mindset that won’t allow you to feel too comfortable. Even when you business is going well, do not settle for less and always be ready with any possibility. For example, you have planned your business to go in certain way. However, do not close yourself off from the possibility of crisis when you need to pivot. Always have an open mind to move as flexible as possible. When your business revenue is increasing, do not feel comfortable and save up for backup that will help you during the unexpected. 

Constant learning

To build your resilience, you need to keep learning. It is not only learning about your area of expertise. It can be about anything that can help build your resiliency. Anything that can help you honing in your skills while broadening your expertise is worth learning for. Also, there is no limit when it comes to learning. You can learn from anything and anyone. When you have a mindset of a learner, you will make even struggles as valuable lessons. Even if what you learn won’t help you with anything today, it probably will tomorrow when you least expect it. 

Embrace digitalization

It is essential for today’s businesses to embrace digitalization because it is how the world works today. If you are unwilling to adapt, you won’t be able to keep up, let alone handling crisis. Embracing digitalization allows you more opportunity to adapt well with the situation. You know how to pivot and navigate your business using the right tools to survive and thrive even during hard times. Digital transformation has been one of key ingredients in reaching success even before the pandemic hit. With it, you will be able to serve your local communities even better. 

Buying Bali Real Estate for Sale: 8 Things to Check!

Buying Bali Real Estate for Sale: 8 Things to Check!

Do you wish you could spend your vacations in Bali in your own private beach house in canggu or rustic mountain cabin up in Kintamani? If you have a large family, travel frequently, wanting to take action in vacation rental business or simply want a somewhere to call home while you’re in Bali, purchasing a Bali real estate for sale may be the best option.

However, where do you start looking for one that meets all of your requirements? There are numerous factors to consider while searching for the ideal home away from home, ranging from new appliances and local amenities to location and seclusion.

First Thing to Check: The Location of Bali Real Estate for Sale

When you’re looking for a home, one of the first decisions you’ll make is where you want to live. You will choose the greatest location that meets your preferences and interests, whether it is for living or investment. It’s a good idea to check at properties in and around the neighborhood once you’ve decided on a location or places to see how much and what type of development is taking place. It’s also a good idea to find out if the neighborhood has any future ambitions, such as additional hotels or shopping districts.

The Size of the Bali Real Estate

The Size of the Bali Real Estate

Every style of villa (which typically range in size from two to six bedrooms) has its own market, according to experience. In town, smaller villas are easy to rent. The larger the villa, the further away from urban attractions the vacationers choose.

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Smaller Bali Villas

If your plot of land is large enough, you might want to explore building two (or more) smaller villas on it. Each one should be entirely self-contained, with its own garden, pool, and entrance. You’ll have more renting options as a result of this.

Larger Bali Villas

Another option for larger estates, particularly those located outside of town, is to construct a “destination” villa.

This is a villa with such high-quality facilities and service – as well as a food and beverage service that rivals a 5-star hotel – that guests don’t feel compelled to leave the property for daily activities or dining out. Large homes are also suitable as settings for functions such as weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, theme parties, or corporate offsites, and this should be included in your architectural mandate depending on what you are attempting to achieve with your market positioning.

Needs For Maintenance And Repair

Regular maintenance and repair bills frequently come as a shock to new homeowners, and your holiday property is no exception. Make sure you have enough money to handle these expenses. One rule is to budget for maintenance at 1% of the home’s purchasing price. While this isn’t a precise measurement, it’s a solid starting point for determining how much money you should put aside. You should also think about the home’s age and condition; older properties will cost more to maintain.

Route of Access

Ascertain that you have full legal access to the land and that the road/lane connecting your villa to the main road is not privately held. The size and condition of the access road are other key factors to consider.

Check the Accessibility of Your Future Bali Villa

Being within a reasonable driving distance of dining, shopping, entertainment, and recreational activities is critical if you’re buying with the intention of renting. You should also make sure that the road leading to your villa is in good condition. Many roads are too narrow for cars to park while also allowing other vehicles to pass. Check to see if your peaceful little street is truly silent at all times of the day and night. During morning and evening rush hours, certain secondary streets and lanes become clogged with traffic.

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The Land Certificate of the Bali Real Estate for Sale

Examine the documents that connect you to the land certificate to ensure that the land corresponds to the land certificate. You must also verify that the land location and boundary correspond to the land certificate. A certified Notary or Lawyer can examine the land certificate and related acquisition documentation.

Double Check the Zoning and Permit

Prior to making a purchase of any Bali real estate for sale, make sure you can obtain a Building Permit (IMB) and that the land is zoned correctly to ensure there are no restrictions that could jeopardize the construction of your villa. Some people have purchased land that has been designated as Green Belt or agriculturally zoned but have been unable to build on it.

Existing properties and undeveloped property both require licensing and zoning. If you buy a house and want to rent it out for commercial purposes in the future, make sure it’s legal. You should also be aware that if your proposed structure is taller than a nearby temple, you may not be able to build.

Insurance Cost for Your Bali Real Estate

Determine how much you’ll spend on insurance, especially if you’re planning to buy in a densely forested or water-rich location. Because wildfires, hurricanes, and flooding are common in these areas, you may need to acquire additional insurance to ensure you’re covered in the case of a severe natural disaster.

How To Avoid Problematic Or Badly Behaved Clients

How To Avoid Problematic Or Badly Behaved Clients

It is pretty common for entrepreneurs to experience dealing with clients who are so unpredictable with how they behave. There are characteristics or tendencies of problematic clients every entrepreneur wants to avoid. For example, clients who keep ‘forgetting’ payment, or those who treat you like you are their personal therapist, or, those who keep demanding things outside of your work agreements. Every time you deal with those kind of clients, you feel like getting 10 years older because  it takes a toll on you both physically and mentally. 

Why many entrepreneurs seem to keep problematic clients

It is also not uncommon for some entrepreneurs to keep their problematic clients due to many different reasons and one of the most common one is money. Some discomforts you feel when dealing with problematic clients may be temporary. However, it is better to cut them rather than get stuck in toxic relationships that make you difficult to sleep, lose wages, get bad testimonials. But how to identify problematic clients from miles away so you can avoid them in the first place. 

See from how your potential clients show themselves up

See from how your potential clients show themselves up

If you have potential clients who keep coming late or rescheduling your meetings multiple times, it is a red flag already. The way they show up is like a preview of how they will behave when you are officially working together later. You can call them out for their behavior but make sure to do it professionally. Explain to them why you don’t think you are fit to work together. Tell them with how they keep coming late or rescheduling it may indicate they are not ready to work with you. 

Observe what your potential clients say

During meeting with your potential clients, ask them important questions to reveal their personality as well as work ethic. You can ask about their previous experience working with other professionals in your field. If they keep speaking badly about their previous partners or spilling personal details about them then it is a red flag you should notice. From the way your potential clients speak, you can read between the lines and you can analyze yourself what kind of person they actually are. 

See if your potential clients know a person you know

If you know a person/colleagues who have worked with your potential client, make a call to find out more info about them. Hence, your colleagues will alert you if there is any trouble spots. If you don’t know any colleagues who know or worked with your potential clients, you can search for it yourself. You can look it up on LinkedIn to reach out any valuable intel. 

Check the vibes

It is important to trust your guts to see if you can detect problematic potential clients. If you feel discomforts, it is enough to call off the plan. Your body may show signs of discomforts through headache, queasy stomach, heavy chest, etc. If you experience those signs during short interaction, imagine what will you feel once you have to fully work with them.

How to Make the Best, Engaging Videos for Your Bali Villas!

How to Make the Best, Engaging Videos for Your Bali Villas!

We understand that every picture tells a story and is worth more than a thousand words, which is why we must ensure that all of the images we use in our advertisements are flawless. But, if images are believed to be far more powerful than written information, how about videos? What can videos achieve for your company that photographs cannot? Creating a vacation rental video is no easy process; although taking a photo may be as simple as a few clicks and you’re done, a video can provide far more than a photograph could ever promise. So, it’s time to create video marketing material for your Bali villas and let your property shine.

Photos are Not Enough; It’s Time to Showcase Videos of Your Bali Villas

If you’ve ever done any internet research on a trip, you’ll know that videos are the greatest way to get a feel for the place. Whether tourists are seeking for a fantasy seaside home or a city center flat, video comes in second only to being there in person.

Vacation rental property managers may utilize video to convey things that images cannot, and they can assist you in obtaining more reservations. It provides prospective visitors an idea of what your property is like and what sort of experience they will have if they stay with you. The benefits of a video will be evident in your bookings, and you may even have some creative fun while producing it!

Paint the Image of Life Inside Your Bali Villas

Paint the Image of Life Inside Your Bali Villas

Why should you make your guests imagine what it’s like to stay at your resort when you can show them? A video of your Bali villas rental will allow you to exhibit your company’s distinct personality, which photographs of your living quarters will not allow you to do. You may give potential visitors the opportunity to take a virtual tour of your property while they are at home. You can encourage them to picture how they would feel if they stayed at your place. It’s like watching Netflix’ World Most Amazing Vacation Rental show. With clear and engaging videos of the villa, you want them to say “I want to go there!”. When it comes to digitally promoting your vacation rental, videos have a lot of power.

Keep the Authenticity of Your Vacation Rental

A mini-masterpiece of vacation rental video does not have to cost thousands of dollars to make. Always remember that honesty is the best policy. You want to convince the guests that your property is among the best villas in Bali without overdelivering promises. That being said, you don’t have to go into depth about any flaws, but you also don’t want to oversell your villas. Guests may protest if they do not receive what they expected!

Make Educational Videos

Don’t limit your video topics to only the life inside the villa. Consider all of the ways you may use video to educate potential visitors. Even better, these videos are extremely “shareable.”

What are some of your area’s attractions that guests would be thrilled to visit and may be the determining factor in where they intend to come? When guests begin their research, they may have numerous places in mind. Films of the activities and attractions give a chance to collaborate with other local businesses to create the videos and direct visitors to each place. You can also make a tips or dos & don’ts video of renting a villa in Bali that guests would love to share to their friends. 

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Feature the Local Area Around Your Bali Villas

Feature the Local Area Around Your Bali Villas

Are your Bali holiday villas located near any popular destinations? Is it sits near paddy field terraces, temples, beaches, or popular cafes? Include them in these kinds of videos! Guests love to picture life around your villa as well. 

You may also display other houses in the region to give the viewers an idea of what life is like in your neighborhood. Drone footage is also ideal for these films. This is ideal organic footage to publish on your own website or social media channels in addition to your rental listing. It indicates that you care about more than just boosting vacation rental bookings; you also care about your visitors having a good time.

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Share Them to Social Medias

Platforms such as Facebook and Instagram are extremely popular, and people spend a significant amount of their spare time there browsing images and videos and participating with the material. Videos shared on social media have a more genuine feel to them, giving them a personal touch that connects with viewers. 

How To Deal With Failure In Entrepreneurial World

There are many reasons to failure in business such as poor planning, cashflow problems, reading the sector incorrectly, etc. Failure doesn’t always mean you are incapable of running business. In fact, many successful entrepreneurs experienced many failures in their initial journey. But still, failure is often viewed as something demoralizing. Meanwhile, failure is not an indicator of future success so even if you are now experiencing failure now, it doesn’t mean your business will keep failing. 

How To Deal With Failure In Entrepreneurial World

View failure from different perspective

When you see failure as something demoralizing, you will only see it as a roadblock. However, if you reframe the experience of failure it will become your powerful tool to grow better and achieve success. Therefore, mindset is crucial thing in running business. When you see thing from bad perspective, you will only see the bad side. And here are some tips to deal with failure the right way so you know how to stand back up and thrive with your business:

Accepting failure

If you feel your business going in the path that is not in your plan, you realize something is not working. Apart from realizing the situation, you have to recognize it instead of deny it and delude yourself into believing things are fine. Once you recognize it, you try to understand it. Then, you will learn to accept that something is not working with your business. Keep in mind that it takes courage to step back and walk away. However, accepting doesn’t mean defeated. It means you understand that you will have to plan something else to make it work. 

Analyzing your failure

Once you recognize your failure, you try to understand how it happens. In this process, it is a must to remove any emotional distraction. Do not use your emotion to analyze the situation with your failure because you won’t get the most accurate information. It is challenging because you have invest so much mental and emotional currency to your business. Use your logic when analyzing so you will see things more objectively. Only this way you will find the compounding factors you can analyze so you get to plan the best actions. 

Adjusting for the future

After analyzing the reasons behind your failure, it is time for you to look for ways you can avoid making the same mistakes. Keep in mind to stay focused and remove emotion on the facts. Get down to the core issues so you know what plan that will be best to make. Based on your findings, you can either readjust to the original idea. Readjusting allows you to develop the idea into something that may result in positive outcomes. But if you find it too flawed to be readjusted, return to drawing board to plan for whole new ideas. 

Failure is not something shameful to experience in entrepreneurship. In fact, it is a learning opportunity for you to grow better. Hence, embracing failure can help you develop your business skills further. 

Prevent Yourself From Becoming An Overworked Entrepreneur

Many entrepreneurs say that sleep is not necessary that it is only for the dead. However, it is important to remember that when it comes to business, productivity is one of the ultimate prize. Productivity is not the result of overworking. In fact, overworking can decrease the level of your productivity because your body has its limit. 

Why overworking is not the right ingredients for success

Why overworking is not the right ingredients for success

You overwork yourself to the point where you eat and sleep less. Your objective is to increase productivity by shortening your own needs. However, it doesn’t work that way. Being productive is not equal to being overworked. You may reach some goals by overworking but it is not sustainable at all. You will end up with exhausted body and less-focused mind. In this condition, you won’t be able to reach your fullest potential. You may end up getting sick indeed. You can work hard but make sure to give yourself a limit so you won’t end up with a burnout and not fall victim to overwork. 

Here are several tips to prevent yourself from overworking:

Have a good rest

Rest is important for every human being. Sleep truly can change your life and business. Lack of sleep won’t guarantee your success but having enough sleep means your body can function better during the day to accomplish various goals you have set. Track your sleep habits to ensure you are well-rested. Sleep six to seven hours at night so your body can recover better. Sleep is also the time when your immune system is built. You can also take a nap during the day for about fifteen to twenty minutes. 

Find a release for your stress

Find a release for your stress

Being an entrepreneur makes you more prone to stress because you have many responsibilities to fulfill on daily basis. There are things you need to accomplish yet you only have one brain and body. Stress are sometimes inevitable even though you know the cause of the problems. What you need to minimize the impact of being stressed is know how to release it. Piled up stress can be dangerous for your physical and mental well-being. Physical activities such as sports can help a lot in releasing your stress. Moving your body will help clear your head to focus more and improve your stamina. 

Get connected to your beloved ones

Your personal life can affect your habit in working. There are entrepreneurs who tend to overwork themselves when they face problems at home or with their personal life. Some of them may bury themselves into working more hours due to lack of connection with their loved ones such as families and friends. Therefore, it is important for you to connect with your beloved. Make time to strengthen the connection by having a phone call, video call, or text messages. The connection can make you a happier person. You will realize that working more hours will probably damage your relationship with the people you love because the connection is strained.