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Best Foods In Asia Your Must Definitely Try

Asia is not only famous for its beautiful landscape but also rich cuisines from different cultures. Hence, Asian cuisines always give you the best experience. Not to mention that the authentic dishes come with historical stories to learn more about. For foodies, living in one of Asian countries could feel like heaven because there is such a wide selections of dish to choose. And here are some of the best dishes from Asia you must try:

Bún bò Huế

Nasi Goreng 

Nasi Goreng is from Indonesia and there are many variations of it. This is actually a simple dish that many people can make at home. It is basically fried rice made with variety of spices. It tastes even better if is uses yesterday’s rice. The toppings are varied from sliced sausages, eggs, and fried onions. Also, it is best served with prawn crackers to complete the flavor. In Indonesia, there are so many delicious foods worth a try such as Babi Guling, Rendang, Bakso, Soto, and more. 

Butter Garlic Crab 

This dish is originated in Mumbai, India. Mumbai itself is surrounded by Arabian sea, making it rich with variety of seafood. This particular seafood dish tastes heavenly especially because the crab itself is taken fresh from the sea. To prepare butter garlic crab, the mud crabs are cooked in a mixture of sauteed onions, garlic, black pepper powder, and load of butter of course. The crab shell is prepared by cracking it and cooking it for about 10 minutes to let the meat imbued with buttery garlic-ish flavor. 

Yum Cha

This is more like eating tradition of the people in Hong Kong where they eat variety of dim sum dishes with Chinese tea. Yum Cha is communal meal where bamboo steamers are filled with a wide selection of fan-fried, steamed, and deep-fried dim sum dishes. The carts are used to pile up those dishes and take them from table to table. You can choose whatever dim sum you like once the cart reaches your table. The waiter will take note of the items you choose on a piece of paper.

Bun Bo 

This dish is from Vietnam and a sort of noodle dish soup. It is originally from Hue, in central Vietnam. Hence, the name is Bun Bo Hue. This particular dish is made with rice vermicelli, slices of beef, and lots of beef shanks.  The process of making this dish can take hours especially during the process of simmering the pork and beef bones. The seasonings include sugar, annato, fermented shrimp paste, and chili oil. The dish is garnished with raw onion, chopped green onion, and cilantro before served. 

Tom Yum Goong

Almost everyone around the world knows Tom Yum, an authentic dish from Thailand. This is a hot and sour soup made with variety of ingredients such as galangal, lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, fish sauce, and crushed chili peppers. The proteins that often used to make the dish include chickens, fish, or prawns. This rich flavor comes from a stock of boiled shrimp heads.

How To Determine Your Social Marketing Spend

Social media is now used as one of the most effective platforms for marketing. It can be a good platform for you to gain more customers while increasing your brand’s visibility. Through social media platforms, you can engage more with customers through creative contents. However, it still needs good management and sufficient budget for you to make the strategy more effective. There are several factors that you need to consider when determining social media marketing spend. And here are some tips for you to break it down more precisely:

Your overall budget

You need to know how much money you have available to allocate to this marketing strategy. Also, you need to calculate it with the possible outcomes. When you understand what outcomes you want to achieve, you know what kind of marketing strategy to use. Then, you will make a good estimation about how much you can afford to pay. While calculating your overall budget, you need to decide the timeline of returned capital on this marketing strategy as well. 

Make specific and realistic goals

It is important to set goals but make them more realistic so they are more possible to achieve. Also, make sure that your goals are more specific. Don’t just expect your revenue to increase in just one day without knowing how the marketing strategy truly works. For example, what you want to achieve with the resources you have now. Then, find out how you can outline your budget successfully. 

Make space for giveaways

Today, giveaways are not something uncommon since many social media users are already familiar with how their following often offer giveaways in certain occasion. Giveaways should be included in your budget estimation. They are powerful tools you can use to attract customers when you can use them correctly. By including them in your budget, you can be more creative with your giveaway ideas, making them more interesting for customers.

Understand the competition

 You may have seen how other brands within your niche are already doing great with their social media marketing because they are very well-funded. Hence, you need to know whether or not the result of your social media marketing result worth the money you are going to spend on it. See if you can really compete with them or find more unique marketing channels in social media to use instead. 

Use relevant platforms

There are different social media platforms you can use to utilize your marketing strategies. It seems impossible for you to manage all platforms at the same time. Not to mention that it requires more budget if you choose to use all social media platforms available. Instead, you may choose one or two relevant platforms that are relevant to your business. 

You may consider your goals and values in using the platform. For example, you may choose LinkedIn since it is more professional and relevant with your business with the goal to inform and educate rather than to merely entertain. Then, it will be easier for you to set appropriate budget.

Komodo Liveaboard Snorkeling: Charter your own boat

One of the most fascinating activities in Indonesia is Komodo snorkeling. Komodo national park snorkeling is a world-class attraction, despite the attention paid to dragons and scuba diving. What makes snorkeling in this location so special? What will I see in Komodo when snorkeling? Is Komodo snorkeling a safe hobby for the entire family to participate in? To satisfy your hobby, Komodo liveaboard snorkeling is the best and smart for your next adventure.

Komodo Liveaboard Snorkeling: Charter your own boat

Why charter Komodo liveaboard snorkeling?

The harbor in Labuan Bajo is a community on the water, filled with all kinds of small boats and boats. You will be greeted by the boat owners as they each invited us to have a look. It’s certainly not difficult to find a liveaboard big enough for your needs. The touts selling group tours on Jl. Soekarno Hatta has offered much smaller ships than you can find in the harbor.

The bulk of boats in Labuan Bajo are Makassar-built traditional wooden watercraft. They have a distinct style, but they don’t provide the best living conditions, and their facilities are relatively basic. Ours included a small open kitchen area in the back, as well as a tiny saltwater toilet and shower. Komodo liveaboard snorkeling charter will be very profitable. You can save time reaching many snorkeling spots.

What makes Komodo snorkeling unique?

There are more fish and coral species in the Coral Triangle (which includes Indonesia, the Philippines, and Papua New Guinea) than anyplace else on the earth. Fortunately, the Komodo area is right in the heart of this historical hotspot! Indonesia boasts the most marine biodiversity of any country, with over 500 coral species and over 1000 fish species. Some of the greatest spots to witness this wonderful fauna may be found in Komodo National Park. Since the 1980s, Komodo has been protected from overfishing as a marine national park. This means there is plenty of fish to see as well as healthy coral.

Snorkeling Komodo is diverse; a snorkeling vacation here entails more than just swimming among the hard coral reefs. There are plenty of great reefs to explore, but there are also some rare encounters. When you rent Komodo liveaboard snorkeling, you have the freedom to choose the best snorkeling sites when the conditions are ideal. Let’s take a look at three of Komodo’s most unusual snorkeling experiences.

Meet The Manta Rays

Swimming with manta rays is one of life’s biggest bucket list experiences. Manta rays are truly ocean gentle giants. These innocuous filter feeders have wingspans of up to 5 meters and feed on plankton. The moniker “devil ray” was given to them because of their unusual morphology; yet, unlike their cousins, the stingray, mantas lack a stinger. There are various places in Komodo where you can see these incredible creatures, but Makassar Reef is the most reliable. When the rays are feeding, they will move gently back and forth at the surface, making snorkeling with them very easy. It’s sheer luxury to be able to get up and personal with these magnificent creatures.

Tatawa Besar, Siaba Kecil, and Makassar Reef are excellent places to experience this adrenaline sensation. As a safety measure, our attentive tender driver will follow the snorkelers as they drift along. It’s normal to go for a few more drifts once everyone has returned to the tender boat.

Snorkel Drift

Are you ready to pump up your adrenaline? Due to currents bringing in a continual stream of plankton, Komodo boasts thriving coral reefs. At different times of the day, the currents can be fairly vigorous in different locations of the park. Thankfully, our expert crew has extensive knowledge of the tides and currents. The uninformed may find current daunting, but it’s actually a lot of fun. Drifting along a coral reef with the current pushing you along is the ideal way to enjoy the current. As the corals and fish fly by underneath you, a drift snorkel gives you the sensation of being in the air.

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Challenges Faced By Business Professionals About Getting Back To Real Life

The worldwide pandemic has put everyone in difficult situation. The situation is slowly progressed hopefully to the better since vaccination is being spread everywhere. Life is expected to be back to normal but with some changes here and there as the after effects of the pandemic. The new normal will be what we expect soon and it is time for business professionals to get back to real life where they practice business habits and routine to ensure business is running well. However, is it easy for business professionals to do so?

The real challenges

The truth is, business professionals are all human who also are or have been experiencing many struggles and challenges due to the pandemic. Getting back to in real life situation is not that simple. There are its own stresses to make the process even more challenging than it looks. And here are several of the stresses business professionals will be expected when trying to get back to real life:

Overwhelming situation

When you are a business professional and trying to get back to real life, there must be things like ‘I have to do it swiftly and quickly’ due to the competition in the industry. However, there is no need to do that. It is wiser to do it incrementally and start slow. For example in socializing with other people, start with low number instead of jumping back into a large gathering for work. By going slowly, you have time to practice mindfulness which is good to help you stay grounded.

The progress

Keep in mind that there is no deadline of when you have to fully ease back to real life after experiencing all the challenges coming from the pandemic. Do not expect for quick result of your efforts. Instead, ease into in real life environment and monitor your progress kindly and closely. See how interactions make you feel and how you can adapt well. Your mental health needs to be trained back to avoid any possible injury. 

The anxiety of socializing with others

It is true that for some people who have been in lockdown for months, they have become more anxious going out of their home and socializing with others. Even if you are professional business who interact with other on daily basis, you may experience this kind of struggle as well. To ease your way back to real life, have a chat with other business owners and share strategies of how to slowly back to real life with each other. 

Stress due to business travel

When things get back to normal, you will have to travel to many places again for business purpose. It can be stressful for you as business professional. You pack and put yourselves in an unfamiliar setting because everything may seem new for you no matter how savvy you were before the pandemic. To handle this kind of stress, it is also best for you to do it slowly, set your boundaries, and prepare what to expect from your travel plan.

Asmat Papua Tribe and the Art of Carving

The Asmat tribe hails from Papua Province, and they are the original inhabitants of Indonesia’s easternmost region. In comparison to other tribes in the archipelago, the Asmat Papua has its own distinct identity. The Asmat tribe is a tribe originating from Papua and is known for its unique wood carvings. The Asmat tribe’s population is split into two groups: those who live on the coast and those who live inland.

Asmat Papua Tribe and the Art of Carving

Asmat Papua lifestyle

The two Asmat ethnic groups have very different lifestyles, ways of thinking, social structures, and daily lives. For example, hunters and garden farmers are common jobs for the Asmat tribe in the interior, while fishermen are preferred by those who live on the coast. Physical characteristics are similar, with the Asmat tribe having an average height of 172 cm for men and 162 cm for women. Their skin is usually black, and their hair is curly. This resemblance is due to the fact that the Asmat tribe is still a Polynesian descendant.

Art of carving

The Asmat Papua is well-known for its arts and customs. They are well-known as dependable engravers with a global reputation. Asmat carvings come in a wide range of styles and forms. Typically, the carvings they create communicate a tale about something, such as their ancestors’ stories, their daily lives, or their love of nature. Aside from carving, the Asmat people love the dances and songs they conduct while welcome guests, approaching harvest season, or paying honor to their ancestors’ spirits.

The Asmat people really respect their ancestors, it can be seen from the traditions they have. Although modern culture has influenced their lives a lot, for matters of tradition and customs it is still quite thick and difficult to remove.

Traditional House – Bajang

There is also a structure known as Rumah Bujang, or generally known as Jew, in the Asmat people’s tradition. This dwelling is a vital and integral element of the Asmat tribe’s life. The main residence of the Asmat is where all of the Asmat’s activities take place. It is critical that if you want to establish a Jew, you must first hold a particular ceremony. Only single guys are permitted to live in a Jew’s home. Women are only permitted into the Jew on rare occasions unless there is a major event.

He explained that Jew means “spirit” in Asmat. As a result, Jew can also be thought as a soul or spirit that animates and propels life forward. As a result, each community group is not dispersed.

The stove and water are not separated in the bachelor’s dwelling by a partition or room. For each group, the fireplace and stove became a symbol of the place. Carvings of the warheads of each group that has died can be found on the pillars of a Jew’s dwelling. The carved heads of battle dead are placed to serve as a guide for the Asmat community from generation to generation. As a result, the Asmat inhabitants’ traditional heritage continues to flow in and out of their lives.

In fact, the carving of the warhead represents the Asmat tradition’s maintained legacy. Every Jew created by the Asmat society is always oriented toward the morning sun or parallel to the river’s flow. Meanwhile, the houses of the locals are situated on the side or behind the Jew. For the Asmat tribe, the position of the Jew is also a marker and emblem of the circle of life, a manner of connecting, and a way of life unity.

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Take Your Brand’s Marketing To Another Level

Due to the crisis caused by the global pandemic, many businesses have and still are suffered from the effects. Many of them tried to cut their marketing budget as a strategy to survive the crisis while keeping their visibility. However, this kid of strategy sometime works and sometimes don’t. what better strategy to do is take advantage of digital possibilities and disrupt your business ideas with new approaches. 

Become a pioneer in digital space

There is practically no limit when it comes to digital space. There are many things you can do and take advantage of to benefit your business in efficient ways without wasting too much time and money. For example, you may consider your brand and its marketing then see if it is possible for you to incorporate NFTs or Nonfungible Tokens. Or maybe you can find other more effective ways to become the real pioneer in digital space. 

Consider a live video or livestreaming

Today, many people like watching online videos. Many celebrities, influencers, and even regular people do a livestream and you might be surprised with the number of viewers. One thing that is more popular than video itself is live video so you may consider it to be your marketing strategy to boost your brand. Live video streaming can push your brand’s marketing to another level and you can do it via various online platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc. 

Create interesting content in live video

One of the reasons why people love watching live videos is that it flows more naturally. It is lack of editing and all making it not as flawless but more interesting that way. The authenticity is the charm that attract viewers of live videos. Prepare a good interesting content and good format. Then practice the flow so you there won’t be any space for silence. The most important thing in preparing live video stream is a rough road map with established fix time and faces. But avoid memorizing every step or words because it will only ruin the authenticity. 

Consider co-branding and co-marketing

It is said that innovation and new ideas are often born from collaboration. Hence, you may consider co-branding and co-marketing since they provide some benefits for your business. Co-branding helps create new products while co-marketing create combined efforts to result in more positive outcomes. Consider cooperating with the right partner to lead to mutually vitalizing branding. Through collaboration, you widen your opportunity to reach wider audience while generating social and marketing buzz. 

Partnering opens up chances to diversify as well as increase your value creation. As the result, it improves your brand perception. This way, it is also more possible for your brand to touch global market and become a global brand. Collaboration is a  good platform to bring more audiences, ideas, values, as well as relevance and capabilities. Therefore, do not close yourself off to the idea of collaborating with a partner if it can help level up your brand’s marketing.

Raja Ampat Diving, Explore the World’s Best Diving Destinations

Indonesia offers many opportunities for diving lovers to enjoy spectacular underwater beauty. Raja Ampat is one of the world’s best diving destinations with unique and rare fauna. Raja Ampat’s biodiversity with unspoiled beaches, clear water, and various coral reefs, sightings of sharks, rays, and jellyfish. To explore diving spots in Raja Ampat, of course, costs a lot of money and the only way is to take the Raja Ampat diving liveaboard package.

Diving Spots in Raja Ampat

Diving in Raja Ampat is a unique and perfect experience for most dive lovers. There are many dive points to see marine life and healthy colorful coral reefs. The best diving time is October to April. Avoid diving during the wave season because it makes divers uncomfortable while in the sea.

Magic Mountain diving spot Raja Ampat

Magic mountain is touted by diving lovers as the number 1 dive spot in Raja Ampat. This Raja Ampat diving spot is located in the Misool area. The divers will be taken to see the view of the coral mound that rises as high as seven meters. Magic Mountain offers a million charms for divers who want to see the underwater beauty of Raja Ampat. You can see the fish that appear when the current is coming in. You can also see the legendary Manta Ray fish in the dive area.

Tanjung Kri

Tanjung Kri offers its own charm for lovers of diving and snorkeling. In this diving spot, you can see a collection of 372 species of fish, coral reefs, and marine life without having to dive deep. The type of fish that is hunted by divers in Tanjung Kri is a shark. Other activities that you can do in Tanjung Kri are relaxing on the beach to kayaking.

Blue Magic, Raja Ampat diving spot

This Raja Ampat diving spot has a magical power that amazes divers. Blue Magic is one of the spots that must be included in the dive list in Raja Ampat. The rows of marine life at Blue Magic are not inferior to other diving spots in Raja Ampat. You can see rows of Baracuda, red snappers, surgeonfish, and tuna fish living in this diving spot. It takes skill and expert diving skills to dive in Blue Magic because of the strong currents.

Cross Wreck

Cross wreck is one of the most popular dive spots among diving lovers. Underwater panorama in the form of a shipwreck relic of World War II. You have to dive at a depth of 18 meters to see firsthand the wreck that is home to marine life.

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How To Simplify Your Path In Achieving Your Goals

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It is often that you find some people who work so hard to the point they don’t have time to rest but they are still not achieving their success. Busyness is something common and no one ever complain for not being busy enough. It comes in many forms but it is not a synonym to success or a least producing the result we really want. 

Simplifying the path to achievement

The key to produce the result you really want to simplify your path to achievement. It prevents you from making things more complicated than necessary. 

Avoid overthinking

It is often that in order to achieve the goals you want, you over think. It results in more complicated problems and solutions than necessary. In the end, you waste your time doing something that can be done faster if you do not overthinking things in the first place. Hence, always stick to something simple, as long as it solves the problems more effectively and efficiently. 

Make your goal as clear as possible

Simplifying your path to achievement includes setting clearer goals. When your goals are too vague, you will only make something hard out if it. In fact, it will make you impossible to complete the project. If your goal is to complete the project brilliantly, all you have to focus on is your clear goals. With clear goals, you get clears paths of how to achieve them. This way, your end point is more defined to reach. 

Deal with overloaded information

Today, the access to information is so easier than the past times. However, not all information is what you are looking for to achieve your goals. What you need to do is find information that will become knowledge for you. Then you turn your knowledge into wisdom that you know what to do with. Accessing information is not your challenge. It is how you can connect the dots between information and that’s the point of how you simplify your path to achievement. 

Invest in automating your most mundane but essential tasks

Many people still think that automating means you put less effort to achieve your goals. However, the point of simplifying your path to achievement includes knowing what resources to use to benefits you later on. Automating your most mundane but essentials task doesn’t mean you are being inauthentic with your work. It means you provide easier access not only for yourself but also to others. 

Focus on what you have

If you focus on what you lack, you lose what you have and it is very true in every sense. When you focus on what you have, you will get what you lack because instead of making you complain, it makes you work better to find the better and faster solution. It also means that gratitude is a very powerful element to use to simplify your path to achievement. It generate more positive, self-sustaining system regardless of where you are or what you work for.

Connecting With Clients In This remote Environment

In this remote environment, meeting client can be more challenging. You will no longer able to shake hands and feel each other’s positive energy. You won’t be able tread your client’s body language to help you decide what’s step to take next. However, there are still many ways in which you can share connection with clients by using the right tools and humanize the interaction during virtual meeting. 

remote environment

How to deeply connect with clients virtually

These days, more people are more familiar with using technology to get through the day. Like it or not, technology is playing important role during this difficult time. Many businesses are depending on technology to stay afloat. Therefore, you can also connect with your clients deeply even through a virtual meeting.

As mentioned that it is important nowadays to humanize every interaction. Hence, it is important for you to express your gratitude to your clients. Saying ‘thanks’ is so simple but it can help build stronger connection with your clients. By expressing gratitude, you have mutual appreciation to each other. However, make sure to be specific when thanking your client/ for example, thank them for staying up late to have a video chat with you. 

Show more interest in your clients during virtual meeting. It can help building deep connection. Avoid jumping right up to the main issue during the video chat. You can ask them first about how they are feeling or what they are thinking about the project. By showing interest, you build more positive energy and make your clients more valued if anything. However, avoid asking questions that are too personal to your clients.

Do not shy away from creating virtual memories. Before pandemic, you might have taken your client into a hearty dinner or golf outing. These days, it seems impossible to do but you can do something else. You can create more meaningful memories by sharing interesting stories about your life. You can talk about your plants or pets. When you share your memories, your clients will open up to do the same. Hence, you will share stronger connection with each other. 

Show your enthusiasm and positive energy. You can do it while expressing your gratitude by going with affirmations such as ‘we did it’ or you can go more detailed when saying your thanks such as ‘thank you for giving me those ideas late Friday so I could finish my report early’. however, make sure that you express your gratitude sincerely. If you do it exaggeratedly then you may sound fake instead. 

Do not neglect the importance of eye contact. Video chat limits your ability to read your client’s body language. Hence, you can focus more on making eye contact and read facial expression instead. Try to build positive energy from what you find from it. Be more attentive in listening to your client. Sometimes minor mishaps happen such as interrupted Wi-Fi or blurry images. However, try not to lose your patience when those things happen.  

5 Important Features to Consider When Buying a Bali Real Estate Cheap

Purchasing real estate in Bali is one of the life accomplishments which is on everyone’s dream list. Bali isn’t just a favorite destination for travelers, more and more people are interested in investing in real estate. This island attracts anyone who wants a home in the tropical paradise, from young families to retirees. From quiet villages to bustling cities, there is something for everyone in Bali and no shortage of fun things to do and see while exploring the island. So, if you’re thinking of buying Bali real estate cheap for your second home, you have to take these important factors into account!

Buying a Bali Real Estate Cheap with private pool

Consider the location

When buying Bali real estate cheap, location is perhaps the most essential thing to consider. Make sure to find a great location that allows easy access to important places. Such as near your work, school, local market, the main roads, or recreation. Remember, you can make ugly real estate attractive. But you can’t make a worse location great. Beyond the location, look at the neighborhood. You should also inspect the neighborhood around the property. Make sure the location and the neighborhood meet your expectations.

The age of a Bali real estate cheap

Important things to consider when buying real estate is the age of the property. When it comes to buying real estate, take your time to estimate the age.  An older property may have its certain appeal, but in turn, may need more repairs and upgrades. So, if you are interested in an older property, make sure you have a lot of time and budget for the renovation of the property. Furthermore, the total budget for renovation works that you may want to do on the property must be considered before deciding to buy the real estate.

bali real estate cheap for sale

Think your ideal property style

Whether it’s a Balinese style of living or the modern style of your property, you want to make sure your property is one that you’ll feel proud to pull up to each day. Since how the looks are one of the first things that you notice about a property, finding a great style of property that fits your personality is absolutely key.

Consider the maintenance aspect before buying a Bali real estate cheap

Before buying cheap real estate, you should check the condition of the roof, windows, doors, and fittings. Buying cheap real estate should ensure that the property is well-maintained and safeguarded.

The right amount of space

When it comes to finding your dream property, you need to figure out how much space you need. Make sure to decide how many bedrooms and bathrooms you need, and only look at the property that meets your criteria. An extra room is always a good idea, as it can be used for the studio, home office, or guest. Apart from considering your current life situation, you should also consider your next plans for the future.