Promoting Meaningful Engagement For Your Brand By Building Online Community

Engagement is one of the key for a successful business. It needs to be built organically to efficiently promote your brand. The key factor in order to build positive and effective engagement is online community. Through online community you will gain unearth ideas from the engagement created by the people in the community.

online community

Online community has many other benefits to promote and boost your business. 

Understand what online community is

Online community is a group of internet users who form a community around shared interest. The users often involved in engagement around shared interest and talk about it a lot in various online platforms such as social media. What they are discussing can create positive engagement for your brand if you built the community around your product or company. 

Finding online community

It is not that difficult to find online communities. You can find them on various online platforms especially social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. However, it is pretty challenging to find online community that is aligned with your brand. That is why, it’s such a great idea to build online community yourself so you can form a community filled with people who share interest around your brand, its values, benefits, etc. Aside social media, you can connect your members via forums, comment sections, and emails. 

The true benefits of building online community

If you are still unsure about the use and benefits of building online community for your business, here are several reasons you may need to consider:

  • With online community, it is easier for you to connect with your customers. You can communicate more directly with them so you know what to do to improve your customer service and make them happier. 
  • Boost your social media presence so it is easier for your brand to be recognized in various online sites. As you know that online platforms have such vital role in today’s lifestyle. The majority of people also spend their time online so online community has huge impact on your brand’s online presence. 
  • Promote your business more effectively. If you build online community, you will have identification of top-level customers as your brand ambassadors. They will sue their online platform to promote your brand as well. 
  • Generate more ideas from your loyal customers in the community. They are the one who experience how it feels to use your products or services. Hence, they know their things. They will tell you valuable opinion to help you improve your products and services. 

Is building online community hard?

It can be hard to build an online community that is around your business and brand. However, it is not impossible for you to build positive online community filled with loyal and valuable customers who are supportive of your brand. What you need to do to build online community is embrace different level of commitment from members, offer different perspectives, encourage members to create content, and encourage members to educate one another about your brand, and be supportive

Concrete Types Usable For Concrete Building

Concrete can be found practically everywhere, including in structures like buildings, bridges, walls, swimming pools, roadways, airport runways, floors, patios, and even houses made of cement. These structures are all dependent on a manufactured substance with a basic formula. How did they make all that concrete building?

concrete building

Concrete is made up of cement, water, and coarse particles. They combine to form a concrete building material that gradually becomes harder over time. The quantity of water and cement used determines the qualities of concrete, such as strength, durability, resistance to heat or radiation, and workability

Fresh concrete can be shaped into a variety of shapes, including circles, rectangles, squares, and more. Additionally, it can be utilized for typical constructions like stairs, columns, doors, beams, and lentils. There are several grades of concrete produced, such as normal, standard, and high-strength grades. These grades describe the concrete’s strength and its intended use in a building. 

What Kind Concrete Types Usable For Concrete Building

Normal Concrete

Concrete, sand, and aggregate are all included in this concrete in a 1:2:4 ratio. This results in concrete of average strength. Based on the qualities of the cement and the local weather at the concrete site, it can take anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes to set.

Plain Concrete

One of the most popular types of concrete, plain concrete is excellent for pavements and other areas that don’t require a lot of tensile strength. This form of concrete combines cement, sand, and aggregates according to the 1:2:4 mix design.

Lightweight Concrete

Lightweight concrete is defined as any type of concrete with a density of less than 1920kg/m3. Concrete that is lightweight is made with lightweight aggregates.. Aggregates are components that increase the density of a certain concrete type. Natural elements like scoria or volcanic, man-made materials like clays and expanded shales, or processed minerals like vermiculite and perlite make up these lightweight aggregates. Its extremely low thermal conductivity is its most significant characteristic.

High-Density Concrete

The use of high-density concrete is very specialized. It is frequently applied to the building of nuclear power facilities. The high-density concrete’s ability to resist radiation is helped by the use of heavyweight aggregates.

Reinforced Concrete

This concrete kind is commonly utilized in industrial and modern buildings. Before the concrete sets, wires, steel rods, or cables are inserted to increase their strength. These things are also known as rebar. Fibers have lately been used to reinforce this concrete.

Prestressed Concrete

Prestressed concrete units are used in many big concrete projects. A unique method is used to make prestressed concrete. It has bars or tendons, just like reinforced concrete does. But before the concrete is applied, these bars or tendons are under stress. utilized frequently in piles, floor beams, water towers, bridges, runaways, and railway sleepers.

Precast Concrete

This concrete is manufactured and cast in a factory to exacting standards. The precast concrete units are made substantial to the location and put together. Concrete blocks, precast walls, stair components, and poles are all examples of precast construction.

Air Entrained Concrete

Every cubic foot of some variety of concrete may accommodate billions of microscopic air cells. The internal pressure on the concrete is reduced by these tiny air gaps. They offer microscopic spaces where water can grow during the freezing process. By including different foaming agents during the mixing process, such as alcohols, resins, or fatty acids, the air is entrapped in the concrete. Given that the concrete is mixed on the job site, this must be done carefully and under technical supervision.

Glass Concrete

Recycled glass is used in glass concrete. When aesthetic value is a key component in the design of concrete, this type of concrete is used. This concrete can have sparkling or colorful glass implanted during the mixing process to give it a particular splash of color or sparkle. These concrete structures are frequently utilized in large-format slabs used in flooring or on beautiful exteriors.

Asphalt Concrete

This concrete is frequently used for sidewalks, parking lots, highways, airport runways, and pretty much anywhere else where pavement is required. Asphalt is a dark material made up of a combination of bitumens, which are hydrocarbons.

How To Delegate Better When Running A Business

How To Delegate Better When Running A Business
Two people discussing business over a table with documents. Original public domain image from Wikimedia Commons

Running a business is a challenge itself. You may start as a solopreneur but is possible for your business to grow steadily where you need more people to help you run your business properly. Managing a team is also just as challenging because you lead different individuals while also giving them responsibilities. One of the most important thing you must do when running a business is delegate. Yes, it is essential for you to know how to delegate properly.

What to Pay Attention to When Delegate in Business

Being able to delegate properly is necessary because running a business means you deal with so many different responsibilities. However, being good at everything won’t guarantee you to do good for your business. Regardless how talented you are, there are times when things are best to delegate. And here are you can delegate better in business:

Remember to Verify Before You Hire

How To Delegate Better When Running A Business

Building trust with your team is essential because it is how you can work in positive environment where your employees feel acknowledged and appreciated with what they are good at. However, putting trust without verification may only lead to disaster. You need to support all your employees while also holding them accountable. Also, verification is best to do before you hire the person. Make sure to do it well before you let them in your team. 

Hire the Right People for The Right Role

When hiring people, make sure to verify several important points. For example, what kind of people you want to hore for certain role. Also, make sure that you hire at the right time. Putting the right people in the right seats is what growing a business is about. Also, consider other things beside skills when hiring. Integrity is is just as important since it is the foundation of building trust between you and your employees.

Increase the Motivation of Employees Through Their Accountability

As said earlier that you need to delegate with trust and verification. However, that doesn’t mean you can just barge in and tell your employees you want to check their work since it will only kill their motivation. Make accountability a win win. You can make a written manual or training video for each role. Make sure that everyone knows what their responsibility is, how to fulfill it, when to do it, and teach them to win. 

Delegate Precisely

Delegate better with more details to include in the process and make yourself delegation machines. Consider making delegation steps that you can use or adapt into your business. For example, what needs to be done, when it needs to get done, why it needs to get done, what is the priority, what you have available to get done, what consequences if it is not done, how to measure the progress, what feedback is needed, etc. If you don’t really have time to do all the steps, speed delegation. You delegate well and better if your employees know how to do their tasks since you are their leader. 

Managing Multiple Villas in Bali for Vacation Rental Business

For some people that have purchased a villa in Bali and make profit from it, they might get tempted to invest on another villas and get serious on vacation rental business. Of course, with proper management, running multiple villas in Bali can maximize your profits and create new revenue sources. However, your investment could become very risky if these properties are poorly maintained.

When you need to manage many vacation homes, things could become more challenging. More rental homes entails more of both its positive and negative aspects. Yes, there should be more rentals and revenue. Additional visitors, listings, service requests, and maintenance are also present.

If you’ve made investments in several vacation rentals, it’s helpful to have plans in place to make managing them all simple. Make sure to bookmark this page and thank yourself later.

Keep A Clear Organisations for All of Your Villa

With several holiday rentals, organization is essential. Expect a good amount of work from maintaining just one vacation property, from hiring (and managing) housekeepers to controlling all your booking outlets (like Airbnb and Vrbo). That work increases when there are more properties. The health of your company depends on you managing the maze of details.

Use a master calendar to record all reservations, maintenance appointments, and other events. You can also spend some budget on project management software. It will help you visualise the schedules and to do lists for all of your private villas in Bali. The most important thing is to develop and adhere to a file system that works for you, whether you group all your information by property or by month. The greatest method to keep your company moving forward and on track is to maintain organization.

Put Extra Attention to the Booking Calendar
Know the Availability of Each Villa

Put Extra Attention to the Booking Calendar

The most crucial task when managing many vacation rental properties is keeping track of your booking schedule. There is a potential that you will mix up the reservations for your guests, which could result in poor service. Therefore, the first thing to do is to ensure that your calendars are up to date and that you are aware of your guests’ arrival and departure times.

Having A Great System Is the Key

When you are managing multiple villas in Bali, it’s easy to get tempted to jump from one task to another. But you are actually wasting a lot of your time. Get a better management by streamlining the task. Set up effective systems once, then just follow the system for the upcoming orders at all villas. For example, your can:

  • Use Marketing Emails Templates & Queries
  • Use the same format when responding to visitor evaluations (customized to each guest and situation, of course).
  • At each property, provide your housekeeping staff the identical cleaning schedule.
  • Regularly stock up on necessities like soap, paper towels, toilet paper, and other necessities by buying them in bulk.
  • Give the same guidelines to the copywriters and photographers working on your vacation rental listings and marketing materials.

Stock Up Amenities and Essentials Across All Your Bali Villas

Put Extra Attention to the Booking Calendar

After every guest departure, you must thoroughly clean your property and replace all of the necessities, including kitchen and bathroom towels, linens, and other supplies. There is a good chance that you will forget to replace them or possibly run out of these supplies during brief transitions. Consider storing up on all the necessary materials for your properties because such situations could result in irate clients or unfavorable reviews that could harm your business.

Regular Maintenance Across All of Your Properties

Having multiple properties in Bali, though lucrative, can be a real pain in the neck. Especially when all of your properties ‘suddenly’ break at the same time—and the cost of reparation blows out. Avoid this by scheduling a regular maintenance on all of your properties. The key is prevention when maintaining numerous properties in top shape. Do a comprehensive check of each of your vacation rentals to get things going. Watch out for any small problems that could turn into big hassles later—mold on the roofs, tree branches that are getting too close to your windows, plumbing problems—and then employ the right specialists to handle it.

After that, be proactive and carry out regular inspections and upkeep. The greatest method to prevent any potential problems at your homes is to do this. Keep a master calendar that lists due dates for maintenance jobs like cleaning the gutters, keeping the caulk around your windows, and cutting trees and plants.

Why Your Business Needs Branded Email Address

Email account has been a crucial part of our lives. It is the thing that we need to be able to do many things especially when you are interacting with other people. Every individual may have different tendency in creating email address. Some people love to create unique email address to be more unforgettable. Some others like to make it simple and just follow automated suggestions. What about email address for business?

The importance of email address for business

It is important for you to have separate email account for your personal and business matters. It is often that emails go into spam folder. One of the reason is that free email account is flagged as spam. Some businesses do block emails from free email accounts. To avoid this hassle, it’s bets to create branded email. And here are the other reasons:

Build credibility

You can imagine if a business uses a free email account with random words and numbers. Most people may think the business is not legitimate or a scam. Therefore, it is worth to pay a few bucks a month for a professional email account. Credibility is important in business since it’s considered invisible currency in business world. With great credibility, you gain more trust from customers. 

Save time

If you manage your business matters in your personal email accounts, it may cause you a headache since you have a bunch of different emails you cannot differentiate whether or not they are personal or business matters. By having its own professional email account, it is easier for you to manage your website and emails in one place. It save times because you can manage everything from the same control panel. 

Increase the value of your brand

As mentioned that a business with professional email account has more credibility compared to those who still use free email account. Therefore, branded email has more opportunity to shine. It is easier for you to send out customized emails that reflect your brand using professional account. Also, branded email helps your business stand out because you can about your business’s image and others will see it too. 

Create and manage unlimited email accounts

With your own website, you can create and manage unlimited email accounts so your staffs can become your brand ambassadors as well. You may plan or already have employees in different departments. With your own domain, you can create email account using each employee’s name or their respective roles in the company. You no longer have to use free accounts since they are also limited. 

Provided with tech support

By having your own branded email address, you don’t have to worry about how to get proper tech support since you will  be provided with it automatically. Your web hosting will provide you with everything you need included phone, chat, and email support. Hence, you can use any of them any time you need it. You also won’t have to worry about the safety of your data since it is backed up on secured server. 

Sustainable Material For Eco-Friendly Constructions

The construction defined as “eco-friendly” makes use of mostly natural and renewable resources. In addition to having an absolutely amazing design, in the long term using eco-friendly materials is really profitable. Green home construction dramatically lowers carbon emissions and uses less energy, which leads to lower energy costs.

Reduced energy consumption and smart material selection are more important than ever because of the inevitable rise in housing difficulties and the effects of climate change on the world.

Eco friendly construction

Find out sustainable materials for eco-friendly constructions


Living in a concrete structure is low maintenance and environmentally friendly, and any leftover stone from the construction may be used to finish the home with countertops or tile.

Stone is a fine material, so there are no more resources needed to create it when you build with it. It also doesn’t release any toxic substances or harmful chemicals into the interior of your home. You’ll save money on paint and finishing because a stone is beautiful on its own, and because stone buildings are dependable, they are simple to insure.


Even if using bamboo as a building material is not a novel idea—people have been doing it for centuries—this unique wood is recovering in popularity because of its eco-friendly features and ethereal bohemian style.

You may create a unique design for your home by using bamboo because of its strength and aesthetic design. Additionally, it has one of the planet’s quickest rates of growth, making it more sustainable than most.

Sustainable, Recycled, or Reclaimed Wood

Most frequently utilized kind of building material, and for good reason. It feels like a genuine inside wooden house and is aesthetically beautiful and simple to use. The environmental impact of using recycled or reclaimed wood is substantially lower than that of using fresh wood.

However, it is important to source from a forest that is responsibly managed if you are buying new wood. It’s a wonderful wooden structure for natural-looking buildings or exposed beams in addition to being used in home construction.

It makes sense why it became one of the most popular materials for eco-friendly construction.

Rigid Foam Made of Plant-Based Polyurethane

Rigid foam made from plants is frequently used as a material for furniture and insulation. It is resistant to heat and dampness because it is constructed of hemp, kelp, and bamboo. Even compared to fiberglass, it offers superior thermal resistance and insulation.

It also provides protection against bugs and mold. It also resists heat, guards against bugs and mold, and can provide excellent sound insulation.

Smart Glass Windows

Wide windows have become a prominent environmental trend in recent years, allowing more natural light to enter a space while lowering the need for electric lighting.

It is impossible to highlight the benefits of this construction style, but by using smart glass for the windows, the benefits can be amplified.

Smart glass is a unique material whose thermal properties change based on how heat and air conditioning are provided within the house.

Best Principles of Sustainable Construction

Sustainable construction means gaining economic benefits that can assist increase the living standards of the current generation without risking the needs of future generations. It refers to the conservation of resources without degrading their quantity or quality. The basic goal of sustainable construction is to strike a balance between the population, various resources, various environmental aspects, and development. Sustainable construction materials and resources must be recyclable and renewable.

Sustainable Construction

This Best Principles of Sustainable Construction

Sustainable Design.

Reduced energy use and pollution are significantly impacted by early planning and design of a structure. The more sustainably you can create anything, the earlier you can include sustainable architecture into your design.

Conservation of Ecosystem

Earth conservation is the ultimate goal of sustainable development. Its purpose is to strengthen the natural system. The conservation of the terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems is essential to achieving the goal.


The impressive age of structures gives proof of the strength of the materials utilized in building. These structures are excellent models for builders on how to construct modern, sustainable buildings.

Energy Efficiency.

Every aspect of the building development, from the tools used up until the actual appliances inside the building, must be done in an energy-efficient way. There are a few key areas that may be taken into consideration to make sure your build is as energy efficient as possible. To be successful, you must put your plan to develop an energy-efficient structure into action during the concept or design stage. There are three important factors to think about:

  • Insulation
  • Air Quality
  • Temperature (heating and cooling)

Waste reduction.

Use low impact products that are sustainably produced, recycled from previous projects, and sustainable recycling at every step of the building process to help reduce waste at your construction site. Finally, it is our responsibility to reduce the amounts of building and demolition waste that ends up in landfills.

Indoor Air Quality.

Bad air, quality which is frequently brought on by indoor pollution that produces dangerous particles can damage both indoor environments and people’s health. 

Utilize heating methods that minimize particle exposure and ensure continuous, efficient ventilation, such as passive stack ventilation, to get started improving your indoor air quality. Other excellent methods for cleansing interior air contaminants include exhaust fans and windows that can be opened.

Water Conservation.

Water is becoming an increasingly valuable resource, with pollution and global warming having a significant impact on freshwater supplies. The construction industry has recognized the need to manage water, and much of it has begun to implement sustainable water design throughout the building development process.

Two systems can be used to implement a water-saving option:

  • System for collecting rainwater: Rainwater will be collected and filtered. You can use the water to wash your dishes, water your garden, or even use the bathroom every day.
  • Grey water system: Collected and filtered used water from the sink, shower, or washing machine. Then use the filtered water to watering garden or flush toilet.

And that’s the best principles of Sustainable Construction in a nutshell, which could be used to implement sustainable structures

Building A Community To Promote More Meaningful Engagement

Building A Community To Promote More Meaningful Engagement

Engagement is one of the most vital aspects when it comes to business. Without engagement, you will not be able to reach out your target audience effectively. An engagement also needs to be meaningful to result in great outcomes. To promote more meaningful engagement, you need to build a community first. Online community is the place you can target for the starter. It brings many benefits for your business engagement in the long run if you can manage it well. 

Benefits of online community for your business

Online community refers to a group of people or internet users who form a community around a shared interest. An online community is the one who brings conversation onto various online platforms, making the topic of conversation more widely known. When your brand is surrounded by an online community they may turn to become advocates for your brand. Their social media presence can help drive customer engagement with your products or services. Here are several beenfits of online community for business:

  • Online community makes it easier for business to build connections with customers, making it easier as well to deliver excellent customer service.
  • Online community can  boost your brand’s online reputation especially on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. 
  • Online community is your identification of top-level customers to advocate your brand even more.
  • Online community can give you honest feedback so you know what to do to improve your product, service, and customer service. 
  • Online community can be the gates for you to draw in new customers since what they say have great impact.  

Building online community

Building online community

Building an online community that can also benefit your brand is essential to build your brand’s online presence. To do so, here are important things to consider:

  • Be aware that each member of your online community may have different level of commitment. Some members may be more active than others but that doesn’t mean they are less committed. Embrace all your online community members and fuel conversation to get as many members involved as possible.
  • Give encouragement for users to create more contents to share their unique perspectives. It allows them to connect with others as well. Don’t hesitate to feature their ideas on your own website and social media pages.
  • Encourage everyone to help out each other. Let users educate one another more about your products or services. Encourage them to be more willing in helping each other out. 
  • Keep the authenticity within the community alive. Try not to interfere with their discussion as a community because if you do, you are going to ruin the authenticity instead. Make the community all about them.

Where to find online community

The most common place to find online community is social media platforms. Even though they are not limited to that space only, it is the most common place to use for internet users to form a community. However, there are various sources to find online communities such as emails, forums, comment sections of websites, as well as blog posts. 

Why Outdoor Garden Can Increase the Appeal of Private Rental in Bali

Why Outdoor Garden Can Increase the Appeal of Private Rental in Bali

Having a pretty little garden can make a real difference to a private villa in Bali. While clean, spotless home with good design and complete amenities are absolute priority, a nice green garden tucked in one corner of your private villa Bali can steal the heart of guests. Your garden should be displayed in the photos that prospective guests see while perusing listings as part of the enticing package that keeps them satisfied. Before they even arrive, your landscape should make them feel at ease. Here are the reasons why having a garden is essential for your Bali vacation rental. 

A Pretty Garden Boost Your Curb Appeal

First impressions matter in real estate – sometimes more than you know. A nice garden can be used as selling elements to make your vacation rental listing more appealing to potential customers when they view it on the internet.

When they come to your villa, a nice garden can be the deciding factor whether they’ll love your property or not. Your guests will view the front of your house and the front yard the instant they arrive at your rental. This split-second initial impression will help set the tone for the rest of their stay, and they will already be deciding whether they will enjoy or despise their stay. A private vacation house in Bali with good curb appeal entice them to go inside and look around.

Add A Splash of Colour to Your Private Villa Bali

Adding a floral garden to your landscape is a terrific way to bring some color into the overall appearance of your home. It also adds to the overall appeal and beauty of your home. Even a small modest gardens can be a terrific way to increase the appeal and value of your holiday home. You can create any garden in a variety of places around the property to bring a splash of color to areas that are otherwise dreary or lifeless. It’s also pleasant in the eyes to have a tropical garden surrounding the private pool in your villa Bali. 

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Give An Added Value to “Garden-View” Rooms

Give An Added Value to “Garden-View” Rooms

Vacation rentals are supposed to be get-aways for people who just want to get away from it all and enjoy some new scenery in a beautiful place. The more you invest in your landscape, the easier it will be to attract visitors from all walks of life. Imagine being the guests in your private villa Bali. It would be nice to wake up with a lush garden view, full of nicely-arranged plants, bushes, trees, and blooming flowers. Also, rooms with garden view have the potential to sell better with higher price as well. 

A Nice Outdoor Place for Hangout

Guests come to Bali and rent your private villa for one thing in mind; a full relaxation. A peaceful break from the hustles and bustles of their life. Even if their daily travel plan is jam-packed with activities, they’ll most likely require some rest at the end of the day. A relaxing outdoor space in your villa provides a place they may relax and enjoy one other’s company in a relaxed setting. They can also use the space for intimate gathering or a fun barbecue night with the family.

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Your Garden Says the Personality of Your Home

Many villa owners spend hours arranging their stuff and creating layouts. Some even hire an interior designer to help them. They want their home to reflect their way of life and serve as a haven for them and their visitors. Your landscaping decisions reveal a lot about your personality and style. If you intend to use your property as a short-term rental, make your landscaping and outside spaces stand out.

Customer Tracking Techniques For More Efficient Marketing

Tracking customer is one of the most common methods used for businesses to know who their customers are, their location, shopping habits, and more. It is not to invade customers’ personal space but to make more targeted offerings based on customers’ best interests. By gaining more data through customer tracking, businesses can craft the best products that services that are right what customers need. 

Customer Tracking Methods For More Efficient Marketing

Tracking your customers the right way

When you track your customers, you find out how your customers interact with your brand and eventually know what they really want and need you will also find out more about what payment method they prefer, what style of communication they like, and what products or services they like the most. To put it simply, customer tracking allows you to understand your customers; experience with your brand. 

Methods used to track your customers

It is vital to know how to track your customers properly using the right methods, such as:


It is still the classic yet effective way to track your customers. Using an automated email tool, you can track opens, deletes, click throughs, and other things with your email marketing campaigns. You can use the information to craft better marketing campaign.

Social media

You can use social media to track your customers since it is one of the largest platforms many customers use to look for what they want to purchase. 

Website metrics

With website metrics, you are going to see what part of your websites that gets the most traffic and how customers behave. For example, track what web pages your customers visit the most, their journey from viewer/visitor to customer, and their pain points.

What to track from your customers

To gain more accurate information during tracking customers, you also need to know what to track in the first place. And here are several most important things to track from your customers:

Purchase history

Track your customers’ purchase history to find out their sopping habits as well as preferences. This way, you know what your customers spend money on. Hence, you will be able to provide the right products and services similar to what attract them.


Track what your customers download from your pages to see what interest them the most. Track downloads and opt ins such as freebies downloads from your websites to determine your customers’ demographics and psychographics. This way, you will be able to deliver the right content and products your customers actually want. 

Contact information of customers

You also need to find out your customers’ contact information such as email. It will help a lot for you to automate message for customers. You can send various information about your products and services that attract your customers via email. 

Traffic channels

When handling a business using online platform, you must use multiple channels to boost it. Then, track down your traffic channels to find out where you are getting your customers from. You can track this by delivering survey to ask customers how they found you.