Best Foods In Asia Your Must Definitely Try

Asia is not only famous for its beautiful landscape but also rich cuisines from different cultures. Hence, Asian cuisines always give you the best experience. Not to mention that the authentic dishes come with historical stories to learn more about. For foodies, living in one of Asian countries could feel like heaven because there is such a wide selections of dish to choose. And here are some of the best dishes from Asia you must try:

Bún bò Huế

Nasi Goreng 

Nasi Goreng is from Indonesia and there are many variations of it. This is actually a simple dish that many people can make at home. It is basically fried rice made with variety of spices. It tastes even better if is uses yesterday’s rice. The toppings are varied from sliced sausages, eggs, and fried onions. Also, it is best served with prawn crackers to complete the flavor. In Indonesia, there are so many delicious foods worth a try such as Babi Guling, Rendang, Bakso, Soto, and more. 

Butter Garlic Crab 

This dish is originated in Mumbai, India. Mumbai itself is surrounded by Arabian sea, making it rich with variety of seafood. This particular seafood dish tastes heavenly especially because the crab itself is taken fresh from the sea. To prepare butter garlic crab, the mud crabs are cooked in a mixture of sauteed onions, garlic, black pepper powder, and load of butter of course. The crab shell is prepared by cracking it and cooking it for about 10 minutes to let the meat imbued with buttery garlic-ish flavor. 

Yum Cha

This is more like eating tradition of the people in Hong Kong where they eat variety of dim sum dishes with Chinese tea. Yum Cha is communal meal where bamboo steamers are filled with a wide selection of fan-fried, steamed, and deep-fried dim sum dishes. The carts are used to pile up those dishes and take them from table to table. You can choose whatever dim sum you like once the cart reaches your table. The waiter will take note of the items you choose on a piece of paper.

Bun Bo 

This dish is from Vietnam and a sort of noodle dish soup. It is originally from Hue, in central Vietnam. Hence, the name is Bun Bo Hue. This particular dish is made with rice vermicelli, slices of beef, and lots of beef shanks.  The process of making this dish can take hours especially during the process of simmering the pork and beef bones. The seasonings include sugar, annato, fermented shrimp paste, and chili oil. The dish is garnished with raw onion, chopped green onion, and cilantro before served. 

Tom Yum Goong

Almost everyone around the world knows Tom Yum, an authentic dish from Thailand. This is a hot and sour soup made with variety of ingredients such as galangal, lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, fish sauce, and crushed chili peppers. The proteins that often used to make the dish include chickens, fish, or prawns. This rich flavor comes from a stock of boiled shrimp heads.

Komodo National Park Snorkeling, Meet Gentle Giants Of The Underworld

Labuan Bajo is truly spectacular; located on the west coast of Flores Island, East Nusa Tenggara is home to a number of gorgeous and distinctive islands that are popular with tourists, both foreign and local. If you have a plan to go to Labuan Bajo, don’t miss the time because there are several things you need to pay attention to make your vacation even more perfect. Your Komodo national park snorkeling trip is the perfect way to meet the gentle giants of the underworld.

A Japanese man is enjoying Snorkeling

When is the best time to do Komodo National Park Snorkeling?

When is the best time and month in Labuan Bajo? This is the most common question travelers have. Knowing the best time is essential for your perfect diving vacation experience. In October – December you can consider exploring the Komodo dive sites.

The weather in October – December is quite sunny with calm waves and cool air. The underwater scenery of Komodo National Park is unquestionable. Remarkable! Various types of fish among the beautiful coral reefs can spoil the eyes and satisfy your diving and snorkeling hobbies. 

Diving & Snorkeling in Manta Point

Manta point is home to a variety of uncommon animals found only in the Indonesian sea. Knowing that you can interact with endangered species should make you more cautious about causing harm to their ecology.

Before diving, make sure you’ve checked with a specialist to see if the current in the area is safe. If the water current is excessively strong, it will consume more energy, causing the body to become rapidly exhausted.

The Manta Ray is the largest, with a distance between each fin of around 6 to 8 meters. Do not be careless, as this species can weigh up to 3 tons. Unfortunately, Indonesia’s marine beauty is on the verge of being extinct, thus it is classified as rare.

Diving with the Manta Ray is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Keep a lookout above you as you enter Manta Point for the telltale shadows of Manta cruising by to check you out. They’re well aware that you’ve entered their domain, but don’t be alarmed; these critters are known to be sociable and interested.

Your divemaster will most likely discover a suitable area on the flat sandy bottom and notify you to join them after you’ve sat down. This signifies it’s time to unwind, regulate your buoyancy, and prepare to sink. You can communicate to the Manta that you’re safe and invite them into your territory by basing yourself on the bottom and without demonstrating any aggressive behavior or rapid movements.

Tips To Manage Your Energy Level Throughout The Day

The Best Things to do to Manage Energy Level

It is often that we feel like we are running out of energy even before going through half our day. It leaves us feeling less motivated and less energized to finish the rest of the day. Hence, it is necessary to know and learn more about energy management. It is not only your time that needs to be managed properly. Your high energy level should be managed throughout the day so you can perform well and stay productive. 

The Best Things to do to Manage Energy Level

When it comes to the feeling of being motivated, there are many factors that play significant roles. And every individual may have different factors that drive them through the day. As for general, and basic guidance, here are things you can do to help you manage your energy level:

Track down your energy 

To know what drive and depletes your energy, it is important to first track it down. What you need to find out include the foods or drinks you consume so you know if there is any particular foods or drinks that deplete your energy instead of drive it. Also, track the time and your feelings. At what time you usually feel more sluggish or less motivated. Then, track down your habits. For example, how many times you get out of your seat and stretch. This way, you know if you lack of physical movement or not. 

Consider exercising close to the nature

Tips To Manage Your Energy Level Throughout The Day

Believe it or not, exercising in the nature feels different than when you do it in a gym or at home. Exercise itself helps a lot in maintaining your health in general. It also helps build your stamina, so you have more energy to stay active throughout the day. However, exercising in the nature can do wonder because the energy from the nature itself is good for your body and mind. It gives you a sense of energy that is more calming and clear. 

Don’t forget to have some fun

Regardless of how busy you are on daily basis, it is important to not be drown in those busyness. Schedule the times for you to do some fun activities. Or, you can also create a bucket list of activities you really want to do. It can be something you can do for once a week or twice a month. Just make sure that you set the schedules on your calendar. 

Pace yourself

Keep in mind that your energy will decrease gradually from day to night. Instead of racing from the beginning, try to even out your energy spending. Keep your energy level at the right consistency to help you stay energized and motivated throughout the day. It is not wrong to go through the day with high passion and dedication. However, make sure to pace yourself so your energy won’t deplete too quickly. Also, don’t forget to take breaks at least every 30 minutes or 1 hour. It can be a five or ten minute breaks but will do wonder to your energy management.

7 Amenities Any Oceanfront Villa in Bali Must Have to Win Guests!

Have you ever wondered what factors tourists consider when booking a beachfront villa in Bali and how you can improve yours? Are you perplexed as to why other properties appear to be booked ahead of yours? The harsh reality is that if your resort lacks a key amenity that guests desire, they will most likely book somewhere else. When it comes to lake and coastal residences, these are the features that guests frequently want.

Unrestricted View to the Sea

7 Amenities Any Oceanfront Villa in Bali Must Have to Win Guests!

The number one reason guest book a beachfront villa in Bali? They want to enjoy exclusive, unblocked view of the ocean that spreads to the horizon. Something that they don’t have back at home or at their city. Showcasing a great vista does wonders for promoting your house. However, the beauty can be obscured by the growing trees and plants around your house, as well as cluttered decor and dirty windows. So make sure to install large windows and declutter the surrounding to perfectly frame the ocean!

An Inviting Outdoor Spaces to Relax

Having a beach home with a deck, patio, yard, or other outside space with facilities like a grill, fire pit, outdoor shower, comfy sitting, and outdoor dining options is one of the most desired beach house amenities. A welcoming outdoor space with a smooth transition from inside to outdoors (and vice versa) is a top beach house amenity that is sure to pique potential visitors’ interest and place your beach house at the top of many potential guests’ wish lists. Make sure your guests know what they can expect to enjoy throughout their time at your beach property, whatever it has to offer in terms of outdoor life.

A Rooftop Deck

A Rooftop Deck

A rooftop deck provides a quiet place to rest or organize an intimate social event with your company. Relaxing by the pool or on the beach is a part of the Bali experience, but a rooftop deck gives a quiet place to relax or host an intimate social event with your group. There’s nothing like a rooftop balcony for a spectacular view of Canggu’s beach.

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Private Pool in Your Bali Beachfront Villa

Private Pool in Your Bali Beachfront Villa

No one can deny an beachfront villa with private pool while they are staying in Bali. Especially when it’s an infinity pool overlooking the ocean. Talk about the perfect holiday!

Spacious decks and lounge seats are ideal for soaking up the summer sun at outdoor pools. If you want to make your pol extra-luxurious, consider to add waterfalls, a swim-in grotto, islands, spa areas, color-changing lighting, and/or a kiddy pool. Add a seating area and a big screen TV for entertainment if you have the space.

Floaties, Surf Boards, and Other Beach Fun

When travelers realize that your resort has everything they need for a beach vacation, they are far more inclined to book it! Guests would love to book a beachfront vacation rentals in Bali d that has several of these beach necessities. It eliminates the stress of looking for those items and trying to fit everything into a car, or buying them when they arrive, which would be an additional hefty price to the trip.

These are beach supplies to provide at your villa:

  • Umbrellas
  • Towels
  • Beach chairs
  • Games and recreational activities
  • Beach carts and coolers
  • Pool floats
  • Pool toys
  • Surfboards

Make sure your visitors are aware of everything they will have access to during their beach holiday, particularly those that may not be available in another property.

Access to the Water

Guest who book your seaside vacation rental are frequently also water enthusiasts. So, if your Bali beach property has access to the water, whether it’s fresh or salt, make sure to let your guests know what they may expect. Swimming pools, boat docks, fishing docks, as well as kayak, canoe, and paddleboard access, are all major attractions for potential visitors. Is your Bali villa just a few steps from the water or the sound? Then make a point of mentioning it. Make sure to highlight any amenities your beach house has to offer in terms of closeness to on-the-water fun in your property description. They are significant!

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Bath Tub with Hot Water or Jacuzzi

All guest want on a holiday is to relax and forget all the daily hustles. To rest from works, house cleaning, rounding up the kids, or coping with everyday stressors. It’s no surprise that a relaxing hot tub is one of the most sought-after facilities. A hot tub is a great way to draw attention to your house. It’s steamy, bubbly, and relaxing.

How To Maximize The Benefits Of Napping

People have different opinions about napping. Some people see it as something unnecessary because it can distract them from being productive with their work. Meanwhile, some others view it as necessity for them to recharge their energy. Regardless of your view about napping, there are benefits it brings. However, there are also many factors that affect those benefits such as the time of the day, the length, etc. 

How To Maximize The Benefits Of Napping

Do you need to nap?

It is important to know why you need to nap on your daily. You may have been working night shifts , suffering from insomnia, a new mother, etc. There are many reasons that drive you to have a daily nap. However, if you need to nap because it has become a daily essential for you to function, you need to dig deeper into the real problems. It is always best to talk to professionals so you can figure out the reason why you constantly need napping, or why you are easily tired recently.

Benefits of napping to maximize

Keep in mind that there are also some drawbacks of napping such as waking up feeling sluggish or disoriented while you have task to tend to. You might also develop insomnia if you schedule your nap wrong such as too close to bedtime. As for the benefits of napping include improved mood, increased alertness, reduced fatigue, improved performance, and enhanced relaxation. Also, there are ways for you to get the most out of napping and fully get the benefits:

Avoid napping for too long

It is best to schedule your napping and set allotted amount of time for it. Avoid napping too long if you don’t want to experience sluggishness. Nap only for about 20 to 30 minutes since it is the ideal length for a nap. 

Avoid napping after

The most ideal time to nap is between 1-2 pm. It is usually time when you feel your energy level is decreasing and you need to recharge it. Also, afternoon nap in those times is ideal because it is not too close to your bedtime. Hence, it won’t disturb your circadian rhythm. Or, you can also adjust your napping time according to your school or work schedule if necessary. 

See the mood right for napping peacefully

It is best to have short but peaceful nap rather than long but full of disturbance that keep waking you. Hence, set tranquil environment to nap so you get more relaxed. Eliminate distractions such as loud noise,  blinding lights, and hot temperature. 

Allow enough time to wake up

It is best to give yourself time to fully wake up before resuming your activities. It is to avoid unnecessary discomforts from being dragged into reality from a peaceful dream. It allows your body and mind to get the control and adjust to the real world after napping. If you set alarm to wake you from napping, make sure to give few minutes before the actual time to back to your activities. It helps you to prevent grogginess.

Private Boat Labuan Bajo Charter, A Gateway To Meet The Dragon

Komodo National Park can be enjoyed in various ways, including sailing across the ocean on private boat Labuan Bajo, Sea Safari. This is the fun. Labuan Bajo in East Nusa Tenggara is famous for its stunning natural attractions. There a traveler can see the habitat of the Komodo dragon to see the underwater ecosystem which is still beautiful.

Private Boat Labuan Bajo Charter - outdoor relaxing area, long chair and table with fruits and book

Yacht Labuan Bajo looks luxurious with various facilities like a hotel. There are 8-14 rooms (double and twin beds), a restaurant, watching and karaoke rooms, a Jacuzzi, and lounge chairs that can pamper guests.

Private Boat Labuan Bajo, Explore Komodo National Park

For many visitors, Labuan Bajo is the starting point for scuba diving in the Komodo National Park. Which is one of Indonesia’s top scuba diving spots. Labuan Bajo has a wide range of dining and lodging options, and it’s near to the airport, so it’s a no-brainer.

Despite its popularity as a departure point, there is fierce competition for diving, with over 30 dive shops operating in a tiny area, all claiming to provide the best service.

Before scheduling dive trips in Komodo, most tourists are unaware of one fact. The distance between Labuan Bajo and the Komodo National Park is this. This can range from one to two-plus hours one way, depending on the dive site and the speed of the private boat. 

It takes around an hour and a half to sailing trip from Labuan Bajo to the Komodo National Park.

Surface intervals of at least one hour between each dive, on average two hours.

The return trip to Labuan Bajo takes around an hour and a half.

Unless you’re on a speed boat, this means you’ll be on the dive boat for about five hours of the trip. But why return to Labuan Bajo so soon when you could be sailing across the stunning Komodo archipelago?

So, in their right mind, who wouldn’t want to be comfortable and joyful for the entire five hours in private boat Labuan Bajo?

What would the most comfortable Cruise dive require?

First and foremost, it would necessitate a lot of areas! Enough room to lie down and relax, eat, prepare dive gear, and gear up, as well as everything in between. 

Second, there should be plenty of things to lie on, such as mattresses, bean bags, sofas, pillows, or anything else that is comfy and plentiful. Furthermore, there should be sufficient room in both a covered area and a sun deck. This allows guests to choose where they would like to unwind.

luxury yacht charter labuan bajo - jacuzzi

Another feature that would be nice is a large dive deck where guests may equip up and prepare for their dive without feeling rushed.

All of these amenities will turn your five-plus-hour travel into a heaven-like experience.

Is this, however, even possible? It certainly does!

The Idea of Supporting Your Fellow Entrepreneurs

The Idea of Supporting Your Fellow Entrepreneurs

In running a business, you will face various challenges to test your ability to drive forward. As entrepreneur, you know that you are not the only one who experience it. There are other entrepreneurs who have been through similar experiences. And this is why supporting fellow entrepreneurs can be a game-changing for the growth of your business. They can help you navigate better because they have the knowledge and experience.

Two-ways support

It is important that while you think being supported by fellow entrepreneurs will help you navigate your business to success, you need to give back to them. Supporting each other is a beautiful way you can reach success together. Keep in mind that business is not always about competition. It can be collaboration that help you achieve your goals. And here are ways you can support your fellow entrepreneurs while also building your success:

Find mutual desire to build up your community

Supporting other leaders can be started by finding similar passion or interest. It helps build more personal connection which make you able to build up your community. Your relationship is built organically this way. You can start within your local community then form camaraderie based on mutual passion. 

Join entrepreneurial groups

join entrepreneurial groups

You can build your community for fellow entrepreneurs through entrepreneurial groups and networking events. There are many things you can gain while joining the group such as the chance to learn new things, keep up with the trends, relate to others in your industry, etc. And of course, it is a great place for you to form lasting relationships with other entrepreneurs. 

Use social media to support

Social media is one of the most promising platforms for business today. It is a great place to also form relationship with other business leaders. It is easy to access and can reach wide range. You can join groups related to your industry and follow other business leaders who deliver interesting and high-quality contents with their platform. Engage more with their social media activity to show your support. 

Consider partnership

As mentioned earlier that business is not always about competition. Collaboration and cooperation is sometimes the right recipe for you to gain success. Hence, do not shut down the idea of collaborating with other business leaders. Through collaboration, you give each other chance to gain success because everyone benefits from the process. Find the best ways to partner up with fellow entrepreneurs especially with those who share similar values to yours. 

Share your knowledge

By keeping your knowledge with you won’t make it more valuable. Sometimes, you need to share your knowledge with others to make it more helpful and impactful. Sharing your knowledge with other entrepreneurs is a great way to form a bond. And who knows maybe they will also share what they know with you. Becoming a mentor for fellow entrepreneurs is such a great idea because it can be powerful. It might be just simple knowledge for you to share with but can be the world for others.

5 Signs That It’s Time to Put Your Bali Property for Sale

The Market for Bali Property for Sale is in Seller’s Advantage

Owning and maintaining a vacation rental in Bali can be a lucrative and pleasurable endeavor. However, the situation can turn sour when you no longer enjoy the experience of having property in this island. Maybe it gets too overwhelming or it’s no longer profitable. Some short-term vacation rental property owners consider giving up after a certain amount of time, and that’s totally okay. If any of these circumstances apply to you, it might be time to call an agent and put your Bali property for sale. 

You Can No Longer Manage the Bali Property

It might be time to start looking for a buyer if you’ve been managing the property yourself but are no longer able or willing to do so. Meanwhile, you don’t want to hire a third-party property management business to take over the responsibilities. This happens occasionally when owners move to a distant area and don’t want to deal with the inconvenience of renting and maintaining the home from afar.

The Market for Bali Property for Sale is in Seller’s Advantage

5 Signs That It’s Time to Put Your Bali Property for Sale

Sometimes, the property market is booming and you think it’s time to make profit of your assets. For example, real estate agents are seeing that holiday rental market prices are presently on the rise following the COVID situation. You must be aware of market fluctuations in order to obtain a reasonable price for your vacation property. This is a crucial sign you shouldn’t overlook if you want to increase your profit margins significantly.

If you’ve been waiting for a better price on your short-term rental to pay off a mortgage or liquidate built-up equity, this market could be a hint that it’s time to sell. A few indicators of this are: 

  • the price per square foot for real estate in your area is rising
  • the length of time houses stay on the market is dropping
  • the brokerage activity in your neighborhood is increasing.

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The Property’s Life Cycle has Come to An End

Usually, people who buy a property in Bali for personal use will eventually come to the end of property’s life cycle. Maybe your family used to get together frequently to Bali, and you bought a villa for family’s private use. However, now the kids are grown and the elders are living separately with the children or sadly has peacefully leave the world, so the family-get-together are becoming less and less frequent. You either not using the property as often as they used to or you no longer traveling more. In other words, the reason they bought the house is no longer as compelling. Most people have reached the stage in their lives where selling makes sense. If you think the house still make a good value property for sale in Bali, it maybe the best decision to put in in the market.

You Need A Big Repairs for the Property

It’s critical to assess the state of your property in Bali when opting to put it for sale. You might expect to spend a lot of money if your holiday rental requires major repairs, such as roof replacement or kitchen upgrades. Instead, disclosing and transferring the renovation costs to the future buyer may be a preferable option.

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Your Rental Revenue Isn’t Enough to Cover the Cost

It’s a negative income property if the income doesn’t meet your expenses. That you are feeding it instead of it nourishing you. This is linked to the capitalization rate (cap rate). The cap rate is calculated using the formula: income less expenses divided by the purchase price. “If your cap rate is weak or failing, you may want to focus on other investment opportunities that will generate a higher return.

How To Determine Your Social Marketing Spend

Social media is now used as one of the most effective platforms for marketing. It can be a good platform for you to gain more customers while increasing your brand’s visibility. Through social media platforms, you can engage more with customers through creative contents. However, it still needs good management and sufficient budget for you to make the strategy more effective. There are several factors that you need to consider when determining social media marketing spend. And here are some tips for you to break it down more precisely:

Your overall budget

You need to know how much money you have available to allocate to this marketing strategy. Also, you need to calculate it with the possible outcomes. When you understand what outcomes you want to achieve, you know what kind of marketing strategy to use. Then, you will make a good estimation about how much you can afford to pay. While calculating your overall budget, you need to decide the timeline of returned capital on this marketing strategy as well. 

Make specific and realistic goals

It is important to set goals but make them more realistic so they are more possible to achieve. Also, make sure that your goals are more specific. Don’t just expect your revenue to increase in just one day without knowing how the marketing strategy truly works. For example, what you want to achieve with the resources you have now. Then, find out how you can outline your budget successfully. 

Make space for giveaways

Today, giveaways are not something uncommon since many social media users are already familiar with how their following often offer giveaways in certain occasion. Giveaways should be included in your budget estimation. They are powerful tools you can use to attract customers when you can use them correctly. By including them in your budget, you can be more creative with your giveaway ideas, making them more interesting for customers.

Understand the competition

 You may have seen how other brands within your niche are already doing great with their social media marketing because they are very well-funded. Hence, you need to know whether or not the result of your social media marketing result worth the money you are going to spend on it. See if you can really compete with them or find more unique marketing channels in social media to use instead. 

Use relevant platforms

There are different social media platforms you can use to utilize your marketing strategies. It seems impossible for you to manage all platforms at the same time. Not to mention that it requires more budget if you choose to use all social media platforms available. Instead, you may choose one or two relevant platforms that are relevant to your business. 

You may consider your goals and values in using the platform. For example, you may choose LinkedIn since it is more professional and relevant with your business with the goal to inform and educate rather than to merely entertain. Then, it will be easier for you to set appropriate budget.

Komodo Liveaboard Snorkeling: Charter your own boat

One of the most fascinating activities in Indonesia is Komodo snorkeling. Komodo national park snorkeling is a world-class attraction, despite the attention paid to dragons and scuba diving. What makes snorkeling in this location so special? What will I see in Komodo when snorkeling? Is Komodo snorkeling a safe hobby for the entire family to participate in? To satisfy your hobby, Komodo liveaboard snorkeling is the best and smart for your next adventure.

Komodo Liveaboard Snorkeling: Charter your own boat

Why charter Komodo liveaboard snorkeling?

The harbor in Labuan Bajo is a community on the water, filled with all kinds of small boats and boats. You will be greeted by the boat owners as they each invited us to have a look. It’s certainly not difficult to find a liveaboard big enough for your needs. The touts selling group tours on Jl. Soekarno Hatta has offered much smaller ships than you can find in the harbor.

The bulk of boats in Labuan Bajo are Makassar-built traditional wooden watercraft. They have a distinct style, but they don’t provide the best living conditions, and their facilities are relatively basic. Ours included a small open kitchen area in the back, as well as a tiny saltwater toilet and shower. Komodo liveaboard snorkeling charter will be very profitable. You can save time reaching many snorkeling spots.

What makes Komodo snorkeling unique?

There are more fish and coral species in the Coral Triangle (which includes Indonesia, the Philippines, and Papua New Guinea) than anyplace else on the earth. Fortunately, the Komodo area is right in the heart of this historical hotspot! Indonesia boasts the most marine biodiversity of any country, with over 500 coral species and over 1000 fish species. Some of the greatest spots to witness this wonderful fauna may be found in Komodo National Park. Since the 1980s, Komodo has been protected from overfishing as a marine national park. This means there is plenty of fish to see as well as healthy coral.

Snorkeling Komodo is diverse; a snorkeling vacation here entails more than just swimming among the hard coral reefs. There are plenty of great reefs to explore, but there are also some rare encounters. When you rent Komodo liveaboard snorkeling, you have the freedom to choose the best snorkeling sites when the conditions are ideal. Let’s take a look at three of Komodo’s most unusual snorkeling experiences.

Meet The Manta Rays

Swimming with manta rays is one of life’s biggest bucket list experiences. Manta rays are truly ocean gentle giants. These innocuous filter feeders have wingspans of up to 5 meters and feed on plankton. The moniker “devil ray” was given to them because of their unusual morphology; yet, unlike their cousins, the stingray, mantas lack a stinger. There are various places in Komodo where you can see these incredible creatures, but Makassar Reef is the most reliable. When the rays are feeding, they will move gently back and forth at the surface, making snorkeling with them very easy. It’s sheer luxury to be able to get up and personal with these magnificent creatures.

Tatawa Besar, Siaba Kecil, and Makassar Reef are excellent places to experience this adrenaline sensation. As a safety measure, our attentive tender driver will follow the snorkelers as they drift along. It’s normal to go for a few more drifts once everyone has returned to the tender boat.

Snorkel Drift

Are you ready to pump up your adrenaline? Due to currents bringing in a continual stream of plankton, Komodo boasts thriving coral reefs. At different times of the day, the currents can be fairly vigorous in different locations of the park. Thankfully, our expert crew has extensive knowledge of the tides and currents. The uninformed may find current daunting, but it’s actually a lot of fun. Drifting along a coral reef with the current pushing you along is the ideal way to enjoy the current. As the corals and fish fly by underneath you, a drift snorkel gives you the sensation of being in the air.

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