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How To Maximize The Benefits Of Napping

People have different opinions about napping. Some people see it as something unnecessary because it can distract them from being productive with their work. Meanwhile, some others view it as necessity for them to recharge their energy. Regardless of your view about napping, there are benefits it brings. However, there are also many factors that affect those benefits such as the time of the day, the length, etc. 

How To Maximize The Benefits Of Napping

Do you need to nap?

It is important to know why you need to nap on your daily. You may have been working night shifts , suffering from insomnia, a new mother, etc. There are many reasons that drive you to have a daily nap. However, if you need to nap because it has become a daily essential for you to function, you need to dig deeper into the real problems. It is always best to talk to professionals so you can figure out the reason why you constantly need napping, or why you are easily tired recently.

Benefits of napping to maximize

Keep in mind that there are also some drawbacks of napping such as waking up feeling sluggish or disoriented while you have task to tend to. You might also develop insomnia if you schedule your nap wrong such as too close to bedtime. As for the benefits of napping include improved mood, increased alertness, reduced fatigue, improved performance, and enhanced relaxation. Also, there are ways for you to get the most out of napping and fully get the benefits:

Avoid napping for too long

It is best to schedule your napping and set allotted amount of time for it. Avoid napping too long if you don’t want to experience sluggishness. Nap only for about 20 to 30 minutes since it is the ideal length for a nap. 

Avoid napping after

The most ideal time to nap is between 1-2 pm. It is usually time when you feel your energy level is decreasing and you need to recharge it. Also, afternoon nap in those times is ideal because it is not too close to your bedtime. Hence, it won’t disturb your circadian rhythm. Or, you can also adjust your napping time according to your school or work schedule if necessary. 

See the mood right for napping peacefully

It is best to have short but peaceful nap rather than long but full of disturbance that keep waking you. Hence, set tranquil environment to nap so you get more relaxed. Eliminate distractions such as loud noise,  blinding lights, and hot temperature. 

Allow enough time to wake up

It is best to give yourself time to fully wake up before resuming your activities. It is to avoid unnecessary discomforts from being dragged into reality from a peaceful dream. It allows your body and mind to get the control and adjust to the real world after napping. If you set alarm to wake you from napping, make sure to give few minutes before the actual time to back to your activities. It helps you to prevent grogginess.