Simple Things to Love in Nusa Dua Beach Resort

Your mind is getting dulled by overloaded office tasks and daily grinds. It’s just time for an oceanfront gateway. Bali, a little islands in SEA which famous for its pristine beaches, cultural traditions, and rolling green paddies boasts countless places where you can immerse on the beauty of the shores. However, not every beachfront hotel has everything you need to unwind and enjoy the relaxing tropical setting. We have our eyes set to this particular Nusa Dua beach resort, the Holiday Inn Bali Benoa and simple things that will make you fall for this place. 

Simple Things to Love in Nusa Dua Beach Resort

It’s A Romantic Nusa Dua Beach Resort

We are not talking about rose petals on bed and cheesy things like that. We are talking about the ambience. A room with stylish elegant decor, luxurious design, and stunning views of the ocean right from the window. It’s the daydreaming vibes infused by tropical charm that creates the perfect romantic ambience. This is a place where you can spend a slow day in the sun with your loved one. 

It’s Perfect for A Quiet Gateway 

The Nusa Dua region is famous for being one of the best coats in Bali with super stunning beaches. Imagine stripes of unpolluted white golden sands and blue ocean. That’s what Nusa Dua looks like. Also, this part of Bali is dotted with resorts which make it less busy than Seminyak, Legian, Canggu, and other famous tourist hub. Combine the two and you get the best of both world. Tucked comfortably at one of the hidden bay of Benoa, the Holiday Inn Nusa Dua beach resort is just perfect for couple who seek tranquility and peace for a few days.

The Scrumptious Breakfast!

The Scrumptious Breakfast!

Breakfast is glorious in this resort and you’ll never get to move on from it. From local dishes to American breakfast, from mouthwatering meat deli to healthy vegan choices, you get it all. Food are a serious matter here. Eat them at your bed, at the restaurant, or by the pool. We love to grab our lunch and dinner at the resort as well. it’s such a lost opportunity to not trying all the delectable dishes while you are there. 

It’s Close to Some of Best Beaches in Bali

At the Holiday Inn Nusa Dua you are entitled to enjoy a private white sand beach right at the doorstep. But if you are feeling adventurous, you can take a short ride to dozens of pretty beaches around Nusa Dua and Jimbaran. Staying at Nusa Dua means you have shorter travel time to explore these beaches than if you stay around Canggu or Ubud. 

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The Pool!

The Pool!

But what is a island holiday without a pool? Enter four pools at the Holiday Inn Nusa Dua beach resort. Well, one of them is a kiddie pool so you have three pools to soak in. Pools are sparkling clean, as expected, and one of the largest pool face right to the ocean. Grab your favourite drink from the pool bar and lounge with style. It’s a summer holiday at its best. 

Holiday Inn Nusa Dua Beach Resort Signature Pillow is Just the Best 

Have you ever think that the good sleep you get at the resort is one of the best thing from the holiday? Holiday makers often question what pillows do resorts use—cause they are so good! We know people who keep coming back to Holiday Inn on their vacation just because they liked the pillow. In fact, Holiday Inn’s pillow is often referred as one of the most comfortable hotel pillows. Their signature hard and soft pillow are just the best at inducing a good night sleep to its guests. Try one and you’ll need extra motivation to get up from bed on the next morning.