Practicing Empathy When Running Your Business

Empathy can be translated into the ability to see thing from another perspective. Hence, we don’t always see things from our own angle to truly understand what is going on or what makes other people do or speak in certain way. Some people might be born with more empathetic tendency while others are lack in that area. However, empathy is something we can learn and develop to as we grow. It is not only important to build personal relationship but also professional one. 

Practicing Empathy When Running Your Business

Empathy in business today

Not many people are able to stay grounded after being hit with the pandemic situation. Business industry is also taken a big hit and unemployment is one of the impact. It also has forced us to work from home and being separated from our team, co-workers, and employees. Therefore, practicing empathy at work is necessary now to make he situation a little more bearable. 

Empathy helps strengthen relationship 

By practicing empathy within your work environment even if it is currently remote, is beneficial for everyone. In this situation building healthy and positive relationship can help strengthen our mental health. Thus, we have more chance to survive this bad situation. Empathy is one of the keys for strong relationship including in professional setting. It has been an underused element and now is the time to take full of benefit of it. 

Practice your self-empathy

Practice your self-empathy

Before showing your empathy to other people within work environment such as your teams or employees, it is necessary to practice self-empathy. It means you have to evaluate your thoughts, feelings, as well as experience in more objective way. Self-judgement is needed to make us more driven and motivated. However, it can also lead to self-doubt and low self-esteem. Hence, empathy will allow you to practice mindfulness to combat those negative feelings. 

Think of your thoughts and feeling

You can take some time in a day to observe your own thoughts and feelings. Try to understand where they come from. However, do not try to fight them. To not let yourself succumb in self-judgment, try to avoid excessive social media because it may lead you to comparing yourself to others. When you understand your thoughts and feelings, you will have more control and make conscious change when necessary. 

Try to show more compassion to your team

If one of the members fail to complete given task or late in meeting deadline, try to hold yourself from spitting insult or rude comments. Negative response will only result in negative situation. Try to give them a chance when they mistakes so long as they show you their willingness and efforts to be better. 

Empathy to customers

Also, it is important to practice empathy to your dear customers. During this global pandemic, the number of complaints may arise due to the rise of panic and stress. Dealing with stress customers is not easy either. If you have customers who are struggling to pay on time, try to compromise by offering a solution such as extended deadlines or pay in installments. It shows them that you care about them and are willing to help even yourself is dealing with tough times.