Buying Bali Real Estate for Sale: 8 Things to Check!

Buying Bali Real Estate for Sale: 8 Things to Check!

Do you wish you could spend your vacations in Bali in your own private beach house in canggu or rustic mountain cabin up in Kintamani? If you have a large family, travel frequently, wanting to take action in vacation rental business or simply want a somewhere to call home while you’re in Bali, purchasing a Bali real estate for sale may be the best option.

However, where do you start looking for one that meets all of your requirements? There are numerous factors to consider while searching for the ideal home away from home, ranging from new appliances and local amenities to location and seclusion.

First Thing to Check: The Location of Bali Real Estate for Sale

When you’re looking for a home, one of the first decisions you’ll make is where you want to live. You will choose the greatest location that meets your preferences and interests, whether it is for living or investment. It’s a good idea to check at properties in and around the neighborhood once you’ve decided on a location or places to see how much and what type of development is taking place. It’s also a good idea to find out if the neighborhood has any future ambitions, such as additional hotels or shopping districts.

The Size of the Bali Real Estate

The Size of the Bali Real Estate

Every style of villa (which typically range in size from two to six bedrooms) has its own market, according to experience. In town, smaller villas are easy to rent. The larger the villa, the further away from urban attractions the vacationers choose.

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Smaller Bali Villas

If your plot of land is large enough, you might want to explore building two (or more) smaller villas on it. Each one should be entirely self-contained, with its own garden, pool, and entrance. You’ll have more renting options as a result of this.

Larger Bali Villas

Another option for larger estates, particularly those located outside of town, is to construct a “destination” villa.

This is a villa with such high-quality facilities and service – as well as a food and beverage service that rivals a 5-star hotel – that guests don’t feel compelled to leave the property for daily activities or dining out. Large homes are also suitable as settings for functions such as weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, theme parties, or corporate offsites, and this should be included in your architectural mandate depending on what you are attempting to achieve with your market positioning.

Needs For Maintenance And Repair

Regular maintenance and repair bills frequently come as a shock to new homeowners, and your holiday property is no exception. Make sure you have enough money to handle these expenses. One rule is to budget for maintenance at 1% of the home’s purchasing price. While this isn’t a precise measurement, it’s a solid starting point for determining how much money you should put aside. You should also think about the home’s age and condition; older properties will cost more to maintain.

Route of Access

Ascertain that you have full legal access to the land and that the road/lane connecting your villa to the main road is not privately held. The size and condition of the access road are other key factors to consider.

Check the Accessibility of Your Future Bali Villa

Being within a reasonable driving distance of dining, shopping, entertainment, and recreational activities is critical if you’re buying with the intention of renting. You should also make sure that the road leading to your villa is in good condition. Many roads are too narrow for cars to park while also allowing other vehicles to pass. Check to see if your peaceful little street is truly silent at all times of the day and night. During morning and evening rush hours, certain secondary streets and lanes become clogged with traffic.

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The Land Certificate of the Bali Real Estate for Sale

Examine the documents that connect you to the land certificate to ensure that the land corresponds to the land certificate. You must also verify that the land location and boundary correspond to the land certificate. A certified Notary or Lawyer can examine the land certificate and related acquisition documentation.

Double Check the Zoning and Permit

Prior to making a purchase of any Bali real estate for sale, make sure you can obtain a Building Permit (IMB) and that the land is zoned correctly to ensure there are no restrictions that could jeopardize the construction of your villa. Some people have purchased land that has been designated as Green Belt or agriculturally zoned but have been unable to build on it.

Existing properties and undeveloped property both require licensing and zoning. If you buy a house and want to rent it out for commercial purposes in the future, make sure it’s legal. You should also be aware that if your proposed structure is taller than a nearby temple, you may not be able to build.

Insurance Cost for Your Bali Real Estate

Determine how much you’ll spend on insurance, especially if you’re planning to buy in a densely forested or water-rich location. Because wildfires, hurricanes, and flooding are common in these areas, you may need to acquire additional insurance to ensure you’re covered in the case of a severe natural disaster.