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Discovering the Elusive Mola Mola in Nusa Penida

Why Mola Mola Loves to Swim in Nusa Penida

Mola Mola is presumably the most strange looking—just as one of the most extraordinary—fish to be found in shallow water. A marvel of the remote ocean, which we know as where more bizarre animals abide. Mola Mola isn’t your regular pelagic—they are the heaviest hard fish on the planet, the most egg-laying fish, additionally the solitary fish to seem like a coasting massive fish head on the blue sea. It’s difficult to detect the sunfish. They are not excessively normal, they just love explicit water, and once they arrive at adulthood, they travel alone. Notwithstanding of their capturing visuals, we know next to no about the sunfish—which made even troublesome as this animal invest its energy to a great extent on the more profound ocean. For instance, Mola Mola has not been spotted for more than eight years in California alone. Fortunately, they are a customary here in Bali. The Mola Mola is a lasting occupant of Nusa Penida, where divers from all around the planet run each year expecting a sight of this slippery animal. 

Why Mola Mola Loves to Swim in Nusa Penida

Seeing Mola Mola in Nusa Penida

Possibly it’s the warm tropical temperature. Possibly it’s the cleaning station in ensured coves of Nusa Penida. Or on the other hand possibly its both. In any case, the seldom located Mola Mola is satisfied to hang out, live, and conceive an offspring in Nusa Penida waters. Water temperature in Nusa Penida ranges between 20º – 24ºC and is wealthy in microscopic fish, jam fishes, and little fishes. Essentially, the Mola Mola could never stress over food. Additionally, Nusa Penida has that cleaning station adored by astounding animals in the area. Nusa Penida’s cleaning station’s administration is popular among Manta Ray, Sharks, and different fishes to get standard cleanliness keep an eye on parasites. Mola Mola likewise adores getting their treatment in Nusa Penida. Their skin can get vigorously plagued by parasites—getting prepared by the cleaning fish is their yearly top choice. Likewise, that implies divers can have a consistent spot that nearly ensure locating of Mola Mola in Nusa Penida

Where Mola Mola Usually Live

Mola Mola to a great extent invest the majority of their energy in the remote ocean. They love to take care of around 150 meters beneath the water surface, down to the chilly strange place. In this manner their locating is so extraordinary. Mola Mola just rise now and again to the surface to get cleaned and getting sunbathe. Consider getting sun based re-energizing for your batteries. Expanding internal heat level is significant for Mola Mola—fortunately, the sun in Nusa Penida is in every case brilliant and bursting sweltering! 

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When Can You Find Mola Mola in Nusa Penida

July to November is when Nusa Penida waters is getting cooler, much obliged for flows stream from Lombok. The Mola Mola, diver of more profound profundities, normally discovered colder waters really engaging and this carry them to shallower water. This is the point at which they’ll be reserving their yearly arrangement at the cleaning station, and furthermore the best an ideal opportunity to notice Mola Mola in Nusa Penida. On the off chance that you are fortunate, you may get an opportunity of really spotting them laying level on their side on water surface to sunbathe!

Tips for Choosing the Best Liveaboard in Indonesia

Tips for Choosing the Best Liveaboard in Indonesia

The sailing trip has become so much more than a means of island hopping around Indonesia. These days, you can enjoy five-star service, amazing adventure, and world-class dining. Whether it’s your first sailing trip or you are a seasoned professional, choosing the best liveaboard in Indonesia doesn’t have to be difficult. Think of it like you would when booking a villa or hotel. There are many aspects to consider such as the location, style, size, and budget. Here are a few tips for choosing the best yacht in Indonesia.

Decide what type of best liveaboard in Indonesia you want?

Are you looking for an adventure expedition or luxury boat liveaboard? Would you like to sail aboard the latest boat or a classic liner but 40 or 50 years ago? In Indonesia, there are many beautiful older boats that offer a traditional sailing experience. But the modern boat offers a lot of affordable balconies and a luxurious dining room. The type of liveaboard you want will have a huge impact during the holiday.  There are boats to suit almost all tastes and budgets!

Tips for Choosing the Best Liveaboard in Indonesia

Consider the size

One of the biggest factors in choosing the best liveaboard in Indonesia for you is the size of the boat. Remember, the liveaboard comes in a different size. Furthermore, the different sizes are meant to serve various holiday purposes. Small liveaboard boasts a more exclusive and intimate atmosphere. Therefore, you have the chance to know the crew and fellow passengers very quickly. For larger liveaboards, it offers a bigger range of facilities, with more choices for a spacious room. For instance, there are liveaboard sizes for six people and some that can accommodate up to 10 guests. Besides the sizes, take a look at the interior’s layout as well. Since many liveaboards offer the same boat model but with a different layout. Considering the layout is important to make a perfect sailing trip.

Consider the amenities

Needless to say, the different boats will have a range of different amenities. All you need to do is work out which amenities are most important for your trip. Some best liveaboards will come with more sophisticated designs and facilities while others have a classic theme. However, some of the amenities to consider may include the bed, ensuite bathroom, air conditioning, dining areas, and deck space among others. Additional amenities may include a jacuzzi, spa room, entertainment facilities, and lounge rooms.

Get help to find the best liveaboard in Indonesia

Picking the best liveaboard is paramount to having the perfect sailing trip. However, the Hello Indo team will present you with the choice of boat to match your requirement and budget. Your itinerary, your menu, everything is personalized to maximize your enjoyment.

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Five Reasons to Choose a Wisesa Liveaboard For Your Next Party

Derya Liveaboard, A Perfect Vacation During Pandemic

Five Reasons to Choose a Wisesa Liveaboard For Your Next Party

Wisesa Liveaboard

Are you planning on having a birthday party? Celebrating it on a liveaboard is probably a unique idea. Hosting your intimate birthday party on a boat can be an exciting experience, especially for your guests. Whether you want an intimate dinner with clinking champagne glasses, a beautiful night surrounded by the harbor lights, or even spend your birthday with a fun adventure. Wisesa Liveaboard will tailor a birthday party to suit your tastes. Here are 5 reasons why you should host your birthday party on a boat.

First class facilities on Wisesa Liveaboard

Chartering a Wisesa liveaboard comes with a few extra perks that you won’t find at other venues. A professional and kind crew will be present to tend to your every need to make your intimate party experience unforgettable. The liveaboard is a marvelous boat carrying the traditions of Indonesia into the future. The boat is designed for small groups. Wisesa has 4 nice cabins with air-conditioning. Wisesa also features an indoor dining area, sun deck, diving deck, and bar for your intimate birthday.

Incredibly unique venue

When it comes to something different, few places manage to match the amazing atmosphere of a boat. Nothing is more intimate than spending a special day with your best friends on a boat. This liveaboard can fit up to 10 people.

Wisesa Liveaboard

Unlimited possibilities for entertainment

There are many ways to entertain your best friends onboard. For instance, you can have the boat stop at the remote island to chill and sun-tan at the gorgeous beach. You can also enjoy the sea breeze on your deck. If you’d prefer something more challenging for your boat birthday party, another option you could take is to try water activities. Moreover, this boat is focused on an exciting adventure. With a focus on snorkeling, diving, and surfing. Your guests will have a chance to connect with pristine nature and experience Indonesia’s wonders. Besides the exciting activities, you can bring along a Bluetooth speaker and blast some good playlists to liven up the atmosphere.

Wisesa Liveaboard offers fantastic experience

For those who don’t get the chance to sail on the water all that often; a boat event will be a fantastic experience! With the white peaks of billowing waves, the stunning remote islands from the sea level, glittering expanse of ocean. Celebrating birthdays among loved ones with the blue ocean in the background will give you beautiful memories to last a lifetime. You will have some fantastic memories on the boat. For instance, swimming, dancing, eating surrounded by your friends.  Enjoying the good weather, music, and eating surrounded by your friends.

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Great scenery

Wake up every day at an amazing destination. You along with your friends can enjoy the stunning view of different destinations which might be some majestic mountains and stunning beaches. There’s no doubt that any boat will give you a gorgeous view of the island and breathtaking ocean.

Derya Liveaboard, A Perfect Vacation During Pandemic

Derya Liveaboard

What is the perfect holiday idea during COVID? Nothing compares to the experience of a liveaboard trip in a remote destination of Indonesia’s archipelago. Sailing with a liveaboard offers the perfect opportunity to get away from it all and just be with your family and friends on the water. Derya Liveaboard is currently one of the safest holiday options available, and an excellent alternative to other luxury holiday options. The boat features lovely cabins with two separately shared bathrooms. For those who are looking for an adventure with a small group of friends or family, this liveaboard is a great option for you. Immerse yourself in a gorgeous destination and enjoy a different view every day! Here are the reasons why sailing with this liveaboard is the perfect vacation during COVID.

You’re in total control of your Derya liveaboard trip

A liveaboard holiday is an attractive option as you are out on the blue water, away from thousand people, and surrounded by breeze air. You can avoid the worries that come with having to mingle with other travelers in a public place. With Derya liveaboard , you and your family or friends are in total control and comfort. This liveaboard can be the ultimate social-distancing staycation.

You can plan your own itinerary

If you want to keep away from crowded people, spend a little time researching your itinerary carefully. There are some amazing sailing destinations around Indonesia. The first thing to do when planning a liveaboard trip is to decide which place you want to visit. With this liveaboard, you have a chance to swim in the stunning underwater with tropical fish surrounding you. Remember, your itinerary may alter during the week based on the weather.

Derya liveaboard

Dining on Derya liveaboard

One of the highlights of chartering a liveaboard is the fine dining experiences. It means, you don’t have to dine out. Food on the liveaboard is abundant and delicious. When it comes to sailing holidays, no restaurants in the world that can match the personalized menu, the perfect service, and the delightful ambiance of a liveaboard. A liveaboard is your opportunity to have your own gourmet restaurant with a professional chef at your beck and call.

You can recharge your wellbeing

The liveaboard holiday might be one of the best ways to spend quality time outside, far away from traffic jams or jobs. Being out on the blue crystal water puts you in a good mood. The sun rays kiss your skin on a nice morning in the blue ocean. You also can see the fishes dancing in the water beneath you. Furthermore, being out on the ocean has a beneficial effect on health and wellbeing. The water has a calming effect and the wide expensive views help quieten busy minds.

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5 of The Most Beautiful Island to Explore in Flores With Jakare Liveaboard

Five Fun Things to Do on a Raja Ampat Liveaboard Trip

Raja Ampat Liveaboard

Raja Ampat is an ideal base for island hopping in Indonesia.This stunning island offers so many things to see and do from beautiful beaches, diving, and learn historical culture. In addition to the extraordinary scenery, Raja Ampat has some outstanding areas of beauty that make for the perfect sailing heaven. Raja Ampat liveaboard trip will introduce you to a world of exotic beauty and idyllic islands. A holiday with a liveaboard is one of the most exciting and relaxing activities to engage in. There are countless fun things you can do while on the liveaboard to spice up your trip.

Play music on Raja Ampat Liveaboard

If you are planning a holiday with Raja Ampat Liveaboard, one thing you want to have is great music. Listen music is famous for its relaxing power. Music brings people together and transports you to another destination, so whether you’re soaking up the Raja Ampat Sea or watching sunset from your balcony, your holiday isn’t complete without the perfect playlist.

Diving and snorkeling in Raja Ampat

Diving and snorkeling are perfect boating activity, especially on the remote island of Raja Ampat. Raja Ampat welcomes divers all year round with its warm water. Diving on this stunning island with Raja Ampat Liveaboard will introduce you to some of the best dive sites in Indonesia. In Raja Ampat, you can find almost 550 species of coral, over 700 different types of mollusks, around 17 different species of whale and dolphin, and 1711 types of fish. Most divers come to the island for the sheer diversity of marine biodiversity. Some come for the big stuff. For instance, turtles, manta rays, and sharks. They also come for macro biodiversity. Such as pygmy seashores, blue ring octopus, and the ghost pipefish. Some are here to spot the unbelievable colorful coral reefs. Do a little research to find perfect dive spots and head out for a nautical staycation!

Day tripping

Besides spending time on a boat or above the water, there are also onshore activities you can enjoy during a liveaboard holiday. This island is the perfect place to catch the most picturesque sunsets ever. Enjoy a cocktail on the white sandy beach as you watch these magical sunsets. Look around, and go sightseeing on the stunning island.

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Fun and games

A liveaboard trip isn’t fun without some exciting games. Make sure to take board games. For instance, Jaws, Dixit, or Cat Crimes. All these games are suitable for all ages and for players of up to four.

Read your favorite books

What is better than relaxing on a liveaboard reading a book? When there is calm in the water and you can’t hear a sound for miles away, so it’s a good time to get out your favorite book.

5 of The Most Beautiful Island to Explore in Flores With Jakare Liveaboard

Jakare Liveaboard

Flores is the most enchanting island in the East Nusa Tenggara. This beautiful island in Indonesia means “Flowers”, although there are no roses or sunflowers to be seen here. Some people come to this island, for its stunning underwater. In Flores, you can swim in pristine beaches, lakes, or waterfalls. This island is a diver’s paradise, you have the chance to dive at one of the top spectacular dive sites on the planet. Here, you also can find beautiful sunset, white sandy beaches, friendly local people, and lakes. Make your Flores holiday an unforgettable experience by renting a Jakare liveaboard. Take a liveaboard holiday to discover idyllic beaches and near-deserted islands, explore Flores’s island, visit the local people, or dive and snorkel the crystal-clear waters.

Jakare Liveaboard to the island in Maumere

Maumere is located at the eastern end of Flores Island. The area is the largest town on the island. In Maumere, you can spot the beautiful underwater scenery to the excitement of shopping at the traditional market. There are several dive sites around the Maumere that allow for year-round diving. With plenty to see along the beautiful white sandy beaches, Maumere makes an unforgettable destination when you are traveling to Flores. One of the best ways to explore Maumere is by Jakare Liveaboard.

Lembata Island

Lembata is the largest of Indonesia’s Lesser Sunda Islands. The island has a length of 80 km southwest-northeast, the highest elevation point of 1533m, and a width of 30 km. This beautiful island is well known throughout the world as the home of traditional whaling. One of the unique villages that must be visited on Lembata Island is Lamalera. Lamalera is a unique village on the shores of the Savu coast in Lembata district. Furthermore, there is a unique characteristic about this small village, the male is hunting whales.

Pura Island

Pura is a small island located in the middle of the Alor Strait. This island is surrounded by an exotic reef offering some of the best underwater life. Here, there are thousands of anemone carpets and Clark’s anemonefish. You can find various types of landscapes and exciting attractions once arriving at Pura Island. Make sure to take a lot of pictures while visiting Pura Island later.

Jakare Liveaboard take you to Alor

Alor Island is one of the stunning small islands north of West Timor, Indonesia. It is a home to many endemic species of fish and offers world class diving. The island has an area of about 2800 km². Therefore, making Alor the largest island of the archipelago.

Komba Island

Komba is a small and uninhabited island located in the Band Sea North-East of Flores. Here, you can also find colorful coral that thrives beneath the surface and starkly contrasts against the dark sand.

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Why Hosting Business Meeting in Nusa Dua Resorts is Advantageous

Why Hosting Business Meeting in Nusa Dua Resorts is Advantageous

Why Hosting Business Meeting in Nusa Dua Resorts is Advantageous

We don’t see any reason why business meetings have to be boring. Forget the time when you have to attend a boring, cookie-cutter type of business meetings where everyone looks so stern and stiff. Next time you hold a networking event or inviting investors for some business presentations, think of doing it in Nusa Dua resorts. Here’s how a beach resort could help you achieve the goals.

The Proximity to Airport from Nusa Dua Resorts

The Holiday Inn Nusa Dua Resorts is situated in the close proximity of Ngurah Rai International Ariport. It’s only 18 minutes away via the Bali Mandara Ocean Highway which obviously have no traffic on the road. Your guests don’t have to deal with traffics and road hustles as they might face in the congested Denpasar. For business persons with high mobility, this resort is ideally located to host conference or business meetings. 

Don’t want to make your guests late for their flight! 

A Treat for Business Relations

A Treat for Business Relations

Who says business meetings couldn’t be fun? We believe business meetings should be infused with a little retreat and a little adventures. In our opinion, time would be more efficiently invested when your guests are feeling being well-treated. Giving them the sheer luxury of seaside relaxation in Nusa Dua Resorts is one way to treat your guests that might lead the meeting to a fruitful result. 

Relaxing Beach Ambience from Conference Room

If you are hosting a medium to large scale business event, you’ll certainly need the conference room or meeting hall. With an array of banquet facilities, you don’t have to worry about anything else. The resort will take cover of all your meeting needs. They will make sure to provide services and detailed attention, from catering to audio video facilities to distributing pen for every attendant.

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World-Class Cuisine at Nusa Dua Resorts that’ll Win the Heart of Investors

World-Class Cuisine at Nusa Dua Resort that’ll Win the Heart of Investors

Have you ever been invited to a business meeting and get slightly disappointed by the quality of the food they give? Not that it severely minus your judgement to the meeting host, but you would definitely left with good impression if the food choice was better. This is how the Nusa Dua resorts could help polish up your image. Be it at the restaurant or at the conference hall, they give the best culinary experiences to their guests. 

Luxury Rooms to Impress

You want your important clients and relations to leave with good impression so that you business could build a smooth pathway from this meeting. What’s better than providing sophisticated rooms at Nusa Dua Resorts for one or two nights? Business makers are known to shower their relations with treats to keep the relationship, and this is how you can do it right. 

What You Should Prepare for A Scuba Diving Trip to Komodo

What You Should Prepare for A Scuba Diving Trip to Komodo

The Komodo National Park is one of the best dive destination in South East Asia, if not in the world. Located in the southern east of Indonesia, the region acts as a bottleneck between the Indian and Pacific Ocean, getting fed by the constant stream form the two ocean. The result is nutrient-rich water and the bloom of marine life. Komodo water is brimming with all kind of marine creatures; from the wonderful micro life such as nudibranchs, pygmy seahorses, variety species of crabs and shrimps, to the ocean giants like reef sharks and Manta Ray. Komodo is also home for more than 250 species of hard and soft corals and more than 1,000 species of tropical fishes which make the underwater bursts with color! Having a scuba diving trip to Komodo is such a dream for many ocean enthusiasts—and here are things you should think of before going there. 

Get to Know with the Surrounding of Scuba Diving Komodo

Get to Know with the Surrounding of Scuba Diving Komodo

If you have dive trip experiences in your travel journey before, you would know that each dive sites has their own characteristics. Diving in the Great Barrier Reef Australia, let’s say, will not be the same as diving in the Red Sea Egypt. This is the importance of knowing the surrounding of Komodo before you go scuba diving there. It would give you real expectation of the situation and give you better chance to come prepared. 

Packing Preparation Based on Komodo’s Surrounding 

The Komodo is a set of island spread in Indonesia’ driest region, receiving the fewest rainfall from the rest of the country. This is why most of the islands in Komodo is barren and mostly covered in savannah vegetation. Likewise, the weather could be very hot and humid—sometimes even hotter than Bali. The water is warm, ranging from 22ºC in the south Komodo to 29ºC in the northern region. Common dive suit is the 3mm one, but you can just wear the shortie if you want! Life would be hotter in the diving liveaboard, so we suggest to stock up on swim wears and thin summer t-shirt. Sunscreen is a must, preferably SPF 50 and reef friendly.  

Take Sometime for Sightseeing Aside the Diving

Take Sometime for Sightseeing Aside the Diving

Once you set foot on Komodo, you’ll never be able to take off your eyes from it. There’s certain rustic and prehistoric charm to the (seemingly) barren island. Don’t miss your chance to explore these beautiful islands and get spectacular panoramic view from some of the peaks. Set some time on your scuba diving Komodo trip to pay a visit to these incredible islands and see the Komdoo Dragon itself. It’s going to be one of the highlight of your trip.

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Prepare Your Health Document 

The 2020 coronavirus pandemic has taught us that, above everything, health is number one. The pandemic changes the rules of travel; one can no longer take pleasure of travelling on a whim. To be able to dive in Komodo, you should apply an eHAC, Indonesia Health Alert Card issued by the Health Ministry of Indonesia. Prepare this alongside your passport and visa. 

Book A Scuba Diving Komodo Liveaboard

The easiest way to have an epic scuba diving adventure in Komodo is by hopping on liveaboard. There are countless diving liveaboard docked in Labuan Bajo! Of course, you can always opt to stay at dive resorts that spreads in Labuan Bajo, Komodo Island, Sebayur Island, or other small island within the National Park. However, liveaboard give you the flexibility of dive site options and the privilege to reach dive sites earlier than resorts’ boats. Embarking on liveaboard also give you a unique experience of sailing in remote frontier, which is a trip on itself!

Simple Things to Love in Nusa Dua Beach Resort

Your mind is getting dulled by overloaded office tasks and daily grinds. It’s just time for an oceanfront gateway. Bali, a little islands in SEA which famous for its pristine beaches, cultural traditions, and rolling green paddies boasts countless places where you can immerse on the beauty of the shores. However, not every beachfront hotel has everything you need to unwind and enjoy the relaxing tropical setting. We have our eyes set to this particular Nusa Dua beach resort, the Holiday Inn Bali Benoa and simple things that will make you fall for this place. 

Simple Things to Love in Nusa Dua Beach Resort

It’s A Romantic Nusa Dua Beach Resort

We are not talking about rose petals on bed and cheesy things like that. We are talking about the ambience. A room with stylish elegant decor, luxurious design, and stunning views of the ocean right from the window. It’s the daydreaming vibes infused by tropical charm that creates the perfect romantic ambience. This is a place where you can spend a slow day in the sun with your loved one. 

It’s Perfect for A Quiet Gateway 

The Nusa Dua region is famous for being one of the best coats in Bali with super stunning beaches. Imagine stripes of unpolluted white golden sands and blue ocean. That’s what Nusa Dua looks like. Also, this part of Bali is dotted with resorts which make it less busy than Seminyak, Legian, Canggu, and other famous tourist hub. Combine the two and you get the best of both world. Tucked comfortably at one of the hidden bay of Benoa, the Holiday Inn Nusa Dua beach resort is just perfect for couple who seek tranquility and peace for a few days.

The Scrumptious Breakfast!

The Scrumptious Breakfast!

Breakfast is glorious in this resort and you’ll never get to move on from it. From local dishes to American breakfast, from mouthwatering meat deli to healthy vegan choices, you get it all. Food are a serious matter here. Eat them at your bed, at the restaurant, or by the pool. We love to grab our lunch and dinner at the resort as well. it’s such a lost opportunity to not trying all the delectable dishes while you are there. 

It’s Close to Some of Best Beaches in Bali

At the Holiday Inn Nusa Dua you are entitled to enjoy a private white sand beach right at the doorstep. But if you are feeling adventurous, you can take a short ride to dozens of pretty beaches around Nusa Dua and Jimbaran. Staying at Nusa Dua means you have shorter travel time to explore these beaches than if you stay around Canggu or Ubud. 

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The Pool!

The Pool!

But what is a island holiday without a pool? Enter four pools at the Holiday Inn Nusa Dua beach resort. Well, one of them is a kiddie pool so you have three pools to soak in. Pools are sparkling clean, as expected, and one of the largest pool face right to the ocean. Grab your favourite drink from the pool bar and lounge with style. It’s a summer holiday at its best. 

Holiday Inn Nusa Dua Beach Resort Signature Pillow is Just the Best 

Have you ever think that the good sleep you get at the resort is one of the best thing from the holiday? Holiday makers often question what pillows do resorts use—cause they are so good! We know people who keep coming back to Holiday Inn on their vacation just because they liked the pillow. In fact, Holiday Inn’s pillow is often referred as one of the most comfortable hotel pillows. Their signature hard and soft pillow are just the best at inducing a good night sleep to its guests. Try one and you’ll need extra motivation to get up from bed on the next morning. 

How Business Leaders Should Act When Facing Challenging Conversation

How Business Leaders Should Act When Facing Challenging Conversation

Business leaders are often faced with difficult situation. Be it making decision, handling difficult clients, or holding challenging conversation. Engaging in difficult conversation is a thing that every business leader might have experienced in their career. During this pandemic, business leaders are required to stay on guard and handle it well. It is not an easy situation to handle. Intense emotion and responsibility can cause intense crisis within themselves. 

Challenging conversation to be faced by business leaders

During a difficult conversation business leaders may feel overwhelmed because they still have to bring their strength as a leader while maintaining effective communication. Not to mention that every conversation is valuable because it must have learning opportunities. Here are tips for business leaders to handle difficult conversation well.

Clear purposes on every statements

For every conversation, make sure that there is clear purpose and you state it clearly from the beginning. Thus, even if you are wandering through clash and disagreements, you will still have purpose to get back to. It will be a reminder of why you hold the conversation to begin with. It can help you to forget all unnecessary fights and focus on the goals or purposes. 

Address any understandings before it goes wild

How Business Leaders Should Act When Facing Challenging Conversation

During a difficult conversation, there must be a moment when you feel something off or uncomfortable. Before it goes too far and cause misunderstanding, it is wise to acknowledge what makes you concern or uneasy. The root of it can be either you or the other make mistakes. It can be probably because of misunderstanding. If you make mistakes, address the issue and apologize. Do not get offended if the others call you out when you have gotten it wrong. Be open-minded and receptive.

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Know where to stand

It is also critical to position yourself. It will remind you and others to understand the vantage point. For example, you need to let the others know that the topic you are going to discuss is something new for you. Or, you can also let them know that you have your expertise in the matter if that’s the case. Thus, the others will also understand if you speak from your experience or from other perspectives. This can prevent unnecessary clash and instead lead to mutual understanding.

Put emotions away

In business or professional conversation, many suggest that you should do it with emotional detachment and focus only on the goals. However, it doesn’t always come with good result. In fact, it is great to embrace emotion during difficult conversation. Use it as a powerful drive to result in the best outcome from the conversation. It also means you can acknowledge emotion that may radiates from each other during conversation and it is okay to do so.

Listen attentively

Be attentive during the conversation and listen more. Do not give immediate react to what others talk about. When you need clarity or understanding, you can ask question without interrupting others. Instead of react to the others, you can respond. Also, it is essential to avoid judging others. Instead, engage the conversation with curiosity and appreciation.