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Why Hosting Business Meeting in Nusa Dua Resorts is Advantageous

Why Hosting Business Meeting in Nusa Dua Resorts is Advantageous

We don’t see any reason why business meetings have to be boring. Forget the time when you have to attend a boring, cookie-cutter type of business meetings where everyone looks so stern and stiff. Next time you hold a networking event or inviting investors for some business presentations, think of doing it in Nusa Dua resorts. Here’s how a beach resort could help you achieve the goals.

The Proximity to Airport from Nusa Dua Resorts

The Holiday Inn Nusa Dua Resorts is situated in the close proximity of Ngurah Rai International Ariport. It’s only 18 minutes away via the Bali Mandara Ocean Highway which obviously have no traffic on the road. Your guests don’t have to deal with traffics and road hustles as they might face in the congested Denpasar. For business persons with high mobility, this resort is ideally located to host conference or business meetings. 

Don’t want to make your guests late for their flight! 

A Treat for Business Relations

A Treat for Business Relations

Who says business meetings couldn’t be fun? We believe business meetings should be infused with a little retreat and a little adventures. In our opinion, time would be more efficiently invested when your guests are feeling being well-treated. Giving them the sheer luxury of seaside relaxation in Nusa Dua Resorts is one way to treat your guests that might lead the meeting to a fruitful result. 

Relaxing Beach Ambience from Conference Room

If you are hosting a medium to large scale business event, you’ll certainly need the conference room or meeting hall. With an array of banquet facilities, you don’t have to worry about anything else. The resort will take cover of all your meeting needs. They will make sure to provide services and detailed attention, from catering to audio video facilities to distributing pen for every attendant.

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World-Class Cuisine at Nusa Dua Resorts that’ll Win the Heart of Investors

World-Class Cuisine at Nusa Dua Resort that’ll Win the Heart of Investors

Have you ever been invited to a business meeting and get slightly disappointed by the quality of the food they give? Not that it severely minus your judgement to the meeting host, but you would definitely left with good impression if the food choice was better. This is how the Nusa Dua resorts could help polish up your image. Be it at the restaurant or at the conference hall, they give the best culinary experiences to their guests. 

Luxury Rooms to Impress

You want your important clients and relations to leave with good impression so that you business could build a smooth pathway from this meeting. What’s better than providing sophisticated rooms at Nusa Dua Resorts for one or two nights? Business makers are known to shower their relations with treats to keep the relationship, and this is how you can do it right. 

What You Should Prepare for A Scuba Diving Trip to Komodo

What You Should Prepare for A Scuba Diving Trip to Komodo

The Komodo National Park is one of the best dive destination in South East Asia, if not in the world. Located in the southern east of Indonesia, the region acts as a bottleneck between the Indian and Pacific Ocean, getting fed by the constant stream form the two ocean. The result is nutrient-rich water and the bloom of marine life. Komodo water is brimming with all kind of marine creatures; from the wonderful micro life such as nudibranchs, pygmy seahorses, variety species of crabs and shrimps, to the ocean giants like reef sharks and Manta Ray. Komodo is also home for more than 250 species of hard and soft corals and more than 1,000 species of tropical fishes which make the underwater bursts with color! Having a scuba diving trip to Komodo is such a dream for many ocean enthusiasts—and here are things you should think of before going there. 

Get to Know with the Surrounding of Scuba Diving Komodo

Get to Know with the Surrounding of Scuba Diving Komodo

If you have dive trip experiences in your travel journey before, you would know that each dive sites has their own characteristics. Diving in the Great Barrier Reef Australia, let’s say, will not be the same as diving in the Red Sea Egypt. This is the importance of knowing the surrounding of Komodo before you go scuba diving there. It would give you real expectation of the situation and give you better chance to come prepared. 

Packing Preparation Based on Komodo’s Surrounding 

The Komodo is a set of island spread in Indonesia’ driest region, receiving the fewest rainfall from the rest of the country. This is why most of the islands in Komodo is barren and mostly covered in savannah vegetation. Likewise, the weather could be very hot and humid—sometimes even hotter than Bali. The water is warm, ranging from 22ºC in the south Komodo to 29ºC in the northern region. Common dive suit is the 3mm one, but you can just wear the shortie if you want! Life would be hotter in the diving liveaboard, so we suggest to stock up on swim wears and thin summer t-shirt. Sunscreen is a must, preferably SPF 50 and reef friendly.  

Take Sometime for Sightseeing Aside the Diving

Take Sometime for Sightseeing Aside the Diving

Once you set foot on Komodo, you’ll never be able to take off your eyes from it. There’s certain rustic and prehistoric charm to the (seemingly) barren island. Don’t miss your chance to explore these beautiful islands and get spectacular panoramic view from some of the peaks. Set some time on your scuba diving Komodo trip to pay a visit to these incredible islands and see the Komdoo Dragon itself. It’s going to be one of the highlight of your trip.

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Prepare Your Health Document 

The 2020 coronavirus pandemic has taught us that, above everything, health is number one. The pandemic changes the rules of travel; one can no longer take pleasure of travelling on a whim. To be able to dive in Komodo, you should apply an eHAC, Indonesia Health Alert Card issued by the Health Ministry of Indonesia. Prepare this alongside your passport and visa. 

Book A Scuba Diving Komodo Liveaboard

The easiest way to have an epic scuba diving adventure in Komodo is by hopping on liveaboard. There are countless diving liveaboard docked in Labuan Bajo! Of course, you can always opt to stay at dive resorts that spreads in Labuan Bajo, Komodo Island, Sebayur Island, or other small island within the National Park. However, liveaboard give you the flexibility of dive site options and the privilege to reach dive sites earlier than resorts’ boats. Embarking on liveaboard also give you a unique experience of sailing in remote frontier, which is a trip on itself!

Simple Things to Love in Nusa Dua Beach Resort

Your mind is getting dulled by overloaded office tasks and daily grinds. It’s just time for an oceanfront gateway. Bali, a little islands in SEA which famous for its pristine beaches, cultural traditions, and rolling green paddies boasts countless places where you can immerse on the beauty of the shores. However, not every beachfront hotel has everything you need to unwind and enjoy the relaxing tropical setting. We have our eyes set to this particular Nusa Dua beach resort, the Holiday Inn Bali Benoa and simple things that will make you fall for this place. 

Simple Things to Love in Nusa Dua Beach Resort

It’s A Romantic Nusa Dua Beach Resort

We are not talking about rose petals on bed and cheesy things like that. We are talking about the ambience. A room with stylish elegant decor, luxurious design, and stunning views of the ocean right from the window. It’s the daydreaming vibes infused by tropical charm that creates the perfect romantic ambience. This is a place where you can spend a slow day in the sun with your loved one. 

It’s Perfect for A Quiet Gateway 

The Nusa Dua region is famous for being one of the best coats in Bali with super stunning beaches. Imagine stripes of unpolluted white golden sands and blue ocean. That’s what Nusa Dua looks like. Also, this part of Bali is dotted with resorts which make it less busy than Seminyak, Legian, Canggu, and other famous tourist hub. Combine the two and you get the best of both world. Tucked comfortably at one of the hidden bay of Benoa, the Holiday Inn Nusa Dua beach resort is just perfect for couple who seek tranquility and peace for a few days.

The Scrumptious Breakfast!

The Scrumptious Breakfast!

Breakfast is glorious in this resort and you’ll never get to move on from it. From local dishes to American breakfast, from mouthwatering meat deli to healthy vegan choices, you get it all. Food are a serious matter here. Eat them at your bed, at the restaurant, or by the pool. We love to grab our lunch and dinner at the resort as well. it’s such a lost opportunity to not trying all the delectable dishes while you are there. 

It’s Close to Some of Best Beaches in Bali

At the Holiday Inn Nusa Dua you are entitled to enjoy a private white sand beach right at the doorstep. But if you are feeling adventurous, you can take a short ride to dozens of pretty beaches around Nusa Dua and Jimbaran. Staying at Nusa Dua means you have shorter travel time to explore these beaches than if you stay around Canggu or Ubud. 

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The Pool!

The Pool!

But what is a island holiday without a pool? Enter four pools at the Holiday Inn Nusa Dua beach resort. Well, one of them is a kiddie pool so you have three pools to soak in. Pools are sparkling clean, as expected, and one of the largest pool face right to the ocean. Grab your favourite drink from the pool bar and lounge with style. It’s a summer holiday at its best. 

Holiday Inn Nusa Dua Beach Resort Signature Pillow is Just the Best 

Have you ever think that the good sleep you get at the resort is one of the best thing from the holiday? Holiday makers often question what pillows do resorts use—cause they are so good! We know people who keep coming back to Holiday Inn on their vacation just because they liked the pillow. In fact, Holiday Inn’s pillow is often referred as one of the most comfortable hotel pillows. Their signature hard and soft pillow are just the best at inducing a good night sleep to its guests. Try one and you’ll need extra motivation to get up from bed on the next morning. 

How Business Leaders Should Act When Facing Challenging Conversation

How Business Leaders Should Act When Facing Challenging Conversation

Business leaders are often faced with difficult situation. Be it making decision, handling difficult clients, or holding challenging conversation. Engaging in difficult conversation is a thing that every business leader might have experienced in their career. During this pandemic, business leaders are required to stay on guard and handle it well. It is not an easy situation to handle. Intense emotion and responsibility can cause intense crisis within themselves. 

Challenging conversation to be faced by business leaders

During a difficult conversation business leaders may feel overwhelmed because they still have to bring their strength as a leader while maintaining effective communication. Not to mention that every conversation is valuable because it must have learning opportunities. Here are tips for business leaders to handle difficult conversation well.

Clear purposes on every statements

For every conversation, make sure that there is clear purpose and you state it clearly from the beginning. Thus, even if you are wandering through clash and disagreements, you will still have purpose to get back to. It will be a reminder of why you hold the conversation to begin with. It can help you to forget all unnecessary fights and focus on the goals or purposes. 

Address any understandings before it goes wild

How Business Leaders Should Act When Facing Challenging Conversation

During a difficult conversation, there must be a moment when you feel something off or uncomfortable. Before it goes too far and cause misunderstanding, it is wise to acknowledge what makes you concern or uneasy. The root of it can be either you or the other make mistakes. It can be probably because of misunderstanding. If you make mistakes, address the issue and apologize. Do not get offended if the others call you out when you have gotten it wrong. Be open-minded and receptive.

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Know where to stand

It is also critical to position yourself. It will remind you and others to understand the vantage point. For example, you need to let the others know that the topic you are going to discuss is something new for you. Or, you can also let them know that you have your expertise in the matter if that’s the case. Thus, the others will also understand if you speak from your experience or from other perspectives. This can prevent unnecessary clash and instead lead to mutual understanding.

Put emotions away

In business or professional conversation, many suggest that you should do it with emotional detachment and focus only on the goals. However, it doesn’t always come with good result. In fact, it is great to embrace emotion during difficult conversation. Use it as a powerful drive to result in the best outcome from the conversation. It also means you can acknowledge emotion that may radiates from each other during conversation and it is okay to do so.

Listen attentively

Be attentive during the conversation and listen more. Do not give immediate react to what others talk about. When you need clarity or understanding, you can ask question without interrupting others. Instead of react to the others, you can respond. Also, it is essential to avoid judging others. Instead, engage the conversation with curiosity and appreciation. 

Scuba Diving Komodo National Park: Why It’s Wonderful

Why Scuba Diving In Komodo National Park Is Beautiful

Komodo National Park is a diver’s paradise, with adrenaline pumping to encourage currents and dives as far as the eye can see. From incredible dive sites revered for their raging currents and spectacular views to incredible diving conditions, scuba diving in Komodo National Park can be world class. The best fish life and coral cover can be had by jumping into the waters of Komodo National Park, the largest and most biodiverse coral reef in the world. 

You Gonna Love Scuba Diving in Komodo

Whether you are an experienced diver or not, scuba diving in Komodo National Park is something you must experience, as it is one of the most beautiful places in the world to be able to dive. Whether you love the breathtaking dive sites or just exploring the coral reefs, Komodo National Park has a dive site for everyone. There are amazing dive sites that make it a great destination for all types of divers, from beginners to experienced divers.

If you are actually on this path, you should definitely do diving in Komodo National Park. Be sure to go to Manta Point and dive into the deepest part of the park, just a few hundred meters below the surface, and you will have a lot of fun every time. If you are travelling to Indonesia, you should definitely be at the top of your to-do list to travel, visit and dive the most beautiful and biodiverse coral reef in the world. 

Magical Seascape Under Komodo’s Waters

Magical Seascape Under Komodo’s Waters

The Komodo National Park is such a beautiful place to explore and dive. We really appreciate how animal protection also helps to preserve so much more, with the surrounding ocean and underwater photographers being the biggest beneficiaries. With more than 1.5 million square kilometers of coral reef, it is a great example of how protected animals also help to preserve so much more. 

Komodo National Park has a huge selection of stunning dive sites, but you don’t have to be a diver to admire the entire underwater world you would experience while diving. There are some selected dive sites suitable for beginners, but the best advanced divers are those who are familiar with deep water techniques such as diving and snorkeling. The best scuba diving option in Komodo National Park is diving safari, as the top spots are scattered over a large area. There are many different types of dive sites in the park, from shallow water to deep water, and although there is a wide variety of different types of dives, some are best suited for advanced divers. 

The current in the area attracts some of the most incredible marine life, including sharks, manta rays, octopuses and turtles. Manta Point in Komodo National Park is covered in water that gets the best of these magnificent creatures, but none of them can compare to the incredible coral reefs and amazing dive sites on the coral reefs. Komodo National Park is home to many amazing dive sites, such as the Great Barrier Reef, the Borneo Sea or the Indian Ocean, among many others. 

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A Marvellous Scuba Diving Journey in Komodo

A Marvellous Scuba Diving Journey in Komodo

Komodo National Park has many different dive sites, so it is best to plan a few days here, but you can easily spend 4-5 days doing nothing but diving. If you want to dive in Komodo National Park, choose a day to go here and your crew will take you to one of the best dive sites in the park, Komodo Island. This dive site is easily one of the best dives we have ever had, and much more, as it is home to over a dozen different dive sites.

A scuba diving safari to Komodo National Park starts and ends with diving from Lombok on the northern coast of Sumbawa down to Sumatra Island in the south and then starts and ends in Bali, the capital of Borneo and the second largest city of Indonesia. If you enjoy diving and snorkeling to the fullest at one of the most beautiful places in the world, a 4-5-day trip would suffice. 

If you have the budget, we strongly recommend you consider a diving safari to experience what diving in Komodo National Park has to offer. To put this into perspective, you would pay more for a 4-day trip to Bali or even a 3-day trip to Raja Ampat, but diving in Komodo is much better. 

Holiday at Best Family Resort Nusa Dua; What to Know

Thinking about spending some down time unwinding worldly worries at the comfort of best family resort Nusa Dua? Here are some useful insights to make your stay feel even more fulfilling.

A Holiday at Bali Family Resort Nusa Dua; What to Know

Best length to stay at Best family resort Nusa Dua

How long is too long? When you are going overseas to an exotic tropical island like Bali, how much time you want to spend at the resort? Do you want to spend all of your holidays in one resort or do you want to move places?

Most people will think that seven days is enough. However, you will quickly notice that seven days pass too fast before you are even ready to pack back. Some people feel that nearly 2 weeks of resort vacation is just right. If you are from near Bali or planning to move location after few days, we suggest you to spend a minimum 4 days at the best family resort Nusa Dua. That way you won’t feel rushed or missing something from the resort.

Your package doesn’t always include everything

Your package doesn’t always include everything

One package might include airport transfer, while other package give you a free kids club entry for the kiddos. Also, you will have to pay for treats like spa or cooking class. Just so you know, not all resort is all-inclusive and not all inclusive include everything.

You might want to go out the Best family resort Nusa Dua sometimes

You are in Bali! Get out and see the true charm of this island. The resort might have a private beach and irresistible pools, but that’s not everything. You need to see more. Rent a car and go around. See other beaches, visit temples, and eat out to taste the local cuisine.

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Immaterial Things to Bring to Komodo Diving Liveaboard

Tipping is not always expected

Tipping is generally not customary in Indonesia. Some staffs happily take tips, while others won’t accept this. If you are not sure whether to tips or not on the resort, you should ask first.

Bring your basic needs to the resort

Bring your basic needs to Bali Family Resort Nusa Dua

Just because you are staying at the luxurious and convenient best family resort Nusa Dua, doesn’t mean you can forget everything and just go. You want to bring all the basic necessities. Basic health supplies, skin care and make up, sunscreen, and snacks are necessaries. Remember; prices for simple bottle of sunblock or a bag of chips can sky rocketed in the resort. If you don’t want to overpay, prepare your basic needs accordingly.

Buy your souvenirs somewhere else

Not only that souvenirs in the resort is a bit overpriced, the choice is also limited. Besides, you don’t want to miss shopping opportunity in Bali! This island has great deal of selection when it comes to souvenir shops. The one-stop big souvenir mall, the traditional souvenir markets, the street shops, and everything in between. Your choice is endless and you shouldn’t limit it on the resort.

Komodo Boat Travel Could be the Most Memorable Things

Komodo Boat Travel Could be the Most Memorable Things

Beyond the overcrowded Bali lays the province of NTT where Flores and its famed Komodo National Park are located. It used to be a headache reaching the place. There are no direct international flights to the airport in Flores too, even now. But the remoteness of the destination protects it from destruction. Certainly the Komodo boat trip is one of the best ways to explore this amazing part of Indonesia. Let’s get to know some of the most popular things why this site is so loved.

Unforgettable Komodo boat trip

Exploring the Komodo National Park of the famed Flores is a one of the most memorable trips you could experience in the archipelagic country of Indonesia. There are certainly highlights of your travel; and each individual is different. Here are some of the most memorable highlights of this destination but of course, we encourage you to go there and curate some of your very own favourites.

Dining at the Pink Beach or Padar Island

The Pink Beach is one of the most popular destinations of Komodo National Park. It’s one of the rare places on earth that you can experience an entire beach filled with soft-colored sand and it’s certainly one of the little things that you can enjoy during your Komodo boat trip in Indonesia.

Komodo Boat Travel Could be the Most Memorable Things

The Pink Beach is located in the biggest island in the Komodo National Park; Padar Island. The island is also a poster child of Komodo; chances are, if you’re planing to go to Komodo, you must have seen the island somewhere on a photograph or your social media feed. The island doesn’t only boast the Pink beach; Padar is actually known for having three different colored beaches; pink sand, black sand, and white sand.

Witness the magical lakes of Kelimutu

Magical lakes aren’t just something you’ll encounter in fairytales or movies—they’re real and you can certainly visit them on a Komodo boat trip and it’s certainly one of the highlights of your trip. The changing colors of these lakes is affected by the volcanic activities of the volcano of the same name, located in Central Flores. During the high season you certainly will encounter crowds and both domestic tourists and foreigners are eager to witness the magical Kelimutu lakes. Some advises to go early in the morning, some said mid-morning is the best time to go here as you’ll avoid crowds. Make sure that you consult your tour operators or liveaboard if you’d like to find out the exact time you’re going to this wonderful destination.

Meeting the prehistoric Komodo dragons at Rinca island

Komodo Boat Travel Could be the Most Memorable Things

What’s a trip to Komodo without meeting the Komodo dragons themselves? While Flores certainly has so much more to present you beyond just the species their National Park is named for, meeting the prehistoric dragons is certainly something that can’t be missed. Rinca island is known to have the most dense population of Komodo compared to the island that’s named Komodo itself. Thus, sightings of Komodo in Rinca Komodo boat trip is almost guaranteed.

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Hordes of bats flying above you from the Komodo Boat

One of the most exciting experiences that we at first didn’t think much on is bat-watching at Kalong island. After all, what do you expect from just watching and staying put? The stay in our boat felt like just another sunset-watching, initially. Until gradually, we see a group of bats making their way in the sky, followed by another, then before you know it, they’ve covered the sky; littering the red hues with sprinkle of black—it was such a sight. The bats are presumably coming out of the Kalong island during this time to hunt on other island. Looking at them from the sea in our boat felt nothing short of magical. You’ll have to experience it yourself in order to fully appreciate this little phenomenon.

Best Places for Scuba Diving in Bali by Interest

Bali is all about sun, beaches, and everything tropical. And that’s also include diving! The crystal clear waters reveal charming underwater landscape. Colourful corals, sponges, darting fishes, and sometimes fascinating manmade statues posing as artificial coral reefs adorn the ocean floor. Scuba diving in Bali is one of the must in majority of travelers’ list. Swimming with turtles or manta rays is a very popular activity among divers and casual snorkelers alike. So if you want to enjoy a glimpse of the world under the waves, these tips might help you. 

If You Want to Have a Leisure Scuba Diving Bali 

Best Places for Scuba Diving in Bali by Animal Interest

There are a lot of spots in Bali where you can just enjoy some leisure yet satisfying scuba diving. The good news is, most diving spot in Bali are characterised with low currents and very clear water. A lot of new divers loves the simplicity of diving in Amed, Tulamben, and Padang Bai. Tulamben is notorious for being a go-to place for beginners as well as having a vibrant underwater life. Amed, the neighbouring site, is just as awesome—and as accessible. The Padang Bai is probably a bit more remote,  but the underwater is just amazing. it’s sheltered, it’s brimming with colourful coral bommies, critters, reef sharks, and everything. The site has almost no currents—you almost need no special diving skills to dive at this site!

If You Want to See the Manta Ray

Diving with Manta Ray is HUGE in Bali. Seeing this gentle giant gliding gracefully past you in the blueness of the water is a highlight for many divers! Manta Ray loves to gather in Nusa Penida where the planktons are plenty and the cleaning stations are just right. May to November is the best time to see Manta Ray. Also, go early in the morning when they are the most active. 

If You Want to See the Turtles!

Best Places for Scuba Diving in Bali by Animal Interest

Turtles are very popular in Bali—especially around Gili Trawangan. They gather around the island and that site is famous as “Turtle City”! You can see turtles swimming freely just 15 meters off the shores. The water in Gili Trawangan is quite calm, but the ocean floor got deep quickly. There’s a sudden drop off points where you can no longer touch the ocean floor, and turtles usually gathers around this points. Due to the depth, you need to be a confident diver or swimmers (if you snorkel) to swim with the turtles. 

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If You Want to Have Scuba Diving with Mola Mola in Bali  

This weird-looking sunfish is another giant (quite literally) star of the ocean. It’s one of the big thing you definitely need to do if you are scuba diving in Bali. Mola Mola, that’s how it’s locally called, don’t just appear at any given time of the day. The love the deep water and usually swim around the twilight zone so you won’t meet them at the majority of the time. However, they swim to the surface at certain time of the year while the water get colder. July to August is the time when they hang around the sunlight zone and available for the divers. They are mostly seen at their favourite cleaning stations—to get the reef fishes plucking parasites off their skin. 

So, which scuba diving site in Bali you want to visit for the next vacation?

Building Long Lasting Trust With Your Customers

Trust is breakable. Thus, building trust requires time and effort. It is not a one-time thing you can complete by a single task. It requires constant nurture along the way. Even if it has become solid, you still need to maintain it. Trust is one of the most important element in business. Running a business makes you meet new people that will be involved in your life whether for short or long term. Aside from partnership, trust in business is also essential for your relationship with your customers. Getting them to trust you requires hardwork. 

How to build trust with your customers

Building trust is a long term investment you should begin from the beginning of your business. It is essential to make your customers trust you so they rely on everything you have including, products, services, etc. You should also keep in mind that your customers have their personal information in your database. Imagine how vulnerable it feels to let someone keep your personal information that can be violated.

Building Long Lasting Trust With Your Customers

Trust is a long term investment

The trust given from your customers is your long term investment you should keep. Not to mention that a lack of trust from them can be costly. There have been many scandals happening in business industry in which customers personal information being handed over. It can break customers’ confidence in your brand. Keep in mind that when you have the power of keeping your customers’ personal information, they also have the power to walk away from your brand anytime. With mutual trust, string relationships can be built which benefit both parties.

Trust is a delicate thing

Building Long Lasting Trust With Your Customers

It is true that building trust requires effort. It is essential thing but easily break. Imagine trust as delicate little thing then start treating it like that. You will understand how it can impact your business bottom line significantly. Earning trust form your customers requires hardwork. One of the most important elements of building trust is transparency. You can do it by giving your customers more power to control their personal data. It can make them feel more secured. You should make clear rules of how customer’s personal data being used. Make sure that the rules protect both your customers and your business.

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Trust is important for your credibility

Trust is also important element to build your business reputation and credibility. The more people trust you, the easier for your business to grow larger. To build trust successfully, use relevant platforms such as social media. This platform is a great tool to help you show your transparency to your audience. Not to mention that you can build trust through online platform by showing more your human side. It can make your brand more personal and relatable. However, you also should be prepared with various feedback or response when you use online platforms. Positive feedback is not the only thing you should expect. However, be more honest and transparent in handling every feedback. Immediate response from your side is essential regardless of the comments. It shows how care and attentive you are to your audience. 

3 Rewarding Spots in Komodo Diving Liveaboard

Diving is one of the most exciting activities that you can do on the ocean, especially from Komodo Diving Liveaboard. If this is your first time, do you ever wonder what is the best location to dive while on a Komodo trip? The guide might tell you in the way, but let me inform you first beforehand so you can know what to expect.

3 Advanced but Rewarding Spots in Komodo Diving Liveaboard

Dive from Komodo Diving Liveaboard

Actually, you don’t have to be able to dive first when you are signing up for Komodo diving liveaboard trip. A complete beginner can join because the liveaboard hired a professional diving instructor to accompany the guests. But for those who had experience and wanted to try something more challenging, you should check out some of these places.

Batu Bolong

3 Advanced but Rewarding Spots in Komodo Diving Liveaboard

Batu Bolong is a dive site located under what seems to be like a half submerged hollow rock between the Komodo Island and Tatawa Island. The beach is also known for its great surfing area, also known for the beautiful diving spot. Keep in mind that even if the waves on Batu Bolong are suitable for beginner surfers, the current underwater is certainly not beginner-friendly for divers. There are several spots that have a really strong current that you should avoid.

The trick of diving in Batu Bolong is to dive in the middle of the current and just go straight down to the depth. The middle of the current is a safe area, and from there you can observe sharks and turtles swimming and play around the current as well as the beautiful coral reefs.

Crystal Rock

Not to be confused with Castle Rock, Crystal Rock is another diving spot located close by. This spot is often famous for its difficulty and only an advanced diver may have a chance to dive into the area. Unlike Batu Bolong, the strong currents in Crystal Rock don’t follow a pattern and can flow randomly. Meaning there’s no true safe spot that you can dive into to completely avoid the currents.

So in order to be able to dive in, you need to carefully take shelter in the rocks. For some who are already familiar with the area, they usually just dive into the current and head down. Once you finish the ordeal, you will finally get your reward. Gorgeous and colorful corals with numerous exotic fishes swimming around it can be seen clearly like a crystal, hence the name.

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The Cauldron

3 Advanced but Rewarding Spots in Komodo Diving Liveaboard

Located in the channel between Gili Lawa Darat and Laut, The Cauldron is also sometimes called The Shotgun. The name comes from how strong the currents around the area are, and some even say that The Cauldron has the strongest current out of every spot in Komodo.

Now, the fun part is how you dive into it. You start as you jump into the northern slope, then the current will take you to the center of the channel. From there you must carefully pass the channel by riding the current to the bottom. Once you reach the bottom, your effort will be rewarded with an amazing view of coral reefs and unique fishes such as manta rays, sharks and seahorses.

 Challenge Yourself!

Komodo Diving Liveaboard is very welcoming for both beginner and expert divers. For beginners, you can start with easy diving spots and as for experts, you can try diving in the area mentioned above. Good luck!