Diving in Banda Sea Gunung Api the Fascinating Volcano

banda sea diving gunung api

Famed for being a route for spice trade, Banda Sea is one of the most fascinating destinations you can discover in the world, especially when it comes to marine life. Experiencing Banda Sea diving is one of the most delightful things you could discover as a diver. The dive sites are generally not for beginners or first-timers but with how diverse the oceans of Banda, you’re likely going to find something to do during your travel. 

Banda Sea diving experience

Unlike its more well-known neighbors, Komodo and Raja Ampat, Banda Sea is still relatively unknown. But that doesn’t make the destination any less spectacular especially when diving is concerned. Diving in Banda Seas itself is an amazing endeavor of its own, but there’s one highlight that has been nothing short of a phenomenon; Gunung Api dive site.

diving banda sea

When it comes to Banda Sea diving the Gunung Api (lit. Fire Mountain) holds so much wonders. One of them is known to happen only in this place; an abnormally fast growth rate of coral lives following a volcanic eruption and lava flow. 

Astonishing growth of coral reefs 

In the midst of the world diminishing coral reefs and extinction of species, the phenomenon at Gunung Api is one that defies science. The most recent volcanic eruption of Gunung Api that happened in 1988 destroyed the coral life in the area; just as any volcanic eruption caused catastrophic destruction of sea lives. However, following the eruption, lava flow had caused something that has never happened before. Coral lives started to grow at a fascinatingly fast rate. In just five short years following the eruption, a highly diverse coral community has grown covering a large expanse of the sea bed. 

banda neira diving

Scientists are investigating the rate of which coral lives have grown in Gunung Api surrounding areas. Beyond a spot for Banda Sea diving the Gunung Api is also excellent for snorkeling. Rivaling Komodo and Raja Ampat, the diving site is certainly one of the best in Indonesia and even the world that won’t disappoint even the most experienced of divers. 

Meet the sea snakes 

gunung api diving sea snakes

Another thing aside from the fascinating coral lives in Gunung Api would be the gorgeous sea snakes that you’ll see in abundance. Why would you be excited to see sea snakes? These creatures in Banda Sea are known to be non-aggressive and they are not afraid to get close to divers. This makes diving with the sea snakes not only possible but highly likely. And yes, these snakes are poisonous. But the grace of these creatures make them absolutely fascinating creatures that are a part of the marine biodiversity at Banda Sea. 

Sea snakes in many dive sites have been known to hunt individually. Rarely will you find them in-pack. However the sea snakes in Banda seas seem to have formed an atypical behavior and you can witness them going in pack together. 

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Visibility diving in Gunung Api 

Diving in Banda Seas generally have good visibility all-year round. In fact, the relatively good visibility is a characteristic of diving in Banda Seas. This makes diving in Banda Sea a delight, and Gunung Api is no exception. Some recommended that it’s best to travel to Banda Sea during the month of September to December and March to April as it’s when the climate experiences dry season. But climates could change any time and there’s usually micro climates affecting the weather. So make sure that you alway check for the most up to date information.