Tricks on Doing Business of Online Shop

Today, many young people use more online technology to make money. One of them is social media that has spearheaded the millennial generation, which can also be used as a place for business marketing such as an online shop.

Tricks on Doing Business of Online Shop

But, as time went on and the number of rivals increased, maybe online sales stalls began to be empty of visitors. Well, how to improve it again?

You have to leave comments frequently, but don’t leave it as spam!

The way that you can find out about your booth is to leave comments on celebrity accounts, as many as followers, and the market segments according to your products. If you sell sports equipment, then program sports.

But, don’t leave spam comments, huh! Leave useful comments. After all, if you leave spam comments or sales offers, you might be blocked by the account owner, you know!

Endorse program or current influencer

You don’t have to be an artist, now there are a lot of celebrities and influencers now. They are widely used as role models for young people and hits. You can offer an endorsement to them by sending an official email to introduce your goods. Very effective!

Upload photos of product orderly and regularly

Although it still has fewer followers or likes, uploading photos consistently is also important. You tell your customers that you are still selling and really exist in the online shop field. That is, you are seriously working on your business.

Look for the angle right for the product photo

Sometimes, you also need to update product shooting techniques. Especially now that rivals have grown in number, their photos are also good. Learning about product photo techniques can also be self-taught, really. Try learning from the tutorial on Youtube.

You may slip with the video too

If you sell goods such as gadgets, you can also upload tutorial videos on how to use gadgets, whether there are secret tricks in them, and so on. So, people trust more when buying your product.

You had better use hashtags related

The way to introduce your online store to social media users is to provide a related hashtag. Often netizens search for the products they need by typing the hashtag.

Promotion of social media is highly recommended

Currently, social media such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram have provided paid promotions using their own platforms. You can set the target market accordingly, as well as the budget you want to make the promotion.

Move to social media that is busy

If now the era of selling on Instagram, then it is more active to promote on Instagram. Of course, you can’t forget about other social media. Only the focus is distinguished. If later Instagram starts to be quiet and Facebook is crowded again, then switch to Facebook.

In addition to the 8 tricks of online shop above, don’t forget to promote your online selling products to the public, especially to your friends. From them, your product can be known by word of mouth. Remember, as long as there is a willingness and effort, you can open the way. Good luck!